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2 Clinic updates: Feb 16 th 4 medical providers Dr. Andrade + RN Lanelle Kaiser resident Aaron Dr. Shaila Scripps resident Sean Dentist: Dr. Raja plus volunteers from the Predental Society The clean up continues! we hope to expand soon

3 Clinic Updates: Public Health spotlight Patients returned logs of their blood glucose over the course of the previous month new patients were tested and educated about how to control and prevent diabetes Case study: One women was able to bring her blood glucose levels back down to normal with some life style changes!

4 Paula Michelle Rosario Alvarez Big thank you to Dr. Detrano and the UCI flying Samaritans! My diagnosis is a restrictive membranous VSD. Restrictive means that it is small enough to restrict flow from left to right. Many if not most VSDs of her type close over a few years spontaneously. I recommended that she not have surgery but follow with yearly echoes and clinical exams.

5 Membership you can apply and pay here, at preclinic meeting, or online: membership fee $25 membership form ( remember to send your membership form, filled out, as an email attachment to our secretary, Amy Phan ( counts as a clinic point

6 Upcoming Clinics Clinic dates for the quarter: March 23 rd thats the Saturday after Finals week

7 How do I get to attend clinic? Get a PASSPORT get a passport CARD in addition to the book so we can use the ready lane! Get clinic points do events -> earn clinic points -> apply at the link emailed by the clinic coordinator mailing list: Attend mandatory pre-clinic meeting $30 clinic fee you must be a paid member to go to clinic Dont cancel at the last minute Especially if youre driving

8 Earn Clinic Points We have events morning, afternoon and night Thank you to those who helped with Early Bird Flyering yesterday morning! GBM, Week 7, Wednesday February 20 th you get a point for being here! make sure you sign in! (legibly) Rubio's Fundraiser with public health committee! Week 7, Thursday Feb 21 Volunteers will be standing outside Price Center passing out flyers to people who are going to eat at Rubio's. We will get 20% for every purchase made with the flyer. sign up online! http://ucsdflyingsams.com

9 Earn Clinic Points Health Fair Publicity event. Week 7, Friday Feb 22 @ PC west Ballroom, 6-8 PM Earn a clinic point by telling other students what's so great about Flying Sams. The health fair will also have guest speakers and refreshments

10 Earn Clinic Points Cheese-Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs Fundraiser, Week 8, Tuesday Feb 26th We're having a cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped hot dog fundraiser on Library Walk! Support our clinic by signing up for a shift at the doodle link – at or on facebook

11 Earn Clinic Points Community Hope Project/Flying Sams Finals Study Snack Fundraiser Week 10, Thursday night March 14 th from 7PM-midnight @ Geisel sell donuts and energy drinks to night owls at Geisel! We will have a temporary phone number so people can text orders from the library as well!

12 Earn Clinic Points Earn money for Flying Sams by playing games on your smart phone! we're trying out a program where curios would give Flying Sams at UCSD $1 for playing new games (1-2 minutes) on mobile devices. To sign up, click the custom link below (also at http ://www. curios. me/signup/?group_id=35 3 http ://www. curios. me/signup/?group_id=35 3 We need 20 people to sign up to get started so dont wait!

13 Earn Clinic Points Go to samaritans-ucsd and download the samaritans-ucsd when you buy stuff at Amazon, etc, Flying Sams gets a clinic point send a screen shot to our secretary, Amy, who will check your submission against the database get your friends and families involved!

14 Earn Clinic Points Ongoing Ralphs campaign get a clinic point by emailing the receipt to our secretary, Amy, or by turning it in to an officer got stuck at the zip code or name part? Go to to enter your address invite your friends and families to the facebook event!!

15 Officer Selection Paper application Application available: March 25 th Application due: April 27 th (end of 4 th week) Applicant interviews: May 4 th (end of 5 th week) Training/turnover: the rest of the quarter We are looking for commitment – clinic points and otherwise sincerity passion experience, ideas, and initiative Feel free to ask our officers about their jobs!

16 Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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