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Presenter Name Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Presenter Name Microsoft Corporation

2 Preface *HIDDEN SLIDE* This deck is a composite deck intended to be used for multiple audiences It has a mixture of business and technical slides It has a mixture of topics beyond just Windows Server 2008 R2 and Remote Desktop Services Pick and choose the correct slides for your audience Please pay regard to the notes for each slide (when present) Please check http://rds for updates to this deck

3 Introducing Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Architecture Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RDVH) RD Connection Broker What's New for Windows Server® 2008 R2 RDS Key Features RD Web Access / RemoteApp & Desktop Connections RD Gateway Full-fidelity User Experience App-V for RDS RDS - Better Together with Windows® 7 and Citrix Summary

4 Management Desktop Virtualization Application Virtualization Presentation Virtualization Server Virtualization User State Virtualization Folder Redirection Roaming Profiles

5 TS RemoteAppRemoteApp TS GatewayRD Gateway TS Session BrokerRD Connection Broker TS Web AccessRD Web Access TS Easy PrintRD Easy Print Terminal ServerRD Session Host RD Virtual Host RemoteApp & Desktop Connections

6 Install and maintain applications once in the datacenter, not on every desktop Enable flexible work scenarios such as hot-desking and work from home Deploy applications to devices that cant run them natively, or that require hardware upgrades to run them Keep data safe in the datacenter to help eliminate the risk of laptop data theft Help simplify the burden of regulatory compliance with centralized tracking Quickly connect remote workers with the critical applications they need from a Web page Provide users with secure access to remote applications from outside the corporate network (without using VPN infrastructure) Help Secure Data and Applications Accelerate Desktop and Application Deployment Increase Remote Worker Efficiency


8 RD Web Access RD Gateway RD Connection Broker Active Directory® Licensing Server RD Virtualization Host RD Session Host RD Client

9 RD Connection Broker RD Client RD Session Host Server Farm (Session-based desktops) RD Session Host Server Farm (RemoteApp)

10 RD Session Host App-V Management Server RD Client RD Virtualization Host

11 RD Client Personal Virtual Desktops Active Directory Pooled Virtual Desktops RD Connection Broker

12 Personal Virtual Desktops Pooled Virtual Desktops Personal Virtual Desktops One OS image per user Administrator access, desktop customizable User state typically part of the image Personal Virtual Desktops Shared OS images, identically configured No administrator access User state temporary )discarded at session end)

13 RoleFunction RemoteAppPublishes applications with just the application UI, and not a full desktop UI RD Session HostHosts centralized, session-based applications and remote desktops RD Virtualization HostHosts centralized, virtual-machine-based (virtual) desktops on top of Hyper-V for VDI environment RD Connection BrokerCreates unified administrator experience for session-based and virtual-machine based remote desktops RD GatewayAllows connection from clients outside the firewall, using SSL, and proxies those to internal resources RD Web Access / RemoteApp & Desktop Connections (Windows 7) RD Web Access provides Web-based connection to resources published by RD Connection Broker. Supports traditional web page, as well as new RemoteApp & Desktop Connections RD EasyPrintSimplifies printing to a local printer, and supports legacy and new print drivers without the need to install those on the host


15 Full-Fidelity User Experience RDS & VDI – An Integrated Solution Remote Application Access Hyper-V support for virtual desktops Basic inbox connection broker Single discovery and publishing infrastructure RemoteApp & Desktop Connection RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access RD Gateway security improvements True multiple monitor support True multiple monitor support Multimedia support & bidirectional audio Multimedia support & bidirectional audio Enhanced bitmap acceleration for 3D and rich media content Platform & Management New API, Connection Broker Extensibility, Windows PowerShell Support, Best Practices Analyzer Platform & Management New API, Connection Broker Extensibility, Windows PowerShell Support, Best Practices Analyzer

16 Make programs available via RD Web Access or RemoteApp & Desktop Connection (Windows 7) Create MSI or RDP files Make programs available via RD Web Access or RemoteApp & Desktop Connection (Windows 7) Create MSI or RDP files RD Session Host / RD Virtualization Host NEW in R2: Per-user RemoteApp filtering Applications launched from Web Page, RDP files or MSI shortcuts Programs look like they are running locally RD Client

17 RD Session Hosts RD Connection Broker RD Client Publishing server (part of RD Connection Broker) presents unified view Each RemoteApp server can publish different apps Based on load, requirements or other criteria Publishing server delivers appropriate RDP settings to client to connect to correct server RDP settings can also include RD Gateway settings Publishing Server

18 XP / Vista: IE Win7: RemoteApp & Desktop Connections Win7: RemoteApp & Desktop Connections HTTPS RDP over RCP / HTTPS Retrieve List of Remote apps / sessions User - Personal VM assignment Pooled VMs Assignment MSTSC RD Client RD GatewayRD Web Access RD Connection Broker RemoteApp Session Desktop RDSH AD RDVH (Hyper-V) RDV Agent VHD

19 RD Web Access RD Connection Broker RD Virtualization Host RD Redirector RD Session Hosts RD Client RemoteApp & Desktop Connection

20 RD Web Access RD Gateway RD Session Host RD Client RD Virtualization Host User browses to RD Web Access RDP over HTTP/S established to RD Gateway RDP 3389 to host User initiates HTTP/S connection to RD Gateway Silent session re-authentication Secure device redirection Idle & session timeout Pluggable authentication Consent signing

21 Multiple Monitor Support Enhanced Audio Support Windows Media Redirection Windows Aero Glass Support Enhanced Bitmap Acceleration

22 Support for multiple screens and resolutions Support for up to 16 monitors Multi-monitor support fully configurable by administrator All operations supported locally work remotely

23 RD Session Host / RD Virtualization Host Audio input and recording Streams microphone input from the users machine to the Remote Desktop. Enables VoIP and voice recognition applications over RDS. Improved Audio / Video synchronization Provides an experience closer to using an physical desktop

24 RD Session Host / RD Virtualization Host Windows Media Redirection Video bit stream sent to client for decompression Nearly no CPU usage on server Video codec must exist on client device Windows Media by default Full fidelity, bandwidth and latency permitting

25 RD Session Host Windows Aero Glass Support Provides the ability to use the Windows Aero® Glass experience with session- based remote desktops. Supported in RDS and latest RDC clients.

26 RD Session Host / RD Virtualization Host 3D and Rich Media Experience Renders 3D and portable graphics stacks such as Silverlight and Flash on the server and transfers as a bitmap to clients. Microsoft DirectX 9,10,11 DirectX 9,10,11 is rendered on the host and sent to the client as a bitmap (requires GPU on host) GPU

27 Bad MatchNo MatchClose Match Historical Issues Solution

28 Improved Bulk Compression: Applied to all data, including graphics Four choices controlled by server group policy: Optimized to use less memory Balanced use of memory and bandwidth Default: Optimized to use less bandwidth Disable bulk compression Min. 20% Gain!

29 RemoteApp & Desktop Connections Language Bar Redirection DWM Remoting Word.rdp Excel.rdp Virtual Desktop.rdp RD Web Access

30 RD Licensing Provides Centralized Administration for RDS-CALs New: Manage RDS-CAL Wizard Migrate RDS-CALs between license servers Rebuild RD Licensing database New: Service Connection Point Registration RDSH / RDVH RDSH / RDVH 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 A client connects to a Remote Desktop server. If an appropriate RDS CAL is available, the RDS CAL is issued to the client. The client can connect to the RDSH / RDVH server. The RD server determines if an RDS client access license (RDS-CAL) is needed. The RD server requests an RDS-CAL from an RD licensing server on behalf of the client.


32 Fairly distributes CPU cycles across sessions Processor resources are shared across CPUs Each session assigned a CPU quota

33 MSI Compatibility Improvements MSI queuing to prevent application installation errors. Easier to install applications on a Remote Desktop Session Host Server. Tighter Integration of RDS Services into Server Manager Streamlined administrative access to RDS features. Enhanced Command-Line Management with Windows PowerShell Augments graphical tools, provides easy methods to automate repetitive tasks. Roaming User Profile Cache Management Manage aggregate user profile size via Group Policy. Platform Investments Multiple levels of extensibility for custom partner solutions for Remote Desktop Services and VDI-based solutions

34 IP Virtualization Modes Per session All programs Specified programs DHCP Integration Virtual IP addresses obtained from DHCP 34


36 N Days Day 1 Day N Day 2 CLONE User 1 User N

37 Day 1 Day 3 Day 2 User 1 User N Disconnect User 1 Log off Logon CLONE




41 Session based Remote Desktops (formerly TS) Low cost image management Easiest admin management Least resources required Good compatibility for legacy apps Pooled Virtual Machine based Desktops (VDI) Medium cost image managmt. Easier admin management than Personal VM Desktops Less Resources than personal Better compatibility for legacy apps Personal Virtual Machine based Desktop (VDI) High cost image management Administrator access (user can install programs) High Resource cost Better Compatibility for legacy apps Customers will mix & match options - based on end user needs

42 Remote Desktop Services is a cost-effective infrastructure platform to extend desktop and application deployments from the data center to any device Many new features and an improved platform Integration of Session Virtualization and VDI Improved Remote Application Access (including app aggregation) Full-fidelity remote user experience Platform and management enhancements Enable new IT scenarios for your organization Accelerate desktop and application deployment Help secure data and applications Increase remote worker efficiency Better Management, Security and User Experience

43 Remote Desktop Services Home Page home.aspx home.aspx Remote Desktop Services TechNet Site Remote Desktop Services Blog Desktop Virtualization and VDI ation.aspx ation.aspx

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