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Deer Park High School Class of 2015 Rising Senior Night

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1 Deer Park High School Class of 2015 Rising Senior Night

2 Deer Park High School South Counseling Staff
Emily Quinton A-COL Tammy Gernander Com-Gom Megan Keifer Gon-Lit Vanessa Harry Liv Neg Kay Shoffit Nei-Sau Felicia Burgess Say-Z Amanda White-Scholarship Coordinator Dora Trevino-San Jacinto College Gayle Hyde & Susan Keller-Counselor Clerks

3 AGENDA 1. Senior Year Information 2. Scholarships/Financial Aid Amanda White-DP Scholarship Coordinator 3. Graduation Events & Expenses 4. College Fair (mall area with Texas colleges)

4 The Race is ON! Work hard academically (finish strong so your transcript will shine!). Review your schedule for next year and make sure classes are rigorous. Universities want to see rigorous coursework during a student’s senior year. See your counselor if you wish to make changes.

5 College Application Process
Fill out the application online. School website or Research Colleges/ Universities Internet & college visits Review application and essays before submitting. * don’t forget to submit application fees

6 Resume? Isn’t that for a job???
Some Colleges, Universities and Scholarship applications require a resume as part of the application process. You will want to highlight the following areas on the resume: * Academic Awards/Honors * Talents, Skills, and interests * Club/organization memberships and offices held * Volunteer hours/Employment * References A sample resume is available In the Getting Ready for College Resource Guide.

7 Scholarship Applications
Volunteer Hours Reasons to Volunteer Helping others College Applications Scholarship Applications Seniors who volunteer for 100 hours (25 per year) will be recognized at graduation with an honor cord. A valuable search engine that sorts and searches opportunities based on zip code and services preference. Check the city of Deer Park and Pasadena websites for additional volunteering opportunities

8 when applying to college…
things to know when applying to college… Applications submitted online tend to get processed quicker. Some colleges process applications as they receive them so submitting early can be beneficial. Most colleges have an application fee ($50 avg) Transcripts (official) are submitted via the registrar’s office Most colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT You don’t HAVE to submit all of your information together. You can submit your application without test scores and send them later if needed.

9 SAT vs. ACT *Register online for the ACT and SAT And

10 ACT or SAT What’s the difference?
Colleges will accept either test. So which should you take? ACT questions tend to be more straight forward. The questions are often easier to understand on a first read. The SAT you may need to spend more time figuring out what you’re being asked before you start to answer. SAT has a stronger emphasis on vocabulary ACT has a science section and more advanced math concepts

11 What’s a good score and why does it matter?
Scores Matter for College Admissions and Scholarships! The National Avg for the new SAT is 1500 & ACT is 20/21 Scores below 1100 (SAT) and 15 (ACT) are considered low at most 4-year schools. Check college websites for ACT/SAT requirements. Most colleges have a sliding scale and the higher your GPA the lower your scores can be for admission.

12 Have you Used your College Day?
See the attendance office to make arrangements. As a senior, you get two college days. College Night 2014-Deer Park High School November 11 6:30-8:30

13 Resources for Scholarships
Mrs. Amanda White is our campus scholarship coordinator. Her office is located in the counseling center. Scholarships are listed on the DPISD South Campus website. Students and Parents are welcome to visit the college center in the counseling office to pick up applications. Also, please register and create a profile on and

14 Sources of Financial Aid
FAFSA-Free Application Federal Student Aid Expected Family Contribution-is determined by your FAFSA application. This tells colleges how much you are expected to contribute and what sort of aid can be offered to the student. (available January 1, 2015). Grants- Money for college based on financial need that is not paid back. Loans-money that is given based on financial need that IS paid back by the student. But often necessary and considered part of financial aid packages

15 Where is the FREE Money??? There is money out there but it requires students to complete applications. 2. Companies and organizations give out scholarship money based on merit and need. 3. Private entities such as churches and neighborhood associations award scholarship money. 4. Even if you think you won’t qualify for $$ you should still complete the FAFSA. Colleges may have extra funds for students.

16 Senior Year Events & Expenses
Senior Costs *Senior Pictures-postcard from Rosie’s will arrive in the mail, call and set up an appt. Photos are taken here at South in July. If you can’t make this appt you can go to the studio BEFORE Sept If you miss the Sept. 30th date your picture will NOT be in the senior portrait section of the yearbook. *Panoramic Picture *Yearbook *Majestic Court *Prom *Invitations/cap & gown *Project Graduation

17 We’re here to HELP! DP Counselors meet individually with seniors to assist them with plans after high school. Read the senior bulletin and announcements on DPHS website. Sign up for daily s with Jennifer Dunn.

18 San Jacinto College Counselor
Dora Trevino San Jacinto College Counselor

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