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TALLANO FOUNDATION For the Benefit of the Filipino People Formed by Order of the Court Click to Continue.

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2 TALLANO FOUNDATION For the Benefit of the Filipino People Formed by Order of the Court Click to Continue

3 TALLANO FOUNDATION … Ordering the Administrator, Mr. Julian M. Tallano to … Organize and establish Foundation in the name of Don Esteban Benitez Tallano and Don Gregorio Madrigal Acop to … preserve the estate for and in the interest of Filipino farmers, poor families and their children … Judge Enrique A. Agana Clarificatory Order, 1976 Click to Continue

4 TALLANO FOUNDATION OCT 01-4 Its all about the Legacy of King Luisong Tagean For the HEIRS of that Legacy, the Filipino People: O C T riginal ertificate of itle 01 of - 4 Major Areas of the Philippines Click to Continue

5 TALLANO FOUNDATION 1972 Agana Decision with Compromise Agreement Parties: Republic of the Philippines Vs. Claimants of OCT 01-4 At Stake: Disposition of OCT 01-4 and other Assets of Tagean-Tallano Estate Including: Click to Continue

6 TALLANO FOUNDATION WHAT HAPPENED? The Government LOST. The PEOPLE WON. YOU NEVER KNEW Because… The Government Doesnt Want You to Know. Click to Continue Get out of my FACE!

7 TALLANO FOUNDATION WHAT gold? No gold here! OCT 01-4? Its public or government land! Gold! Gold!!! Is it MINE ??? Every President since Marcos Has Been Part of the COVER-UP. Click to Continue What IS this thing?

8 TALLANO FOUNDATION Hiding OCT 01-4 Benefits the WEALTHY LIST OF 440 KNOWN SPURIOUS ORIGINATING TITLES LRC/LRA Has No Record of any of these originating titles: 160-175, 187, 209-300, 333-400, 404-409, 498, 515, 543, 555, 600-700, 730, 735, 777-809, 901-1002, 2573, 4080-4090, 4136, 6563, 8457 The Supreme Court has ruled on: 333, 543, 779 and an en banc decision regarding 4136 Who Simply Took the Land They Wanted By INVENTING Non-Existent Titles. YOU NEVER KNEW Because… They Dont Want You to Know. Click to Continue Enough is ENOUGH!

9 OCT 01-4 Hiding OCT 01-4 Benefits A Few Elite TALLANO FOUNDATION Remember Whats Under Here? Click to Continue Let the SUN SHINE!!! POWER! As long as OCT 01-4 stays hidden, weve got the POWER!

10 TALLANO FOUNDATION All that GOLD and People Are Starving??? The 55-Year Lease of the Gold Has Just Expired. The Philippines Is the Richest Nation in the WORLD. The Tallano Foundation Now Claims It and the Rest of OCT 01-4 for the FILIPINO PEOPLE. Click to Continue. MUCH better!

11 TALLANO FOUNDATION. GOLD So, Where Is the GOLD ? When enough people ask the GOVERNMENT that question, They wont be able to HIDE it. Click to Continue There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed.

12 TALLANO FOUNDATION Click to Continue NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF LEASE You are hereby given notice that the fifty-five year lease of the gold assets of the Tagean- Tallano estate ended in December 2005 and we are asserting our court-ordered mandate to administer these assets for the interest of the Filipino people. GOLD So, Where Is the GOLD ? Were ASKING The Government. So far, however, there has been no response from Malacanang.

13 TALLANO FOUNDATION For Further Information Click on the Following Links (No Internet Connection Required) : Tallano Foundation Home Page Tallano Foundation Home Page OCT 01-4 OCT 01-4 OCT 01-4 Annotations OCT 01-4 Annotations Documentation Global Alliance Home Page Global Alliance Home PageYou Never Knew NOW YOU KNOW. In Truth, My People Shall Not Perish.

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