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Airport Parking in North America Brett Bain November 25, 2010.

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1 Airport Parking in North America Brett Bain November 25, 2010

2 Tax Structure - United States vs Canada US Government provides 2.8 Billion annually for Airport development and maintenance Canadian Airports receive no funding and pay a minimum of 10% of gross revenues in tax Economic conditions have significantly impacted airports in North America Canada less impacted by economic downturn US Airports more optimistic that the economy will rebound – not shared by all airports and regions Due to geography and climate, Canada is less reliant on public transportation Taxation and Economic Conditions in North American Airports

3 Canadian Passengers YearDomesticInter/Trans borderTotalDifference% change 200052,001,16734,001,83686,003,0033,515,7984.08% 200148,490,81631,723,85280,214,668-5,788,335-7.22% 200247,724,83930,504,66578,229,504-1,985,164-2.54% 200348,867,55629,269,66278,137,218-92,286-0.12% 200448,842,03029,549,19478,391,224254,0060.32% 200554,724,16432,760,38687,484,5509,093,32610.39% 200663,527,55438,149,774101,677,32814,192,77813.96% 200766,648,07339,461,261106,109,3344,432,0064.18% 200868,269,74740,756,221109,025,9682,916,6342.68% 200963,488,84339,600,034103,088,877-5,937,091-5.76% 201043,742,70627,966,64871,709,3543.70%

4 United States Passengers YearDomesticInternationalTotal% Change 2000599,563,678134,287,145733,850,823 2001559,618,055122,907,077682,525,132-6.99% 2002551,960,680118,718,997670,679,677-1.74% 2003583,293,766117,569,855700,863,6214.50% 2004629,769,620133,940,071763,709,6918.97% 2005657,261,487143,588,422800,849,9094.86% 2006658,362,620149,724,787808,087,4070.90% 2007679,185,450156,250,990835,436,4403.38% 2008651,721,539157,706,107809,427,646-3.11% 2009617,977,733149,179,272767,157,005-5.22% 2010 YTD364,429,50390,419,181454,848,6841.12%

5 Major Canadian Airport Rate Structures Maximum Daily Rates AirportABR# spacesHourlyDailyEconomyRemoteValetPOFCCIO VancouverYVR10050$30.25 $21.25$15.75$30.00Yes EdmontonYEG10200$20.00 $11.00$9.50$30.00Yes CalgaryYYC7845$35.00 $21.00$9.95NAYes WinnipegYWG2500$25.00$15.00 $25.00Yes TorontoYYZ12000$144.00$28.00$18.00$15.00$40.00NoYes MontrealYUL10000$35.00$23.00$18.00$13.00$28.00Yes HalifaxYHZ3300$88.00$18.00$15.00$12.00NAYes

6 Major US Airport Rate Structures Maximum Daily Rates AirportABR# spacesHourlyDailyEconomyRemoteValetPOFCCIO AtlantaATL30,000+$36.00$16.00$12.00$9.00N/AYes Dallas Ft. WorthDFW40,000+$19.00 $12.00$8.00$22.00No DenverDIA40,000+$36.00$18.00$10.00$6.00$27.00NoYes Las VegasLAS25,000$36.00$14.00$8.00 $21.00NoYes San FranciscoSFO25,000$33.00$20.00$14.00 $38.00NoYes Charlotte DouglasCLT30,000+$16.00$6.00 $4.00$19.00No Ft. LauderdaleFLL12,000$36.00$15.00 $7.50$21.00NoYes WashingtonDCA9,000$36.00$20.00$12.00 No Santa AnaSNA7,600$24.00$17.00$14.00 $30.00NoYes Dallas Love FieldDAL7,500$14.00$10.00 No CharlestonCHS5,000$15.00$10.00 $15.00No HuntsvilleHVS4,500$24.00$19.00$7.00 NoYes

7 US On Airport Average Parking Rates


9 Current Trends in Canadian Airports Canadian airports have moved to technology solutions Economic conditions have slowed the furthering of products Many airports are now branding their products for easier consumer identification Customer service and a focus on diversity of product selection are important factors Off airport parking operators are a significant factor in revenue leakage in Canada

10 Trends in Major US Airports Most US Airports still use a cashier booth method for revenue collection Less reliance on technology About 50% of major airports have recently adopted credit card in/out payment Chip and debit cards not common in the United States Use of Pay on Foot is limited Credit Card express pay in lane being adopted More limited use of the internet for parking and generally not integrated to PARC system Focus on energy reduction and maintenance of structures is a trend Many airports use the cashier collection method for revenues – some hesitancy to adopt automated operations

11 Consumer perception that airport parking is more expensive than off airport products Perception has allowed off airport operators to thrive Off airport operators tend to be national companies which allow for more available discount options Consumers driven to lower priced products during economic downturn Airports across North America have seen large decreases in short term hourly parking Product Offering diversity and customer service key Other Factors Which Impact Consumer Choices

12 Market Leakage Impacts Airport Revenues

13 A collective approach by Canadian airports to address the revenue drain represented by off airport operators Formation of a national parking brand to compete Coordinated national and local marketing of the product Unique branding from existing products in airports Going head to head with off airport operators National and international alliances among airports to be able to develop marketing programs to compete EIA is prepared to offer jetSet as a national brand name to other airports So What is the Answer?

14 Welcome to jetSet

15 3,300 stalls – fully powered 24 hour shuttle service Fully automated operation Three heated bus shelters with self service check-in (CUSS) Full service valet facility with full service airline check-in counters & CUSS Chauntry web application for pre booking JetSet – The Future of Airport Parking in North America

16 JetSet Website

17 Jetset Pricing Structure ProductDailyWeeklyMonthly youPark $9.50$47.50$95.00 wePark $13.50$67.50$270.00 Advance Purchase 60 days30 days10 days3-10 days Discount25% off20% off10% off5% off Online booking Discounts Standards Rates

18 Travel agent promotions and FAM tours Downtown street team events Radio and TV ads, print media Billboard advertising Discount coupons Advertising and Promotion Lexus partnership promo Westjet monthly vacation

19 US is moving forward with Credit Card In/Out Service Tap and Go Chip Card is new but gaining ground Pay on Foot and Credit Card Express payment are popular in Canada – not common in the US Business Parking products which guarantee space and access for a premium price emerging US moving away from manned cashier collection method is commencing North American airports marketing and creating new products to increase customer base Future Trends

20 Questions

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