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Dental Hygienist The facts, and nothing but!

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2 Dental Hygienist The facts, and nothing but!


4 Who are we? Licensed oral health professionals Focus on preventing and treating oral conditions Protecting teeth and gums Protecting patients’ total health

5 What do we do? Will vary state to state. Some services we provide: Perform oral health care assessment Patient health history Dental history Oral cancer screening Blood pressure

6 What do we do? Expose, process and interpret dental x-rays Remove soft and hard deposits from the teeth Apply cavity preventive agents such as: Fluorides Sealants

7 What do we do? Teach proper oral hygiene techniques Counsel patients about plaque control and help developing individualized home care Counsel patients about good nutrition for maintaining good oral health

8 Where do we work? Private dental offices Schools Hospitals Correctional institutions Nursing homes Education institutions Research facilities

9 Where do we work? Health administration Preventive product development Consumer advocacy groups Sales and marketing Publishing Consulting firms

10 An educator at Darton College Susan Kapp Anderson Registered Dental Hygienist Bachelor of Science in Education Master of Education

11 RDH – What’s that? RDH means Registered Dental Hygienist A dental health professional Licensed by the state in which you are practicing Graduate of an accredited education program

12 RDH – What’s that? Passed a National Board written exam Passed a Regional Clinical exam Passed a state law test Paid a fee to obtain the license

13 How do I become one? Admission will vary from College to College, but will include the following: High school diploma or GED At least 18 years old HS courses in math, chemistry, biology and English

14 How do I become one? Minimum “C” average in high school College entrance test scores There may be pre- requisites of college credits like Chemistry or Human Anatomy

15 How long is the program? 2 years for a diploma, certificate or associate degree 4 years for a baccalaureate degree Master’s level programs prepare those interested in education, research or administration

16 Dental Hygiene Darton College

17 What courses would I take? English, speech, psychology, sociology Chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology Dental anatomy, oral histology, oral pathology, radiology, pain control and dental materials

18 What courses would I take? Dental science classes in: oral health education, preventive maintenance, clinical procedures, community dental health, medical and dental emergencies, cardiac life support, legal and ethical aspects of dental hygiene practice

19 What courses would I take? Supervised pre-clinic and clinical practice Practice on manikins and classmates Experience with patients of all ages

20 Licensure

21 Licensure is a means of protecting the public Includes graduation and testing, and continuing education

22 How do you get a license? Graduate Pass National written board exams Pass regional and/or state clinical exams Pass a state law test CPR certification High school and College transcripts

23 Dental Hygiene Darton College

24 For more information Darton College Dental Hygiene Department Dr. Stacey B. Marshall, Director 2400 Gillionville Road Albany, GA 31707 229-430-6840

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