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Enter ITU-UUM ASP CoE For Rural ICT Development Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, MALAYSIA. Tel: +604-928 4751 Fax: +604-928.

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Presentation on theme: "Enter ITU-UUM ASP CoE For Rural ICT Development Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, MALAYSIA. Tel: +604-928 4751 Fax: +604-928."— Presentation transcript:

1 Enter ITU-UUM ASP CoE For Rural ICT Development Universiti Utara Malaysia UUM Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, MALAYSIA. Tel: Fax: Website: 30 th June 2011 Krabi, Thailand ADB/ITU FINAL INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON RURAL ICT DEVELOPMENT


3 Overview of Malaysian Government Structure Yang di-Pertuan Agong ExecutiveLegislativeJudiciary Prime Minister Cabinet Parliament House of Senate Chief Justice Court House of Parliament

4 Overview of Malaysian Government Cabinet 1.Minister's Department 2.Ministry Of Plantation Industries And Commodities 3.Ministry Of Home Affairs 4.Ministry Of Health 5.Ministry Of Youth And Sports 6.Ministry Of Human Resources 7.Ministry Of Domestic Trade, Cooperative And Consumerism 8. Ministry Of Information, Communication And Culture 9. Ministry Of Energy, Green Technology And Water 10.Ministry Of Rural And Regional Development 11.Ministry Of Transport 12.Ministry Of Women, Family And Community Development 13.Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 14.Ministry Of Higher Education 15.Ministry Of International Trade And Industry 16.Ministry Of Science, Technology And Innovation 17.Ministry Of Natural Resources And Environment 18.Ministry Of Federal Territories And Urban Wellbeing 19.Ministry Of Tourism 20.Ministry Of Agriculture And Agro-based Industry 21.Ministry Of Defence 22.Ministry Of Works 23.Minister Of Housing And Local Government YAB DATO' SRI HJ. MOHD. NAJIB BIN TUN HAJI ABDUL RAZAK Prime Minister Finance Minister I TAN SRI DATO HAJI MUHYIDDIN BIN MOHD. YASSIN Deputy Prime Minister Education Minister

5 ICT Legal and Institutional Frameworks Communications and Multimedia Acts of 1998 (CMA 1998) Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture (MICC) Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Other Ministries and Government Agencies National Information Technology Council (NITC) Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

6 Mandate of Each Government Authorities, Agencies & Institutes 1.Prime Minister Office Economic Planning Unit 2.Ministry 0f Plantation Industries and Commodities 3.Ministry 0f Home Affairs 4.Ministry of Information, Communication and CultureMinistry of Information, Communication and Culture 5.Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water 6.Ministry of Rural and Regional DevelopmentMinistry of Rural and Regional Development 7.Ministry of Higher EducationMinistry of Higher Education 8.Ministry of EducationMinistry of Education 9.Ministry of International Trade and IndustryMinistry of International Trade and Industry 10.Ministry of Science, Technology and InnovationMinistry of Science, Technology and Innovation MIMOS SIRIM CyberSecurity 11.Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 12.Ministry of Tourism 13.Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based IndustryMinistry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry 14.Ministry of Defense 15.Ministry of Works 16.Ministry of HealthMinistry of Health 17.Ministry of Youth and SportsMinistry of Youth and Sports 18.Ministry of Human Resources 19.Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism 20.Ministry of Finance 21.Ministry of Transport 22.Ministry of Women, Family and Community DevelopmentMinistry of Women, Family and Community Development 23.Ministry of Foreign Affairs 24.Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing 25.Ministry of Housing and Local Government

7 Thank You

8 MINISTRY OF INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS AND CULTURE (MICC) To effectively disseminate information on the national philosophy, policy and programs towards the creation of a 1Malaysia society that is knowledgeable and refined; To develop and monitor communication facilities and services as well as content industry; To popularize arts, culture and heritage via programs and activities towards 1Malaysia; To increase national income through the contributions from the creative and communication industries; and To develop a knowledgeable, creative and innovative human capital. To spearhead the creation of a nation state, grounded on the ideals of 1Malaysia and Rukun Negara, through information, communication and culture. To enhance national unity and harmony based on the principles of Rukun Negara through information, communication and culture; To mould and nurture a sense of belonging and national pride among all Malaysians through arts, culture and heritage; To develop and strengthen the national communication industry; and To stimulate the national economy through the development of the creative industry. back OBJECTIVE VISION MISSION

9 MINISTRY OF ENERGY, GREEN TECHNOLOGY AND WATER (METW) Industry leader in the Sustainable Development of Energy and the National Water and Green Technology. * To formulate policies and establish the legal framework and effective regulation; * Setting the direction for the energy industry, green technologies and the water industry in line with national development goals and * Develop an efficient management system and an effective monitoring mechanism. back VISION MISSION

10 MINISTRY OF RURAL AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT (MRRD) Forming a Progressive Society Through Consistent Rural Development To Generate a Progressive Rural Community Through Strengthening Human Capital, Infrastructure and Competitive Economy In a Consistent Environment. Empowered Community Successful Village back VISION MISSION MOTTO

11 MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION (MOHE) To Turn Malaysia into a Center of Excellence for Higher Education. To develop and put in place a higher education environment that encourages the growth of premier knowledge centers and individuals who are competent, innovative with high morale values to meet national and international needs. "LEADING KNOWLEDGE EXCELLENCE" back VISION MISSION MOTTO

12 MINISTRY OF EDUCATION (MOE) Ideal School Generates Glorious Generation To develop a world-class quality education system which will realisethe full potential of the individual and fulfill the aspiration of the Malaysian nation. To produce loyal and united Malaysian. To produce happy, well mannered individuals who have faith, knowledge and vision. To prepare the nation´s human resource for development needs. To provide educational opportunities for all Malaysians. back VISION MISSION OBJECTIVES

13 MINISTRY OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INDUSTRY (MITI) To make Malaysia the preferred investment destination and among the most globally competitive trading nations by To promote and strategise Malaysia's global competitiveness in international trade by producing high value added goods and services. To spur the development of industrial activities towards enhancing Malaysia's economic growth for achieving a developed nation status by To plan, legislate and implement international trade and industrial policies that will ensure Malaysias rapid development towards achieving National Economic Policy and Vision To plan, formulate and implement policies on industrial development, international trade and investment. To encourage foreign and domestic investment. To promote Malaysias exports of manufacturing products and services by strengthening bilateral, multilateral and regional trade relations and cooperation. To enhance national productivity and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. back VISION MISSION OBJECTIVES FUNCTIONS

14 MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION (MOSTI) Science, Technology and Innovation for knowledge generation, wealth creation and societal well- being. Championing scientific discovery and transforming innovation to achieve an innovation-driven society for sustainable development through R&D planning, funding and commercialization. back VISION MISSION

15 MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND AGRO-BASED INDUSTRY (MOA) Forefront in Agriculture Transformation. To transform the agriculture and agro-based industry into a modern, dynamic and competitive sector To position Malaysia as a major world food exporter. To develop the agriculture sector as the countrys engine of growth. Spearhead the transformation process within the agriculture sector via a planned, integrated and holistic approach based on an organizational collaborative effort in both intellectual and physical engagement towards realization of the Third National Agriculture Plan (DPN 3) -Legislate, plan and implement agriculture, development programs policies and strategies. -Evaluate, coordinate and ensure the implementation of agro-food agriculture development projects/programs. -Conduct R&D and innovation that enhance productivity and competitiveness in the agro-food sector. -Promote foreign and local investment in the agro-food sector. -Structure and implement an effective and efficient agro-food market chain. back VISION MISSION OBJECTIVES FUNCTIONS

16 MINISTRY OF HEALTH (MOH) A nation working together for better health. The mission of the Ministry of Health is to lead and work in partnership: to facilitate and support the people to: attain fully their potential in health; appreciate health as a valuable asset; take individual responsibility and positive action for their health to ensure a high quality health system that is: customer centred equitable; affordable; efficient; technologically appropriate; environmentally adaptable; innovative with emphasis on: professionalism, caring and teamwork value respect for human dignity; community participation To assist the individual to achieve and maintain a healthy status to carry out economic and social life that is productive back VISION MISSION OBJECTIVES

17 MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORT(MYS) To build a youth society with integrated value from a spiritual, moral and physical aspect; responsible, initiative and patriotic so they can be the catalyst towards the countrys progress and development To build a society that is active, healthy and energetic as well as to develop high performance athletes that perform to international standards. To prepare a Youth and Sports Development Programme that contribute towards the development of a nation that is excellent in all areas. This programme specifically focuses on:- Increasing the development of the young generation, those who will inherit and carry on the nations tradition with pride; and The development of sports for both individuals and society The objective of the Ministry of Youth and Sports is: To develop a youth society that is united, disciplined, uprightly moral and progressive in social and economic areas as well as to develop a society that is healthy, energetic and one who adopts a sports culture, towards nations unity and development." back VISION MISSION OBJECTIVES

18 MINISTRY OF WOMEN, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (MWFCD) Forefront to achieve gender equality, family and community development as a caring and prosperous basis of a fairly developed country. Integrate the perspectives of women and society into the mainstream of national development and strengthen the family institution towards improving social welfare. Develop a prosperous society through the sharing of responsibility of the strategic development and delivery of social services efficiently and effectively. To increase the participation and active role of women, families and communities as contributors and beneficiaries of development countries. Importance of preserving the rights of women, families and communities fairly and impartially without discrimination element. Extending equal opportunities to women and society in social, economic and political. Strengthen the family institution. To ensure the delivery and support systems that efficiently and effectively. back VISION MISSION OBJECTIVES GOAL

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