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Intro to Landscaping.

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1 Intro to Landscaping

2 Objectives Identify the purpose of landscape design Describe the scope of landscape construction Recognize the need for landscape maintenance

3 LandscapingTerminology
Landscaping is part of the ornamental horticulture industry. So what does that mean???? The ornamental industry – using plants & other materials for decorative purposes It combines 2 aspects 1. Art 2. Science of growing plants Also this industry is also know as the “Green Industry”

4 Terminology Hardscapes – They are the physical features Includes – fences, terraces, retaining walls, patios, walks, drives, lighting, irrigation, & water features

5 Terminology Landscaping – An industry that focuses on the beautification of outdoor terrain with some interior settings. Landscaping begins with 2 things. 1. Sculpting the soil 2. Natural lay of the land Landscaping includes trees, shrubs, vines, ground cover, & flowers

6 Landscaping 4 things to achieve an attractive landscape. 1. Planning 2. Proper Construction 3. Techniques 4. Regular Maintenance The biggest challenge for a landscape designer is To determine which is the best method to beautify the land

7 6 Factors that influences landscaping
1. Terrain 2. The climate 3. The house 4. Buildings & other physical structures 5. Intended use of the property 6. The clients wants

8 Landscaping Business 40.4 billion dollars were spent in the US on landscaping Aesthetic Value – The beauty of the landscape Plants in the landscape can convey, warmth, protection, & comfort Landscaping can add as much as 15% to the resale value of a home Well placed trees can cut cooling cost by 20%

9 Landscape Design Purpose to create a plan to make the best use of available space in the most attractive way 2 main purposes when designing plans for a home or building 1. Show off the home or building to its best advantage 2. Create both attractive & useful setting for inhabitants

10 Professions in Landscape
Landscape Architect – Trained in engineering, graphic arts, & architectural technology Based on interrelationship of humans & their surroundings Used on large projects – parks, golf courses, buildings etc. Must have a state license to practice their work Landscape designer – Trained in the art of design & science of growing horticultural plants. Primarily works with residential homes designs and small commercial sites Must have an associates or bachelors degree in horticulture

11 Professions in Landscaping
Landscape Contractor – Hired to install the landscape – preforms the construction of the project Landscape Construction – Involves the installation of materials identified in the landscape design. Landscape Supervisor - The crew chief -Has responsibility for the construction crew – works with management and crew (the middle guy) Landscape Maintenance – Taking the care of landscape materials after installation Mowing grass, fertilizing land & plants, applying pesticides, planting and weeding flower beds, removing leaves, applying mulch.

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