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February 2012 Champions Call. What were here to discuss.

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1 February 2012 Champions Call

2 What were here to discuss

3 Review Pam McCarthy – Videos for front of the house – Thank you to all who submitted ideas! Filming – Broadway Clinic – Week of Feb 27 th – Calling all ACTORS!


5 What does that mean? Cover the assessment without use of AIM – Determine MOST (not all) WIC Codes (risk factors) on our own

6 What must we give in return? Responsibility will be on US – Cover all codes areas – ABCDE? – Leave appropriate documentation

7 What do you do now?? To practice/learn/support a conversational assessment?

8 What you can expect? Focus on ABCDE – An easy workbook with interactive website – Practice, learn codes, learn ABCDE WITHOUT AIM Get to the Heart of the Matter

9 The Timeline March/April 2012 – Special representatives from your clinic/agency attend a training – Will be mentors – Focus on ABCDE Conversational Assessment May/June 2012 – Special IN-PERSON/ALL-Clinic Training Pam McCarthy Put it all together + some special new tricks

10 What you can do now… WIC Codes/Risk Codes – CSI Cheat Sheets – /NutritionRiskManual.pdf /NutritionRiskManual.pdf OARS Skills – Look for a new course in the LMS

11 Questions?

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