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2 K indle excitement about kindergarten. Visit your school and meet your childs teacher. K INDERGARTEN

3 I nvite new school friends home to play and help your child build strong friendships. KI NDERGARTEN

4 N ever forget safety. Teach your child safety rules whether walking or taking the bus. KIN DERGARTEN

5 D iscuss what your child will be learning in school colors, numbers, shapes and letters. KIND ERGARTEN

6 E xplore your neighborhood together. Talk about the world you live in. KINDE RGARTEN

7 R eview the good behavior expected of your child, such as following rules and taking turns. KINDER GARTEN

8 G et involved at your childs school. Join the PTA or PTO. Volunteer in the classroom. KINDERG ARTEN

9 A nswer your childs questions about school. Reassure your child that school is fun! KINDERGA RTEN

10 R ead to your child daily. Visit the library together. KINDERGAR TEN

11 T urn every day into a learning experience. Let your child help with everyday chores. KINDERGART EN

12 E ncourage your child to eat well, get enough sleep, bathe daily, and brush teeth 2x a day. KINDERGARTENKINDERGARTENKINDERGARTENKINDERGARTEN

13 N otice the new things your child is learning to do. Reinforce your childs progress with praise. KINDERGARTENKINDERGARTENKINDERGARTENKINDERGARTEN

14 Preschool Programs Polk County Schools 3425 New Jersey Road Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 648-3047 – School Readiness/VPK (863) 648-3051 – Head Start


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