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Introduction to Business

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1 Introduction to Business
Advertising Slogans Introduction to Business

2 Famous Slogans…name the company
Where do you want to go today? … Microsoft Life’s Good …LG It only does everything … Sony Playstation Connecting people …Nokia Just Do it … Nike I am what I am … Reebok Impossible is Nothing …Adidas Because you are worth it … L’Oreal Cosmetics “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s... …Master Card

3 What a Slogan should do…
Qualities to make a slogan memorable Be provocative: Just do it , Impossible is Nothing Use illustration or story: Welcome to the Human Network (Cisco Systems) Tides in, dirts out Include Your Main Benefit: Melt in your mouth, not in your hand Engineered like no other car in the world (Mercedes) Use alliteration, coined words, puns and rhymes…

4 Slogans and Language… Alliteration
Allied Irish Bank: Britain's best business bank. Jaguar:Don't dream it. Drive it. Girl Guides:Dream. Dare. Do. Fila:Functional... Fashionable... Formidable... Hire Knowledge:Specialized staffing solutions.

5 Slogans and Language… Coined words: (made-up words)
Menswear:Everywear. Ski Fruit:Fruitius. Yogurtus. Delicia. Neff:Nefficiency. KP Peanuts:Pure snacking. Pure snacktivity. Smarties:WotalotIgot!

6 Slogans and Language… Puns in the line, no branding
Moss Security: Alarmed? You should be. Pioneer: Everything you hear is true. Range Rover: It's how the smooth take the rough. Casio: Precisely what you're looking for. Weight Watchers Frozen Meals: Taste. Not waist. Northern Telecom: Technology the world calls on. Bendix Appliances: We'll do the homework.

7 Slogans and Language… Puns with use of brand name
Barbados: Barbados. Goodness. Gracious. Finish Detergent: Brilliant cleaning starts with Finish. Kenco Really Rich Coffee: Get Rich quick. Kodak Gold: Is your film as good as Gold? Ritz Crackers: Nothing fitz like a Ritz. John Deere Tractors: Nothing runs like a Deere Money Magazine: Reap the rewards of Money. IBM: I think, therefore IBM. Cadbury's Wispa Candy: You can't keep quiet about a Wispa Wike Farms Cheese: You'll Wike it too.

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