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1 ST GBM 10/16/2012 WEBSITE: OR US AT Flying Samaritans at UCSD.

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1 1 ST GBM 10/16/2012 WEBSITE: OR US AT Flying Samaritans at UCSD

2 What is Flying Sams? We are a student run organization that runs a free clinic staffed by volunteer healthcare providers Clinic located in Ensenada, Mexico Seek to provide healthcare for the citizens who do not receive it in any other way Work under the operation of DIF-a section of the mexican government

3 What do we do? Fundraise in order to provide medicine, supplies, and other services to our clinic Recruit Physicians to join us on clinics On the third Saturday of every month, drive down to our clinic in Ensenada with volunteer physicians We provide: Primary Care Pharmacy Dentistry-growing Public Health-stay tuned for more info at end!

4 Typical Clinic Day Wake up bright and early, meet at the corner of Gilman and Meyers at 7am! Drive down to the border, get gas etc, continue driving to Ensenada Ensenada location is very safe, large cruise ship port and tourist destination

5 Typical Clinic Day Pharmacy Organized and run by students like you! Patient History Vitals Students are responsible for taking blood pressure, temperature, BMI, SpO2 Physician Shadowing and Translating Lab students measure cholesterol, blood glucose, HbA1C, and more Dentistry

6 typical clinic day at the end of the day (about 3PM) we get tacos! drive back to the border maybe get some border churros reach UCSD by 9PM or earlier

7 Fiesta Sometimes at clinic we have a fiesta, where we bring clothing and toy donations and play games with the kids!

8 Membership Membership costs $25 for the academic year Where does your money go? $10 to international chapter $10 Shirt $5 Medical Supplies What do you get? clinic eligibility A chance to get involved in international health See your hard work north of the border pay off as you help patients south of the border

9 How can I get involved? Step 1: Sign up for mailing list! Step 2: Fill out membership form and pay member dues! Step 3: Attend events! Lucky you-youre already here Step 4: See your hard work above the border pay off below the border when you go to clinic!

10 How can I go to a Clinic? Each Clinic is accompanied with a $25 clinic fee Goes to Gas, Tolls, and Car Insurance In order to attend a clinic, you MUST attend events north of border Ex. we have a minimum 2 event requirement for Oct 20 th – described in invitation What events? GBMs! Yay youre all eligible! Fundraisers! Paid membership! Publicity!

11 Current and upcoming events Ralphs! Register your Ralphs card online and give us a copy of your receipt We have computers tonight so you can register right now! Vendor fair Oct 31st, Wednesday 5th week we will be selling grilled corn on Library Walk! Next clinic trip November 17th (Saturday of 7th week)

12 Current Project- Public Health Officers submit online application (deadline Oct 26 11:59PM) and attend an interview Sunday night Oct 28, and pass a Spanish fluency test attend weekly committee meetings create public health presentations and other education attend monthly clinic days in Ensenada (officers will rotate) Gather patient information Measure glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels, total blood cholesterol levels, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) levels, blood pressure, waist circumference, and body mass index (BMI).


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