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VIP Healthcare Quality your convenience.

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1 VIP Healthcare Quality Healthcare @ your convenience

2 VIP Healthcare Treatment of common ailments, eg tonsilitis, food poisoning etc. Annual Health Screening Chronic Disease Management 1. Diabetes Mellitus 2. High Blood Pressure 3. High Cholesterol 4. Asthma 5. Eczema 6. Acne etc Medical Services

3 VIP Healthcare Weight Reduction Program & Counselling Travel Advice, Medications & Vaccinations Gene Diagnostics for Serious Diseases Preventive Services

4 VIP Healthcare Child Development Assessment Baby and Childhood Vaccination Child Services

5 VIP Healthcare Menopause & Osteoporosis Management Naso-gastric Tube Changing Urinary Catheter Changing Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Elderly Services

6 VIP Healthcare Removal Lumps, Bumps & Moles Body Contouring Liposuction Hair-Transplantation Non-Surgical Facelifts Wound Cleaning and Dressing Laser Treatment for Skin Conditions Surgical and Laser Services

7 VIP Healthcare Current Primary Healthcare Providers We go to youYou go to them We deliver repeated medication to you to your doorstep You go to them for repeated medication We see you at your appointed timeYou wait for your turn We attend to your family members while you are at work You need to take leave to accompany family members Convenience

8 VIP Healthcare Current Primary Healthcare Providers We spend 30-45 mins with youYou spent 5 -10 mins with the doctor We see all your family members together as a whole You and your family members may go to separate doctors. No proper follow up. We are local doctors with years of experience in local hospitals Your doctor may not be a local with experience in local hospitals You are seen in the comfort of your home or office. You wait among other sick patients We refer you to specialist doctors with the relevant subspeciality expertise. You are referred to specialist doctors who are affliated or work with the doctor. Quality & Safety

9 VIP Healthcare What is our experience with multi-racial, multi-national patients?

10 VIP Healthcare Nationality of Patients

11 VIP Healthcare What is our experience with families?

12 VIP Healthcare Size of Families Served

13 VIP Healthcare What age range of patients do we serve?

14 VIP Healthcare Age Distribution

15 VIP Healthcare Service Packages 12 consultation visits + 12 repeat medication deliveries$1,999* + 1 Annual Health Screening ( Physical and Lab ) 6 consultation visits + 6 repeat medication deliveries$999* Ad hoc or extra consultation visit ( exclude medications )$200* Extra repeat medication delivery $30 (generic prescription drugs included) * Promotional prices. Subject to change.

16 VIP Healthcare "I first met Dr Dana Elliott in his clinic at Watten Rise. Being a busy art gallerist and mother of four children, having a family doctor to attend to our health issues in the neighbourhood was not only convenient, but a source of peace of mind for me. Alongside his lovely pharmacist wife, Amy, they were lovely people to open our health concerns to. Dr Elliot is systematic, thorough and has most of all, a lovely bedside manner, a trait many doctors of today fail to exercise. Dr Elliott has now given new meaning to convenience since he left his clinic at Watten Rise. Being part of the trial run, prior to launching his new initiative VIP Healthcare - I totally recommend it to all busy parents. In-house visits are a dream - no queues, no reception, just a familiar face at your doorstep coming to the rescue! All appointments are done electronically (SMS or email) yet culminating with a thorough service that is still very personal. It's a modern mother's dream...! - Mrs Roberta Dans Thomas Director, Artesan Gallery + Studio Singapore Testimonial 1

17 VIP Healthcare Testimonial 2 The VIP service is a unique idea that serves families particularly with elderly members of the household. No need to go to the clinic and wait. The doctors is just a phone call away and the appointment made is at your home A short email or sms to the doctor to diagnose the symptoms and a house visit takes care of the physical checkup and the dispensing of medication without the inconvenience of having to travel and wait at the clinic. In fact Im considering using the service for all members of the family! Edmund Consultant Unison Consulting and Training Pte Ltd

18 VIP Healthcare Testimonial 3 "Dr Dana has been extremely responsive and reliable in attending to my medical needs. His medical concierge services have been a blessing in helping me save precious travel and waiting time. He has also been terrific with providing prompt and efficient follow-up, be it in the giving of additional medical advice over phone or email, or in the delivery of prescriptions and medications." Lee Sue-Ann Research Analyst Ministry of Defence

19 VIP Healthcare Clients of Medical Coverage SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Siloso Beach Countdowns 2008/2009 Sentosa Flower Festival SINGAPORE SWIMMING ASSOCIATION Pre Beijing Olympic Water Polo Tournaments in Singapore 2008 Inter School Swimming Championships Milo Swimming Championships Inter Contituency Swinng Championships World Schncronized Swimming National Swimming Competitions SEA Games Qualifiers

20 VIP Healthcare Clients of Medical Coverage COMMUNITY PROJECTS Hope Community Service Walk A Jog Childrens Cancer Foundation Camp Society of St Vincent De Paul Family Events Yishun Junior College Sports Day Singapore Schools Rugby Championships Community First Aid /CPR-AED Awareness Program for Schools

21 VIP Healthcare Rates for Medical Coverage $65 per hour per first aider Rates include value-added services such as assisting Event Officials in Entrance Checks and Baggage Search

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