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Start Q: To whom does this gold belong? (You will be surprised by the answer.) A: It belongs, in part, to YOU. By the end of this presentation You should.

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2 Start

3 Q: To whom does this gold belong? (You will be surprised by the answer.) A: It belongs, in part, to YOU. By the end of this presentation You should begin to realize that All the gold in the world Wherever it is situated Belongs, legally, to The People. This is the story of the GLOBAL ALLIANCE Gold found beneath the collapsed World Trade Center, 2001


5 Restoring the SOVEREIGNTY Of All Nations No nation or its people can be free while the money is: A) Based on NOTHING but enslavement of the peoples life energies; B) Controlled by a handful of elite players for their own evil purposes.

6 ver a long period of time, with great deliberateness, the International Bankers have managed to divide virtually every nation into the "haves", a few "elite" who serve them and are abundantly rewarded, and the "have nots" who will either become slaves or dead. This economic tyranny depends upon the use of fiat paper money in unlimited quantities issued by the bankers. It can be overcome by each nation reverting to the use of gold as the basis of its money, which means that the leadership of the nation must put the national interest ahead of the international interest. Facilitating that goal to restore the dignity, self-respect, and SOVEREIGNTY of each nation, and thus its citizens, is the mission of GLOBAL ALLIANCE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION

7 Global Alliance exists for the benefit of all people. That includes YOU, whoever and wherever you are. The people of the World Are owed by the International Banking Cartel ALL OF THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.

8 The Constitution of the United States of America and the Uniform Commercial Code provide a procedure for the legal authentication of a debt in the case of the Debtor refusing to acknowledge such debt. This procedure includes the notification of the Debtor of the details of the debt and a notice of intent to collect. After a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the notice and if there has been no response from the Debtor the debt is made authentic and collection procedures may begin. There is no appeal from this procedure; it is final.

9 As of February 16, 1999 the International Banking Cartel owes Global Alliance and that means YOU a debt greater than all of the gold in the World, which is payable only in gold. The proof is in the form of a CERTIFICATE OF DEBT:

10 This document could be the single most important piece of paper in the world. It establishes the perfection of a claim against the United States Treasury and the Federal Reserve which exceeds the value of all of the gold in the world and which is payable only in gold. Nothing further is legally required; No appeal is possible. (Links to the website and documents are provided at the end of this presentation.) CERTIFICATE OF DEBT

11 Q: I understand that Global Alliance has perfected a claim against the International Banking Cartel and that as one of the people of the World this claim has been established for my benefit. Are you going to put money in my bank account? A: A portion of the perfected claim can be assigned to the central bank or national treasury of any nation desirous of SOVEREIGNTY from the International Banking Cartel. Assuming sovereignty, a nation can use a Global Alliance DEED as collateral within its banking systemenough collateral (banking RESERVES) to eliminate the national debt and base your national currency on gold acquired by those reserves. With a gold base in place there will be no inflation and no need for taxation.

12 Q: There is a lot of nonsense on the Internet: things like NESARA and other programs like the Wanta trillions which dont seem real but seem to be based on some kind of something for nothing. If this is REAL, why isnt it already in place? A: Implementation of this program is awaiting just one thing: sufficient AWARENESS. The few elite haves in your country who COULD do something about this have chosen, as usual, to take care of themselves at your expense. You, as one of the have nots, have not chosen to be aware or to ensure your national leaders implement this program. It is time to CHOOSE: Will it be never-ending WAR or will swords be beaten into plowshares? IT IS UP TO YOU TO MAKE IT REAL (OR NOT)

13 Q: This sounds really good. What can I do to make this happen in my country? How long will it take? A: Make your national leaders aware of the Global Alliance program. Insist that they be aware of it. Let them know many people are becoming aware of it and it is time for them to choose, too. Perhaps soon you will deserve national leaders who truly care for the people. Get other people involved. Send this message to everyone you know. How long will it take for this to happen? Time is just a change of perceptions and a new Golden Age awaits only the peoples sufficient commitment to Truth. The battle is ONLY a matter of PERCEPTIONS.

14 Q: I understand the concept of Global Alliance but why is it called an Investment Association? Can I get involved financially? A: A financial involvement is not necessary but for those who desire to contribute in that way a lending program is available. Loans to Global Alliance are used to acquire precious metals, which can be borrowed against (by Global Alliance) to fund the Associations efforts. All notes are denominated in ounces of gold and will be redeemable only when the Alliance has become functional by virtue of being implemented in one or more countries. This lending program is our only source of funding for ongoing operations.

15 When Enough People Become Aware Something Really GOOD Is Going to Happen GOOD



18 Increase Awareness. Spread the GOOD NEWS.

19 Global Alliance Website Global Alliance Website The Tallano Foundation The Tallano Foundation Certificate of Debt (PDF) Certificate of Debt (PDF) Global Alliance Program for Nations (PDF) Global Alliance Program for Nations (PDF) The Magnificent Solution (PDF) The Magnificent Solution (PDF) Information for Bankers (PDF) Information for Bankers (PDF) Sovereignty or Globalism (PDF) Sovereignty or Globalism (PDF) (Internet Connection Not Required)

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