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Eating Disorder Jeopardy

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1 Eating Disorder Jeopardy

2 What is Anorexia Nervosa?

3 What is Bulemia Nervosa?

4 What is Binge Eating Disorder?

5 What is Anorexia Athletica?

6 What is Orthorexia Nervosa?

7 100

8 200

9 300

10 400

11 500

12 Double Jeopardy

13 Definition

14 Self-starvation and excessive weight loss.
Def, AN, 100 pts

15 Compulsive and excessive exercising that exceeds the level to promote good health.
Def, AA, 200 pts

16 Bingeing on very large quantities of food, followed by a compensatory behavior (self-induced vomiting, laxatives, etc.). Def, BN, 300 pts

17 Recurrent bingeing without compensatory behaviors.
Def, BE, 400 pts

18 A pathological fixation on eating pure or superior food.
Def, ON, 500 pts

19 Prevalence

20 1% of female adolescents suffer from this eating disorder.
Prev, AN, 100 pts

21 It is estimated that 1-5% of the general population suffers from this eating disorder, making it the most common. Prev, BE, 200 pts

22 80% of people suffering from this eating disorder are female and 20% are male.
Prev, BN, 300 pts

23 30% of women in the U.S. who seek treatment to lose weight have this eating disorder.
Prev, BE, 400 pts

24 40% of people suffering from this eating disorder are male.
Prev, BE, 500 pts

25 Prevalence

26 4% of college women suffer from this eating disorder.
Prev2, BN, 100 pts

27 10% of people suffering from this eating disorder are male.
Prev2, AN, 200 pts

28 This eating disorder is more common in female gymnasts, dancers and skaters, and in male wrestlers.
Prev2, AN, 300 pts

29 The prevalence of this disorder is unknown.
Prev2, AA or ON, 400 pts

30 This disorder is often seen in people with another eating disorder.
Prev2, AA, 500 pts

31 Signs and Symptoms

32 Frequent episodes of eating large quantities of food (5,000 kcals) in short periods of time.
S&S, BE or BN, 100 pts

33 Intense fear of gaining weight or being “fat.”
S&S, AN, 200 pts

34 Obsession with proper food purchasing and preparation.
S&S, ON, 300 pts

35 Calluses on knuckles. S&S, BN, 400 pts

36 Growth of downy hair called lanugo.
S&S, AN, 500 pts

37 Signs and Symptoms

38 Denial of hunger. S&S2, AN, 100 pts

39 Eating in secret. S&S2, BN or BE, 200 pts

40 Steals time to exercise from work, school, and relationships.
S&S2, AA, 300 pts

41 Discoloration of teeth.
S&S2, BN, 400 pts

42 Development of food rituals (eating in certain order, rearranging on plate, excessive chewing.
S&S2, AN, 500 pts

43 Risks and Consequences

44 This eating disorder has a 5-20% death rate.
R&C, AN, 100 pts

45 Tooth decay. R&C, BN, 200 pts

46 Loss of menstrual periods in females.
R&C, AN, 300 pts

47 High blood pressure. R&C, BE, 400 pts

48 Osteoporosis. R&C, AN, 500 pts

49 Risks and Consequences

50 Dehydration. R&C2, AN or BN, 100 pts

51 Slow heart rate and low blood pressure.
R&C2, AN, 200 pts

52 Depression. R&C2, AN, BN, or BE 300 pts

53 Inflammation and possible rupture of the esophagus.
R&C2, BN, 400 pts

54 Heart failure. R&C2, AN and BN, 500 pts

55 This Power Point Slide Show was created by Barbara J
This Power Point Slide Show was created by Barbara J. Mayfield, MS, RD as part of “Destination: Wellness,” a Nutrition Education Tool Kit for High School Students. This project was funded by a 2002 TEAM Nutrition grant from the Department of Agriculture, and administered by the Maryland State Department of Education. The name Jeopardy! is used with permission via a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Television. Neither Jeopardy Productions, Inc., nor Sony Pictures Television wrote any of the answers and/or questions contained herein and neither Jeopardy Productions, Inc., nor Sony Pictures Television makes any representation as to the content thereof. This material is not for sale, rent or duplication. “Jeopardy!” is a registered trademark of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

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