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Platform Warrants Share

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1 Platform Warrants Share
GB GROUP Selamat Datang Platform Warrants Share Sebuah Trend Bisnis Terbaru di abad 21 dengan sistem online yang menghebohkan dan dikelola oleh group bisnis Multi-International yang berpengalaman.

2 72 Bendemeer Road #05-23/24, Luzerne Building,
Singapore’s Office GoldenBIRD (S) Pte Ltd 72 Bendemeer Road #05-23/24, Luzerne Building, Singapore Tel :

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) LILLIAN PHUA Chief Operating Officer (COO) PATRICK LIM Chief Financial Officer (CFO) JAN TAN Chief Bussines Development Officer (CBDO) AWALLUDEN ABU Project Management Officer (PMO)





8 Food Safey – Consumer Test Kits
Marketing Strategies Food Safey – Consumer Test Kits NO2- H2 O2 NO2 German Technology 1) Nitrite NO2 2) Hydrogen Peroxide H2 O2 3) PH Value PH 4) Sulphur Dioxide SO2 SO2

9 Our Products

10 Products Strategies Men12’o Women
Powder Form Liquid Extract Form 5 to 6 New Products Yearly!! Skin-Care / Cosmetics

11 GoldenBIRD bird’s nests quality insurance includes :
AVA Certified (Agri-Food & Veterinary of Singapore) HSA Certified (Health Science Authority) Halal Certified HACCP Certified (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point) FDA Standard (Free Drug Association) Brand of Singapore - SPBA



14 Swiftlet Resort Eco Park
K.T 60 Swiftlet Resort Eco Park J V To build

15 Why K.T 60 Project? 1 of the 9 new growth projects to steer up Malaysia’s economy!! Malaysia Govt. Supported Project: KT 60 is a long term project to convert a 60 acres of agricultural land in Kota Tinggi, Johor into an Eco-park for bird’s nest farming and all its related services. This will be in line with the comments made by Malaysian Prime Minister Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak who plans to transform Malaysia into a high income society by He named swiftlets nests production as 1 of the 9 new growth projects to steer up Malaysia’s economy. GoldenBIRD’s vision of an Eco Park is to develop a place where combinations of different businesses join together as one entity.




19 K.T 60 Project Development Spa / Restaurant & Arts Centre
Resort & Facilities Spa / Restaurant & Arts Centre Children Fun Corner

20 K.T 60 Project Development
Hi-Tech Swiftlet Farming Net Insects Cultivation Centre Baby Bird Care Centre R&D Centre with Lab High Technology Swiftlet Farming House Istana Design and Scientist Bird’s Nest Collection Centre Bird’s Nest Processing Factory and R&D Centre with Lab & Scientist Bird’s Nest Training College Tourist’s Bird Show Processing Factory

21 K.T 60 Project Development Agriculture Organic Farming
Herbs Garden Mushroom Farming Organic Fertilizer Agriculture Organic Farming

22 K.T 60 Project Development
Fun Fruits Garden Flowers Garden

23 K.T 60 Project Development
Cattle & Goat Farming Fish Farming


25 Our company aims : IPO/SGX in 3 to 4 years time.
Vision We aim to become a worldwide leading collection, processing and distribution centre. Our company aims : IPO/SGX in 3 to 4 years time. P/E Ratio : (able to achieve) 1 : 20 Singapore 1 : 100 Cambodia 1 : 200 Hong Kong 1 : 300 China


27 Thank You

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