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GateFusion Wireless Content Delivery Andy Wood ARINC

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1 GateFusion Wireless Content Delivery Andy Wood ARINC

2 Agenda What is Gatelink? Gatelink Technical Requirements The Advent of Gatelink Wi-Fi and Wi-Max What is GateFusion? Gatelink issues resolved by GateFusion GateFusion system components Making GateFusion a Reality

3 What is Gatelink? Terrestrial data communications providing wireless access to the aircraft –Began as a tethered solution, moved to infra-red, now Wi-Fi (802.11x) Gatelink includes a set of industry standards focused on data communications between an aircraft and a gate –Capable of larger uploads/downloads than traditional wireless communications –WiFi commonplace at airports Supports aircraft operational requirements –More aircraft centric data makes Sneaker-net less viable New aircraft models incorporate Terminal Wireless LAN Units (TWLU) –Boeing B777/B787, Airbus A380, Several retrofit progams

4 Gatelink Technical Issues Getting TO the Network –Version of Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g) –Proximity to Access Point –SSID/Encryption Method Getting THROUGH the Network –Authentication –Delivery of large files at required airports with varying connectivity Getting the Data on/off the aircraft –Bandwidth utilization –WAN performance Handling Interruptions –Partial loading

5 Traditional Avionics Architecture Current Data Streams MCDU Flight Operations Quality Assurance Engine/Data Downloads (Sneaker-net) ACARS CMU Flight Management Computer ACMS/ Maintenance Computer VHF Digital Radio HF Data Radio Inmarsat/Iridium SDU ACARS Messaging QAR/Data Interface Engine/Exceedence Snapshot Reports

6 Gatelink Data: Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Content Cabin System Updates TWLU ACARS CMU Flight Management Computer ACMS/ Maintenance Computer VHF Digital Radio HF Data Radio Inmarsat/Iridium SDU QAR/Data Interface IFE Server EFB MCDU AeroSync In Flight Entertainment (IFE) Content Flight Release Paperwork Nav Database Updates

7 GateFusion Resolves Gatelink Complexities ARINC brings years of experience with Airport Wi-Fi, ground networks, and common use services to solve the following Gatelink challenges: Global Technical Solution –Consistent technical interface from airport-to-airport Eliminates Bandwidth Limitations –Data Delivery Service eliminates bandwidth variables between aircraft and airlines application host Global Reach –Single point of contact for fully-managed service worldwide

8 Wi-Fi and Wi-Max for Aviation ARINC has been involved with Wi-Fi standardization for aviation for nearly 10 years –Latest AEEC specification (822) fully addresses security, authentication, and interoperability Wi-Max is a promising technology, and ARINC is supporting efforts to address compatibility/security issues for aviation –Latest standard ratified by IEEE less than one year ago –Communication products/standards require time to mature –Advantages and disadvantages of either technology Bandwidth sharing Distance from transmitter

9 Wi-Fi and Wi-Max for Aviation Wi-Fi Standardization for Aviation 1997 2007 Full avionics compatibility Standards for security/authentication AEEC ratifies 822 IEEE ratifies 802.11g IEEE ratifies initial 802.11 AEEC ratifies 763-3 1999 2003 2005 AEEC ratifies 763-1 Incompatible avionics No security/authentication Limited avionics compatibility Basic security introduced

10 Gatelink Issue #1 – inconsistent global technical solution Airport A Airport BAirport C Airport interfaces are all different! SSID: Provided by Airline Security: None Authentication: Provided by Airport A SSID: Provided by Airport B Security: WEP Authentication: Provided by Airport B SSID: Provided by IP Service Provider Security: WPA-2 Authentication: Provided by Airline

11 GateFusion Solution – Global Interface Transparency Airport A Airport B Airport C SSID: SAME Security: SAME Authentication: SAME Airline Application Server ARINC Global Network Airport interfaces look the same! SSID: SAME Security: SAME Authentication: SAME SSID: SAME Security: SAME Authentication: SAME Airport A

12 Gatelink Issue #2 – Bandwidth limitations Airport A Airline Network Airline Application Server Gatelink Bandwidth on airport premise is Mbps Mbps kbps Data throughput is limited to lowest circuit speed in the data path Mbps Bandwidth between airport and airline network can be minimal Bandwidth from airline network to app host is Mbps Aircraft to app throughput in this case is effectively in kbps

13 Airport A Central Authentication Server ARINC Global Network Airline Application Server Local Delivery Server Central Delivery Server GateFusion Solution #2 – Data Delivery Service Resolves Bandwidth limitations Airport B Airport C Airport D Tail Assignment Location Destination

14 GateFusions Global Reach ARINC has negotiated access with multiple airport authorities –Americas, Europe, Asia –Technical terms are met and satisfied –Initial commercial terms are established –Negotiating T&Cs with Authorities Coverage negotiated per individual airline requirements Preliminary agreements reached with 65 airports Expect several hundred airports by end of 2007

15 IFE Content Delivery Scenario Airport A Airport B Airport C IFE Server ARINC Global Network Airport A

16 Authentication and Wireless Security Data Delivery Service to Stage Data at Airports Prior to Aircraft Arrival Industry rethink on media delivery? Summary: GateFusion for IFE Wireless Delivery Common Use for Cost Savings Seamless Connectivity at all Airports ARINC Infrastructure at Airport ARINC Global Network

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