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Wheres The Park? Dimensions: 116 Feet By 117.5 Feet Fox Point Police District 9.

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1 Wheres The Park? Dimensions: 116 Feet By 117.5 Feet Fox Point Police District 9

2 Present Park Includes: Play set Grass Benches for seating

3 Present Park - Wall Space Wall spaces is ill used. Non- attractive fences allow for unwanted sightlines

4 Present Park - The Urban aspect Over grown shrubs Eroding soil and decaying tree stump The park needs a general face lift from so many years of use

5 Why Does Fox Point Need The New Park? New, More Space The neighborhood is trying Needs a face lift Beautiful trees, preexisting

6 History - Fox Point Link to Fox Point History George Cohan Was born in Fox Point Wickenden Street For 90 years Friends has flourished Link to Recent Statistics Fox Point originally got its name from a hill called Fox Hill

7 Gentrification Art installed on Wickenden Street to spice up the town Ms. Anderson worked on the horse above New restaurants have come to town Stores have come, increases economic activity The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents

8 Interview - Lieutenant John K. Ryan and Lou Costa Click to listen to Interview What does the park need? How to limit graffiti? What are your views on cameras? Any gangs in Fox Point? Most common crime? Link to Lou Costa s Interview Lou Costa at his wedding, and at present You will need iTunes to listen to the email

9 Mural The park on Wickenden Street shows the modern, or recent history of Fox Point more pointing to the newer societies coming into the town Our park would show the Cape Verdian, Irish and Portuguese history including shops like Friends Market

10 Our Original Agora The Agora in Athens had public, private and transitional spaces which we think are important in a public park. We want our Agora to be welcoming to all people, to allow different groups to interact rather than co-exist. When designing our Agora, we will remember to have limited sight barriers and large open spaces to allow people to interact. Every public space is different because it must fulfill the needs of its surrounding community. The park on the corner of Ives Street in Providence will have needs of the community just like Athens needed a marketplace and court trial center for their Agora. Another important aspect will be to have spaces meant to be used for certain purposes, but also spaces that have numerous purposes and can be used in different situations to fulfill different needs. An Agora will need to fulfill the needs of its community but it will also need to last without substantial maintenance for a period of time. The Agora was simple, yet it reached so many goals and lasted a thousand years. Our Agora will need to follow that same rubric but it must be perfected to the society that needs it.

11 Goals Have people interact instead of coexisting Have a central meeting space for thesurrounding neighborhood Provide a pleasant eye space that wouldultimately increase property value of theneighborhood Show the history of Fox Point Make a park unique to The Points history

12 Draft One

13 Draft Two

14 Draft Three

15 Final Drafts Link to Google Sketch You will need Google Sketch to view our 3-D park

16 PPS and The President of the New Jersey Garden Club Project for Public Spaces Web Site PPS, or Project for Public Spaces is an organization that, among other things, teaches people how to plan parks. Ironically, there was a convention about public gardens in Providence in the beginning of May. Who was staying at Wyatts house to go the convention? Martha Sword, the president of the New Jersey Garden Club. Sword taught us about what plants would do well in what light and temperatures and how resilient certain trees were to certain kinds of diseases found in and around the Providence area. New Jersey Garden Club Web Site

17 Conclusion – What It Fixes Water fountains, benches, notice board and trash cans close to each other allow for triangulation. Children now have a substacial playground to play on while their parents can sit close by on the benches. Picnic tables make the park a destination place, for lunches and lounging. Wheelchair accessibility allows disabled people to join as members of the park. Ground lighting is nicer to the surrounding neighbors who had to have halogen lights on every night. Ground lighting is subtler. Community garden brings everyone of the neighborhood into the garden to grow their own food, definitely an example of interaction. Murals bring Fox point history to life and showcase it in a friendly way, the public mural would allow for the community to get involved with the park making process.

18 Works Cited "gentrification." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. 2009. Merriam-Webster Online. 9 May 2009 <http://www.merriam-> Fox Point History Project. Dir. Max A. Salmeron. 2009. Flickr, 2009. Flickr. Flickr. 9 May 2009. Fox Point Oral History Projects Photo Stream. Flickr. 9 May 2009. Flickr. 9 May 2009. The Garden Club of New Jersey. The Garden Club of New Jersey. Miracle Grow. 9 May 2009. "Preston and Ives Street Providence, RI." Google Earth. Google. 10 May 2009. Project for Public Spaces. Project for Public Spaces. 4 May 2009. PPS. 9 May 2009. Ryan, Lutenent John K. Telephone interview. 7 May 2009. 1)What does the park need? 2) How to limit graffiti? 3) What are your views on cameras? 4) Any gangs in Fox Point? 5) Most common crime?

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