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Presentation to Harvard Medical International Thursday, January 8, 1999.

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2 Presentation to Harvard Medical International Thursday, January 8, 1999

3 Presentation Outline Overview of India Overview of Max India Our vision for health care


5 Max India Our Inspiring Vision zThe Max India Group will be a multi-business conglomerate, in which each business will be built and run with the same focus and attention as in a single business company. zEach business will develop independently, linked by a shared culture. zEach will build strategic alliances with world leaders, to provide unparalleled products and services, in the shape of innovative, value-added solutions to the global marketplace. zUniversal values will inspire a humane and vibrant work environment where all will strive constantly to improve the level of Customer Care.

6 Max India Our vision for healthcare zTo bring world class health care facilities to India. zTo build a chain of world class, specialized hospitals across several cities and towns in India. zTo build up to a substantial business volume, becoming one of the top private sector hospital players in the country. zTo emerge as a globally reputed health care delivery company, with top class medical faculty and facilities that would be recognized as centres of excellence world wide. zTo evolve into allied/related areas such as medical education, nursing education, managed health care etc.

7 Significant Opportunities in Indian Healthcare Significant business opportunity Investment of approximately US$ 3 billion required to build 50,000 beds Revenue of over US$ 4 billion generated Few corporate players at present, but several Indian and foreign players are showing interest Shortage of world-class facilities no. of beds “Near world-class” beds currently available Required for upper-class population at international penetration levels Large paying population millions Upper-class Upper- middle Others

8 We would like to partner with you... zMax has ambitious plans for the health care opportunity in India. zMax is well positioned to build a substantial healthcare business, in a market with extremely good potential. zMax possesses the financial capabilities to make a large commitment to build a healthcare business in India. zMax has rich experience in international alliances and understands how to make partnerships work. zMax is keen to form an alliance with a leading international organisation, and can view a spectrum of alliance possibilities - from equity sharing joint ventures to purely technical collaborations.









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