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1 DENTAL HYGIENE By: Leigh Perry

2 History of Dental Hygiene
Early 1900’s Alfred C. Fones concerned about patients with dental caries and periodontal disease. Trained Irene Newman to be first hygienist. First attempt at dental disease prevention. Very successful. Opened Fones school of Dental Hygiene in Connecticut in 1913

3 History Continued Currently dental hygiene is among the top ten fastest growing professions Numbers expected to grow 30% by 2016

4 Definition of a Dental Hygienist
A person trained and licensed to provide preventive dental services, such as cleaning the teeth and taking x-rays, usually in conjunction with a dentist. the maintenance of the teeth and gums in healthy condition, esp. by proper brushing, the removal of plaque, etc. Also called oral hygiene

5 Duties of a Dental Hygienist
Primary Duties Primary Duties Cleaning teeth Polishing teeth Instructing patients on good oral hygiene Providing preventative care Working chair side during exams and treatments Periodontal Debridement Secondary Duties Secondary Duties Take X-rays Make molds for crowns and dental prosthetics Remove sutures Polish fillings and other medical restorations Take and record medical history and medication lists Sealants

6 Job Characteristics Flexible Work schedule
May be part-time or full-time May work for multiple dentists Must be able to deal with bad breath Must be able to deal with some blood Must like teeth

7 Education Must have high school diploma or GED for entrance into a program Most programs grant an associates degree, some a certificate, and some a bachelors or masters degree Associates needed to work in most offices Higher level education required to teach in public schools, clinics, research facilities, or to teach dental hygiene

8 Who should see a dental hygienist regularly?


10 References for facts and pictures

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