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Bellringer Grab a book from the shelf Turn in your homework to the homework bin On a piece of paper that will go in the classwork section of your notebook:

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1 Bellringer Grab a book from the shelf Turn in your homework to the homework bin On a piece of paper that will go in the classwork section of your notebook: Write down the unscrambled word and quickly write down how it relates to exploration. Example- AD MAAG- 1. Da Gama- from Portugal, route to India 1. AKEDR2. ZEORTC 3. ASCOMPS4. IERARCT 5. LLGAMEAN6. TIACITHRISNY 7. INPCER YHENR8. ASPIN 9. LLAMS OXP10. LACAVRAL PIHS 11. YROVI12. LODG Bad Joke of the Day: What do termites eat for breakfast?

2 Announcements Notebook Check next Tuesday/Wednesday You need to know where everything is in your notebook. All assignments need to be done. Worth 100 points! Test next Tuesday/Wednesday too!

3 Objectives Students will know The Columbian Exchange and its 5 effects Students will understand The global exchange of goods between the Old World and the New World led to an increase in the money supply and a change in the way Europe spent and handled money Students will be able to Apply their knowledge of the Columbian Exchange to modern food items


5 1 st : European Plantation Systems in the Caribbean and the Americas destroyed the indigenous (local) economies and damaged the environment Europeans didnt give the land enough time to recover between plantings, leaving it unusable. Slash and burn techniques

6 2 nd : Capitalism Before, only churches and governments had an opportunity to invest and become wealthier. Now individuals could become wealthy by investing and selling products Merchants grew wealthier

7 3 rd : Joint Stock Companies Definition: individuals each put in a percentage of the cost associated with colonizing and plantation work Helped to protect the investor

8 4 th : Slavery European colonists did not have enough labor to grow and export their cash crops so they began importing slaves from Africa. Slavery based on race

9 5 th : Commercial Revolution European countries fought for markets, colonies, and resources A new economic system emerged: Mercantilism Definition: the idea that a countrys power is determined by its wealth A colony existed to support the mother country and had to send all its resources (gold, silver, cotton, sugar…) back to help make the mother country New money and banking systems were created

10 Processing How is investing in a joint stock company safer for your money than investing in a colony all by yourself? How were the original 13 colonies before the Revolution in the United States an example of mercantilism?

11 Bellringer Please answer the following questions on a piece of paper that will go in your classwork section of your notebook (you can use the back of the one from last class) 1. What was the Columbian Exchange? Give 3 examples of items that came from the Old World to the New Give 3 examples of items that came from the New World to the Old 2. What is mercantilism? What role to colonies play in mercantilism?

12 Objectives Students will be able to identify the major characteristics of the beginnings of slavery in Africa as well as discuss the effects of a focus on mining on the European Economy.

13 Schedule Tuesday/Wednesday: Age of Exploration Test Thursday/Friday Columbian Exchange Project due Bring in 1 dish for extra credit! Notebook Check

14 Slavery in Africa 1. As Islam spread in Africa, so did the use of slaves. African rulers justified enslavement with the Muslim belief that non-Muslim prisoners could be bought and sold as slaves. 2. Some slaves were prisoners of war, some were kidnapped, and some were traded. 3. Slaves that remained in Africa did have some rights. Slavery was not hereditary in Africa.

15 4. Sugar plantations and tobacco farms required a huge supply of workers. Europeans planned on using American Indians, however, millions died from disease and warfare. 5. In the late 1400s, Europeans began to look to Africa for slaves to meet their labor shortage needs.

16 Why people wanted African Slaves 1 st : had built up immunity to diseases 2 nd :had farming and plantation experience 3 rd : had little knowledge of America and had no family or other tribes to hide with

17 6. By the time slavery ended, 9.5 million slaves had been sent overseas 7. Spain, Portugal, and other European nations also used African slaves. 8. Slaves were transported using the Triangle Trade system, which connected Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Products traded: cotton, rum, slaves, gold, silver, sugar, manufactured goods


19 Slaves, gold, ivory Rum, sugar, corn Manufactured goods

20 9. Slaves crossing the Atlantic Ocean to America travelled the Middle Passage. i. Around 20% of slaves crossing it died due to disease and inhumane conditions.

21 Exporting Precious Metals Mining precious metals was a huge achievement for man Majority of gold came from Africa Majority of silver came from present-day Bolivia and Mexico. Japan also mined silver. Metals were exported to Europe and Asia.

22 Spain was one of the first nations to discover silver mines in South and Central America. In the 1600s, Spain experienced a steady growth in their population Spain had more people, so they needed more food. HOWEVER, they focused on mining silver instead of growing food. As a result, they didnt have enough food for everyone.

23 Spain now had to charge more money for food to feed everyone, so their prices were a lot higher than those of other countries The raising of prices because there is a high demand but you lack supplies is called inflation. People bought from countries with cheaper food prices before they bought from Spain. This meant that Spain wasnt making any money

24 Spains inflation spread throughout Europe. Between the 1500s and 1600s, Europeans saw all their prices go up sharply This hurt people earning a fixed amount, because their money wasnt worth as much anymore.

25 Processing Describe why Europeans wanted African slaves instead of American Indians. Why was the trip that the slaves took from Africa to America called the Middle Passage? How could focusing on mining gold and silver hurt a European country like Spain?

26 Conclusion of the Age of Exploration Europeans went exploring in search of ______________, to spread _____________________, and to earn _________________ for themselves and their country. Once Europeans found new worlds, they forced their culture and their ways of life on the natives living there, including _________________, _______________, and farming. The Columbian Exchange brought many new _____________ to the Americas and Europe but also spread ___________________ that killed many of the American Indians. Because the Indians were dying, the Europeans needed a new labor source for their farms and mines. They brought in __________________ to do this work in the Americas. The new sources of money in Europe brought about a Commercial Revolution and the system of ______________________, which meant that a country earns its power from how much money it has.

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