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Juan Ponce de Leon Florida's Discoverer.

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1 Juan Ponce de Leon Florida's Discoverer

2 Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer. He came to Florida searching for the Fountain of Youth (which could make you live for ever). He was born in and went on the Mayflower with Christopher Columbus. He became the first governor of Puerto Rico.

3 Countries Ponce de Leon was from Spain. He discovered Puerto Rico and later Florida which he named himself. He named it Florida because he landed there near Easter and there was a lot of flowers. “ La Florida” means Easter of Flowers.

4 Pictures Back in The s they did not have cameras. People used paintings. There are very little pictures of Ponce De Leon.

5 The First Voyage His first voyage was with Christopher Columbus. It was Columbus's second voyage. The ship took him to Puerto Rico. Instead of going back to Europe with Columbus, he stayed in Puerto Rico and became governor. Two years later, he lost his job as governor because he treated the Indians badly (involving killing).

6 On April 1513, Ponce de Leon landed his ship in Florida
On April 1513, Ponce de Leon landed his ship in Florida. When he found the Indians in Florida, he quickly hid and claimed the land for Spain. Then he killed most of the Indians. Discovery of Florida

7 The Last Voyage When Ponce de Leon came back to Florida, he brought a large army to wipe out the Indians. There was gold on the island and he wanted it. There was a war and Ponce de Leon got shot in the thigh with an arrow . A ship took him to Cuba, where he later died. His army had to retreat because they did not have a good leader.

8 Facts Ponce de Leon was born in Spain around 1474.
Ponce de Leon discovered the Gulf Stream. Many places in Puerto Rico are named after Ponce de Leon. To the 1500 Spanish, Florida was from present day Florida all the way to Canada.. There was a man from Africa on Ponce de Leon`s ship. The discovery of Florida was part of the reason Europeans began to settle in America.

9 Pop Quiz ! What was Ponce de Leon’s reason for exploration?
What could the Fountain of youth do? Where was Ponce de Leon Governor of? What year did he discover Florida? Where was he born? Where did he die

10 Answers To find the fountain of youth.
The fountain of youth could make you live forever. Puerto Rico 1513 Spain Cuba

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