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City‘s Kitchen ...Quality, Banquets & Corporate Catering

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1 City‘s Kitchen ...Quality, Banquets & Corporate Catering

2 Company Profile  Contents
1 Company Introduction 2 Company Management 3 Company Services 4 Why City’s Kitchen 5 Client List 6 Our Client Benefit 7 Appreciation

3 Company Introduction About Us
City’s Kitchen was incorporated in the year 2004. City’s Kitchen with over Eight years of experience in Hospitality management, has the skill and expertise to provide a complete range of Hospitality services Management. We like to introduce ourselves as a partner in providing quality and hygienic food at competitive costing. We prepare and serve high quality food products in-house. All of our areas; Receiving, Ingredient Control, Production and Food Services have a high level of integration and cross-functional awareness. Our standards are monitored regularly through continuous quality improvement initiatives such as menu standardization audits, hygiene audits, satisfaction surveys and laboratory tests of food samples. 

4 Company Management Our Managing Partners
Mr. Shrinivas Mekela : A young, energetic member of the Global Hospitality Community has Rich and Vast experience in this catering industry. Innovation fuelled by endless ideas & the zeal to achieve customer’s delight led to enormous success & goodwill that soared with leaps & bounds. Mr. Prashant Jagtap : A Dynamic personality , is a Post graduate and has done his Hotel Management with abundant experience in 5 star Hotels, Multiplex's , Clubs and Catering, He has garnered a sound Knowledge of man management , Menu Planning and Operations .

5 Company Management Our Mission & Vision Our Mission
City’s Kitchen is committed to utilize our specialized expertise and innovative partnership approach to provide its clients safe, nutritious food using the best quality and freshness available to enhance the dining experience within budget and resources available. Our Vision City’s Kitchen vision is to position our self as a Most Valued Partner in our areas of operation and surpass the expectation of our discerning customers. 

6 Services Offered by City’s Kitchen
Company Services Services Offered by City’s Kitchen Catering solutions Central kitchen management Guest house management Corporate catering Government projects on catering Hostels Training centre management ODC – for business partners

7 Company Services Our Competencies
We possess the potential of providing additional support in case of contingencies. Turn around time from central kitchen to our present sites is 30 minutes. Value addition in term of calorie and nutrition & also food festivals. High degree of hygiene and safety at all times `

8 Company Services Our strength
Directors and operation team easily approachable at all times. Young and dynamic top management – average age 40 years. Staff and operation teams - average age 28 years. Staff turn over below 6% in last four years. Continuous training in all levels to enhance quality & services.

9 Why City’s Kitchen? Why we?
Knowledge in the areas desired with excellent menu management. Range of experiences with similar operations. Excellent approach- unbiased, practical and realistic Originality and creativity of thought. Ability to communicate easily and understandably. Compatibility with in-house personnel with whom the consultant will work. Enthusiasm Ability to complete the work within the anticipated time frame.

10 Our Centralized Kitchen Snapsot
Vegetable Cutting Production Areas Cold Room Walk-in Chiller

11 Our Centralized Kitchen Snapsot
Wet Grinding Vegetable Storage Offices Conference Room

12 Our Centralized Kitchen
Walk-in Cold Storage (5000 ltr walk-in fridge for storing raw materials to process food for over persons at a time.) We have 3700sq ft production area. (Presently catering to meals per day) Vegetable Cutting / Washing Section (A dedicated vegetable washing section to remove pesticides and other chemicals from vegetables before cooking.) Indian Sweet Section (To prepare Indian dessert preparation as authentic as its origin.) Wet Processing Area For grinding, pealing, grating and mixing.) Pot Wash Area (For cleaning of vessels and cutlery.) NON- VEG SECTION We have a separate area for Non-Veg preparation.

13 Our Clients Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 1 2 3 4 5 6
EXL SERVICES Magarpatta Cyber City Tower-I (Ref. Mr. Amit Razda @ ) 1200 Breakfast & Dinner 2 Homeward Resi Corp Ind Pvt. Ltd. Magarpatta Cyber City Tower- VI (Ref. Ms ) 2000 Operating 24/7 3 BNY Melon India Magarpatta Cyber City T-6 & T-12 & Commerce Zone (Ref. Mr. Rajit ) 3000 4 Z S Associates Magarpatta Cyber City T-12 (Ref. Ms. Kirti ) 550 Providing Lunch services 5 ZENSAR TECHNOLOGIES Kharadi. (Ref. Ms ) 2500 Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & VIP Food 6 ZENSAR BPO 1000 Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks

14 Our Clients Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 7 8 9 10 11
SP INFOSITY (Food Court ) (Ref. Mr. Shailesh ) 8000 Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks Dinner & Live Preparations 8 ACCENTURE Magarpatta (Ref. Mr. Ashish ) 3500 Breakfast, Lunch & Evening snacks 9 PTC Kalyani Nagar (Ref ) 1500 10 Viman Nagar (Ref. Mr.Nicholas @ ) 1000 Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner 11 SAS Research & Development India Pvt. Ltd., Magarpatta Cyber City T-5 (Ref. Mr Subash ) 1200 Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner

15 Our Clients Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 12 13 14 15
Principal Financial Services Magarpatta Cyber City T-6 (Ref . Rajesh ) 1200 Breakfast, Lunch & Evening snacks Dinner 13 Capita Yerwada ( Ref . Mr. John ) 800 Breakfast ,Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner 14 WADIA COLLEGE ( Ref . Mr, Hate Sir) 500 Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner 15 FOTON Kalyaninagar ( Ref. Naveen ) 2000 Lunch & Snacks 16 WNS Magarpatta Cyber City T-8 (Ref. Amita ) 1800

16 Our Clients Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 17 18 19 20
EXL SERVICES Magarpatta Cyber City Tower-9 (Ref. Mr. Amit Razda @ ) 300 Breakfast & Dinner 18 Magarpatta Cyber City Tower-12 19 TECH- MAHENDRA Viman Nagar (Ref. Mrs. Ruth ) 3400 Regular & VIP Catering Orders 20 WNS , Weiikfield, Viman nagar ( Ref . Mr. Vinit 6000 Operating 24/7 HOURS 21 Wipro India Ltd. Bangalore Corporate Office (Ref. Mrs. Muktha 1600 Breakfast , Lunch, Snacks & Dinner Also doing client catering. Total 40,000 +

17 Our Clients - Guest House & Govt Services
Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 1 SUZLON GUEST HOUSE Magarpatta City (Ref. Manisha TOTAL 8 FLATS Operating 24/7 HOURS 2 FOTON GUEST HOUSE Kalyaninagar ( Ref. Naveen ) TOTAL 7 FLATS Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 1 ADIVASHI HOSTEL HADAPSAR (Ref-Mr.-Rajkumar ) 1200 Operating 24/7 HOURS 2 KOREGAOPARK (Ref. Mr ) 400 24/7 HOURS Total 1600

18 Our Clients - Industrial Canteen
Sr. No. Client Name Strength Service Provided 1 TATA YAZAKI, KESANAND, WAGHOLI (Ref : Ajit ) 4500 Operating 24/7 HOURS

19 Our Client Benefit Quality & Service Benchmark Hygienic Environment
One Stop Solution for all F&B needs Worry free Professional Atmosphere Consistency in product & service Vibrant Organizational Environment Satisfied Employees Positive Step towards Organization’s Vision.

20 Client Appreciation

21 Our Centralized Kitchen Snapsot
Thank you Mr. Prashant Jagtap Mbl:

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