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Aratbars Affiliates Rewards Program 12 Week Plan to Financial Freedom and $4,500/week (minimum) Disclaimer The Income Projections and action plan uses.

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1 aratbars Affiliates Rewards Program 12 Week Plan to Financial Freedom and $4,500/week (minimum) Disclaimer The Income Projections and action plan uses mathematical examples, that are dependent on, following the plan as described. Results can vary based on your activity and the activity of your team.

2 Business Model – A Category Creator PROMOTES, ENCOURAGES AND REWARDS SAVING A clever, new, exciting and risk free way to - Move Money Toward You! 1. Get in the way of money, & capture a piece, when its moved correctly. 2. Create an Income Producing Asset - Receive weekly residuals from saving 3. Receive currency grade GOLD from the System 4. Simply trade in or exchange paper currency for gold money 5. Add one of the best quality collaterals to your Financial Statement 12 Week Plan creates Compounding and Leverage

3 World Headquarters & New York City Karatbars = Gold Money International Gold Money Karatbars = Gold Money International Gold Money Mr. Harald Seiz – Founder / CEO Karatbars International Home Office Stuttgart, Germany Small, Affordable Weights 999.9 LBMA Gold by the Gram Delivery and/or Free Storage Customer or Affiliate Accounts New Concept Reward Saving not Spending Affiliate Rewards Program New 12 Week Strategy Accelerates Earning Power Creates Weekly Incomes Fast Gold Acquisition System FREE, Fast & Easy to set up Headquarters 3 ½ Year History



6 VELOCITY Karatbars System - When Money Moves – Commissions Are Paid The Frequency, Volume and Velocity of Money Movement into Savings Determines, The Frequency, Volume and Velocity of Commissions Paid You Control Your Earning Power When You Start

7 3 NEW FINANCIAL SKILLS ACTION PLAN 1. Select & Acquire a Business Marketing Package 2. Move 1 gram/week – into savings - for 12 weeks *This is the correct way to save/move money EXCHANGE/Swap/Trade paper money into gold money 3. Find 2 others that will do the same The Result *if everyone does the same thing $15,000 - $136,000 a month Compensation Range You & Your Team Control 1 Gram/Week

8 A Penny Doubled Every Day HOW POWERFUL ARE THESE FINANCIAL PRINCIPALS: COMPOUNDING and LEVERAGE? Would you rather have $1 Million at the end of 31 days or a penny doubled every day for 31 days? Would you rather get paid on 100% of your own efforts or on 1% of the efforts of 100 people? $10,737,41 8.24 The Math Is what it is Constant


10 ENTRY LEVEL PACKAGE BRONZE DIGITAL PACKAGE LEVEL - $135 Week 1 - $13 (2 Direct Commissions) Week 7 - $143 Week 2 -0- Week 8 - $286 Week 3 -0- Week 9 - $546 Week 4 - $26 Week 10 - $1,131 Week 5 - $39 Week 11 - $2,223 Week 6 - $65 (PERPETUAL FREE GOLD) Week 12 - $4,485 Digital Bronze Package TWO 3% Bonus Card CODES TWO 100 Euro Bonus Card CODES When you order a Package Digital codes are found in the back office go to the MY GOLD tab see DIGITAL BONUS CODES

11 WEEKLY COMPENSATION SILVER PACKAGE LEVEL - $350 1.$27 2.-0- 3.-0- 4.$100 (PERPETUAL FREE GOLD) 5.$150 6.$250 7.$550 8.$1,100 9.$2,100 (upgrade) 10. $4,350 11. $8,550 12. $17,250

12 WEEKLY COMPENSATION GOLD PACKAGE LEVEL - $800 1.$40 2.-0- 3.-0- 4.$150 (PERPETUAL FREE GOLD) 5.$225 6.$375 7.$825 8.$1,650 9.$3,150 (upgrade) 10.$6,525 11.$12,825 12. $25,875

13 WEEKLY COMPENSATION VIP PACKAGE LEVEL - $2,000 1.$53 2.-0- 3.-0- 4.$200 (PERPETUAL FREE GOLD) 5.$300 6.$500 7.$1,100 8.$2,200 9.$4,200 10. $8,700 11. $17,100 12. $34,500 USE COUPON! Most Popular Max Comp Plan

14 Accounts are FREE! Provides a Sound Savings Plan and a System to do it with Paper Money Moves Into Gold Money Ah – Ha Moment THE TRUTH is - No one is actually spending money !!!! Exchange Paper currency in left pocket to gold money in right pocket

15 WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NOW Acquire any PackageWeekly Activity Pay Yourself Money Moves People Get Paid 1. Enroll 2. Select Package 3. Move/Save Money (1 gram) each week min Opens the Vault 1 gram xxx

16 PRIVATE ISSUE MONEYCARD USE TO MOVE MONEY Pay for products and services Receive Referral Rewards Exchange Earnings for Gold Grams Global Payment 999.9 Gold (2014) Option to pay others in Gold THE BEST AND MOST VERSATILE DEBIT CARD IN THE WORLD Recently voted MasterCards Design of the Year in Europe The Correct Way to move money! Money Card MasterCard Gold Card 1, 2.5 & 5 gram Money Card MasterCard

17 Your 1 st Money Movement Activity (After Enrollment –Using The System) Immediately Acquire Any Package Dual Team System Bronze $135 – Silver $350 – Gold $800 – VIP $2,000 – Ex VIP 10K Your Package determines your compensation level! HESITATION can be hazardous to your account. Avoid Lost Earnings from the Dual Team System. Sales and Earnings - ARE IN REAL TIME.

18 12 Cycles 490 Units 100 20 100 50 100 50 20 50 490 50

19 Secret of The Wealthy Pay Yourself Correctly Thru the System Weekly Activity Your 2nd Money Movement Activity (Using The System) xxxx

20 Your 3rd Money Movement Activity Find 2 Others That Do What You Did Share the 3 Minute Sizzle Call 1-218-844-3182 code: 30 10 86 46 Collect their interest level on a scale of 1 to 10 Invite to a live daily broadcast and/or 3-way call to answer questions Remember – With a Karatbars Book of Business … We are setting people up with a SYSTEM that correctly moves money into savings. When money moves, commissions are paid. The Frequency, Volume and Velocity of Money Movement into Savings Determines The Frequency, Volume and Velocity of Commissions Paid

21 The Plan Works If TEAM UP with 2 Others that will do what you DO. EVERYONE Does The Same Thing Move Money into savings Get Paid Every Friday Morning YOU

22 o o Financial Independence and Freedom Is Possible 3 minute sizzle call 1-218-844-3182 code: 30-10-86-46 MARKETING WEBSITE SYSTEMS: Direct People to our Live Conference Calls and Webinars: Daily - 12 noon eastern – 9am pacific Nightly - 9pm eastern – 6pm pacific 31 1-218-548-1416 pin: 844

23 RESULTS People that work the plan are making money! 12 WEEK BURST Record Breaking Growth Record Breaking Sales Record Breaking Incomes


25 aratbars Thank You For your time and attention

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