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Recovery Auditing: Real Experiences, Real Solutions Paul Dinkins, Executive Vice President, PRG-Schultz International Inc. Jennifer L. Harris, Vice President,

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1 Recovery Auditing: Real Experiences, Real Solutions Paul Dinkins, Executive Vice President, PRG-Schultz International Inc. Jennifer L. Harris, Vice President, Operations, Horn & Associates, Inc. Jack Dothage, Interim Director, Division of Accounting (MO) Kim S. Oliver, Director, Division of Finance (UT)

2 What is Recovery Auditing? A 34 year old best business practice – Identification and recovery of overpayments inadvertently made to suppliers of goods and services – These funds are otherwise undetected and lost – Performance based fee structure - Recovery auditors are paid on a share of the amounts recovered – Sophisticated technologies for data mining – 24 different service providers – Wide range of experience and expertise

3 What is Recovery Auditing? (contd) –This is an accepted business practice of most Fortune 500 Companies, a large mix of Federal Agencies and a growing number of state governments –Now required for Federal Agencies based on the Recovery Audit Legislation (handout) –Office of Management and Budget has issued implementation guidance (handout) –Recovery auditors assume all costs and risks associated with the program –Several Billion dollars recovered annually

4 Most Result From Human Error But… At.1%, the error rate is very low and we should give credit on a high level of accuracy to AP teams

5 Who and Why? Who does it? –Majority of large private sector companies –Federal Agencies – by legislative mandate…GSA, Transportation, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Social Security, Department of State, DoD Homeland Security, Department of Commerce & Education –Growing list of state governments Why do it? – Recover the money – Learn from the process – Further demonstrate good stewardship of taxpayer money

6 Team up with your procurement group to: –Use existing RFPs to build your own –Structure selection criteria on the normal Technical Capabilities, Past Performance and Price and emphasize your need for known performers –Solicit added value reporting Making the program worthwhile –Plan for a comprehensive scope – mandatory for all agencies (otherwise participation will be minimal) –Define success –Let everyone know that it is expected that overpayments will be identified and recovered Getting the Process Started

7 The Process Pre-Audit Planning Meeting Data conversion and verification Identify Overpayments Validate Overpayments Submit Claims Management Report

8 Meet key participants involved in the audit process Request the electronic and hard copy information necessary to perform the review Define the scope and parameters of the audit Identify sensitive or off limit suppliers Outline reporting needs and frequency Pre-Audit Planning

9 IT contact will deal directly with your IT staff Request will not require additional programming from your department Data will be verified against a sampling of invoices and charge backs to insure accuracy Data Conversion

10 Source of Overpayments Two primary categories Disbursement Errors – 20% Disbursement errors are typically those overpayment errors made by the accounts payable process such as duplicate payments and missed discounts. Contract Compliance Errors – 80% Contract compliance errors are overpayments related to all other terms and conditions of purchase such as missed allowances, rebates, pricing errors, returns, and numerous other categories.

11 Disbursement Errors - Duplicate Payments Vendor NameVendor #Invoice #Inv DateAmount ACME Labs667128978/27/2003$2,385.00 ACME Labs667128978/29/2003$2,385.00 XYZ Inc.87763468711/7/2003$27,858.00 XYZ Inc.877611070311/7/2003$27,858.00 ABC Products42963548964/21/2003$548.96 ABC Products4296314923464/21/2003$548.96 M Incorporated12345629836/12/2003$5,400.00 M Incorporated1234562983456/12/2003$5,400.00

12 Disbursement Errors – Payments to Wrong Supplier Vendor NameVendor #Invoice #Inv DateAmount ABC Labs9399866526H8/29/2003$7,888.61 ABC Products9936665268/29/2003$7,888.91 Sun Inc.8759225335833/22/2003$248.78 Sun Inc.11644915335833/22/2003$248.78

13 Disbursement Errors - Payment Errors

14 Disbursement Errors – Open Credits on Statement Summarize download to rank suppliers Request statements from top ranked suppliers, by mail and by telephone Review statements to identify old credits, returns, unapplied cash, etc.

15 Disbursement Errors - Missed Discounts Analyze electronic discounts to ensure all available discounts were received. Review offers from vendors to identify where discounts were not taken.

16 Contract Compliance - Pricing Errors Review data to identify situations where items were billed at prices higher than negotiated.

17 Contract Compliance - Rebates/Accruals Review of rebate and accrual programs to insure that they were received and calculated correctly.

18 Contract Compliance - Contract Review Review contracts to insure contract was not overpaid. Analyze for discounts or rebates included in contract.

19 Validation Documents necessary to validate claims will preferably be pulled by audit team. The documents typically will be imaged. After validation claims will be reviewed by designated person for final approval.

20 Claim Submission Upon approval, claims will be generated and submitted to suppliers. The agreed upon process for collection will be followed. All correspondence will be handled by the audit team.

21 Reporting Reporting will be provided ongoing as agreed in the pre-audit planning meeting. A final management report will: –Summarize the findings –Provide year to year comparisons –Offer recommendations to decrease or eliminate errors Data Mining

22 The Missouri Program Utilized cooperative procurement with the State of Maine Selected a company with proven record in large corporations –Not intrusive –Significant financial benefit –Insights on control issues –Viewed as a partner

23 The Missouri Program (contd –Initial focus primarily on disbursement errors –Continued expansion of scope to include contract compliance and Medicaid –Recovery Audit teams experience is cumulative opening new opportunities over time

24 The Utah Program Getting Started –Look at other states RFP's –Review data elements captured on your system –Get support from individual agencies –Have auditors pull documents –Determine how overpayments will be accepted (cash &/or credit)

25 The Utah Program (contd Lessons Learned –An A/P audit requires a level of commitment from state staff –Requires consistency in recording payable information –Requires audit trail on system for receipt of overpayments for vendor's open credits –Why not contract for an A/P audit?

26 Summary Good stewardship of taxpayer money Optimize transaction assurance Learn from the process No risk

27 Questions? Paul Dinkins, Executive Vice President PRG Schultz International Inc. 419 Canyon Avenue, Suite 224 Fort Collins, CO 80521 970-221-2000 Jack Dothage, Director, Office of Administration Division of Accounting, State of Missouri Truman Office Building P.O. Box 809 Jefferson City, MO 65102 573-751-4013 Jennifer Harris, V P Operations Horn & Associates 3690 E. Ft. Union Blvd, Suite 202 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 801-523-9788 Kim Oliver, Finance Director 1140 State Office Building Salt Lake City, UT 84114 801-538-3095 Carol Young State Accountant 1140 State Office Building Salt Lake City, UT 84114 801-538-3100

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