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Supporter Conference 2010 Power to The People Working with the new coalition.

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1 Supporter Conference 2010 Power to The People Working with the new coalition

2 Work Shop Objectives Provide campaigners with information and analysis regarding new coalition Explore opportunities and threats presented by new government Explore how we work together and take control!

3 Some of those we may want to influence 3

4 Where are Coalition on Fairtrade and Trade Justice? Coalition: nothing specific on Fairtrade, little focus on International Development Lib Dems: Accountability to the poor includes strong CSR, trade governance, WTO reform Conservatives: One World Conservatism; - ring fenced aid budget, support for fairtrade as voluntary signal to market, Reducing trade subsidies

5 Processes to influence: Trade White paper Will be DFID white paper in time? EU Common Agriculture Policy – especially cotton EU Trade policy and communication on trade and development Retail sector – UK and EU Climate Change finance

6 Routes to influence Previously: highly centralized decision making and large majority in government = easy to influence via high level policy heavy approach, direct to Ministers Now: No clear majority, commitment to decentralized decision making = opportunity for cross party group MPs to exert influence MPs are influenced by local constituents, media, individual interest

7 EC EU holds responsibility on many areas of interest eg trade, procurement, CAP Big battle between Parliament and Commission Very strong corporate lobby in Brussels FT has Strong allies in Parliament, less so in Commission MEPs may be future target for campaigns

8 Fairtrade A unique position Strong, vibrant, local campaign in place Can work from local level up Cross party buy-in and support Great base to build from on variety of issues Great media opportunities Everybody loves us!

9 Questions What has been your experience so far of new MPs, MEPs? Do you wish to engage more and if so what tools would help you? How should we frame ourselves in politoical debates?:evolution v revolution and insider v outsider

10 Ideas - feedback Create All party Group Local Councils group Work through party structures Frame ourselves as revolutionary insiders

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