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ECEAP Directors Webinar February 3, 2012 1. 2 To review minutes from this webinar, including questions and answers, open this PowerPoint so that you can.

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1 ECEAP Directors Webinar February 3, 2012 1

2 2 To review minutes from this webinar, including questions and answers, open this PowerPoint so that you can view the notes section.

3 Agenda ECEAP Staffing Race to the Top Legislature/Budget Performance Standards Revision GOLD ELMS Family Outcomes Contract Amendments 3

4 DEL ECEAP Staffing DEL is hiring two more staff for ECEAP. This reinstates positions we lost in 2009. New work includes: Designing and training on ELMS. Implementing the GOLD child assessment. Coordinating with state quality and professional development initiatives. Preparing for Washington Preschool. ECEAPs role in Race to the Top & QRIS. 4

5 Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge Key Initiatives WaKIDS Expansion – Reach all incoming kindergartners by school year 2014-15 HB 2586 and SB 6326 QRIS- Take it to scale statewide by 2015 Professional Development – Offer rewards and incentives MERIT 5

6 The High Quality Early Learning Act HB2448 and SB6449 HB2448SB6449 Washington Preschool Program Voluntary, universal for 3s and 4s by 2024-25 Comprehensive services In FDK areas with low access to ECEAP & Head Start Copays beginning at 250% FPL Integrates ECEAP over several years Subcommittees of ELAC Implementing Washington Preschool Program Planning 0-3 targeted programs 6

7 Performance Standards Revisions Effective July 1, 2013 Laying the groundwork for Washington Preschool Aligned with other state initiatives and standards Easy to use Streamlined Relevant/responsive to community cultures and multiple settings 7

8 Initial written input to February 10: Section F March 2: Section B April 6: Section A May 4: Section C June 1: Section E July 6: Section D Review first draft - Fall 2012 Performance Standards Revisions 8

9 Tell DEL: What can be streamlined without affecting quality for children and families? What has been confusing? Any ideas for clear wording? What conflicts with your other requirements? What changes are needed to better align with your setting or community culture? 9

10 Teaching Strategies GOLD ECEAP Contractors can voluntarily use Teaching Strategies GOLD for the 2012-13 school year. All of ECEAP will use GOLD in 2013-14. Funding If the state budget allows, DEL will pay all or part of the cost for ECEAP slots. Contractors may purchase additional slots at the rate of $9.95 per slot. Training DEL will pay for two days of in-person GOLD training. April-September 2012 10

11 Teaching Strategies GOLD Checkpoints Fall, Winter and Spring Objectives and Dimensions Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy and Mathematics. DECA Determining the use of DECA and options of using GOLD social-emotional assessment 11

12 Teaching Strategies GOLD Survey Due February 17 Addresses: Participation Training Computer requirements DECA choices 12

13 Teaching Strategies GOLD System Requirements Operating system: Windows XP SP2 or later or Mac OS X 10.4 Web browser: Apple Safari 5 and above, Google Chrome 8 and above, Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (not 9.0 at this time), Firefox 3.6 and above. High-speed Internet connection: upload and download speed of 300 kbps (kilobits per second) per user. 13

14 ELMS Early Learning Management System 14 ELMS releases July 1, 2012 CHANGE!

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19 ELMS sections Child information - prescreening, application, enrollment, health and family support, teacher conferences, screenings and outcomes Contractor & subcontractor information Site and class information Reports Staff qualifications (later) Administration 19

20 ELMS Before July release… March Webinar – a preview for staff who do eligibility and enrollment New paper child enrollment form Prescreening option May – Contractor opportunities to test ELMS DEL requests more front-line volunteers for testing - teachers, family support, health and enrollment – in addition to managers. 20

21 ELMS June Training Contractor decisions about users Contractor decisions about priority points 21

22 ELMS - July start-up Assign your users and permission levels. Verify and complete your contractor, subcontractor and site information. Enter class information. Adjust priority points, if desired. Verify and complete information for 3-year-olds who are returning. Enter child information, view priority points, and enroll in classes. 22

23 ELMS - Summer and Fall By August 1, your July monthly report form will be in ELMS. During the summer, staff can update well-child exam, dental screening dates, and immunizations. As soon as family support or parent-teacher visits occur, staff can enter dates, time, topics, notes, and create follow-up alerts. 23

24 Family Outcomes The second interview should occur in May, and includes ALL questions, 1-13. Ensure the same adult is interviewed both times. If this is not possible, exclude the family from your report. 24

25 Contract Amendments for CCDF funds The federal funds pay for children who are also served by WCCC subsidy. Contract amendments in March to switch out state funds for federal funds. Everyone except: Kittitas, Lake Quinault, Mid-Columbia, Opportunity Council, San Juan and St. James. Cannot use for federal match for any program. No additional reporting is needed. 25

26 26

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