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Sint Maartenskliniek drs. Peter Hoppener CEO E:\cityscreen45sec.wmv.

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1 Sint Maartenskliniek drs. Peter Hoppener CEO E:\cityscreen45sec.wmv

2 Background Peter Hoppener Business-economist Erasmus University Rotterdam AKZO Nobel, healthcare division in various countries SCA Mölnlycke Healthcare in NL Randstad Staffing / labourmarket Altrecht Mental Health Care (2004-2008) Sint Maartenskliniek Group (2008-now)

3 Dutch Healthcare system Healthcare Insurance system Hospital market DBC financing system

4 Founded in 1936 in Nijmegen by RC sisters Fire in 1990 1999: New hospital Nijmegen 2005: Second location in Woerden 2010: orthopedic clinic in Mill Brief history

5 Profile concern orthopaedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation 50.000 patients a year > 50% supraregional; topreferential position Research & development department 85 medical specialists/agios, 100% employed 1700 employees Turn over 135 million concern Yearly growth 5-10 % Biggest growth between 2005-2008

6 Orthopaedic centre Operation rooms: 6 + 3 (+ 3) Super-specialisation: knee, hip, spine, shoulder/upper extremities, foot & ankle Top innovation and top-care Connected to various university hospitals

7 teaching: 4-6 interns, 10-12 residents for orthopaedic training, 1-2 fellows. Rotations with affiliated university and general hospital. Training period general surgery (elsewhere) 2 yr, orthopaedic training 4 yr. Recently modernization of training program according to the CanMed system including digital portfolio. Esska Teaching Centre with fellows for 1 months selected by Esska. Research efforts orthopaedic department: 105 peer reviewed papers in last 4 years. Teaching and research efforts

8 Production 2008 super specializations in Nijmegen Super specialization Conservative treatments Surgical treat- ments Sint Maartenskliniek Nijmegen Total Knee3.2682.1555.423 Upper extremities2.6101.3193.929 Foot & ankle2.7121.0853.797 Hip2.6189913.609 Back5.1696475.816 General orthopaedics3.2266033.819 Total19.6036.80026.403 Approx 1000 THP and 1000 TKP

9 Core strategy We specialize in solving problems regarding movement and stature. We have a clear vision and we have the courage to excel and innovate by partnering with our patients, use strategic alliances and grow our organization.

10 Innovation Partnering Growth Integrated care Innovation Tele-care and e-health Shorter duration of stay Satisfied patients Interactive communication w patients Better accessibility Patient-organizations Insurance companies Covering the Netherlands Also parts of Germany and Belgium Growth of marketshare with 10% Growth of profitibility Strategic development

11 Managing the organisation Quality and safety ICT Internal goals

12 Challenges to share Top-clinical reputation draws big groups of patients to our hospitals –Long waiting times –Expensive care Doctors are employed with fixed salary –Good for many things, but bad for productivity What unique offer to patients? Vulnerability as specialised hospital Financing innovation? Improve financial performance

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