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Herndon Free Clinic Providing health care services to those in need in our community through a network of dedicated volunteers.

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1 Herndon Free Clinic Providing health care services to those in need in our community through a network of dedicated volunteers

2 Our History The clinic is a public non-profit founded in July of 2002 by Jeanie Schmidt who identified that children in the community could not afford the physical exam necessary to attend school. She mobilized resources in the community to meet this need. With a network of dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers, the Herndon Free Clinic has administered over 1,800 physicals to children through bi-monthly clinics to allow them entrance into the public school system. In March of 2005, we expanded our services to meet the health care needs of uninsured, low-income adults in our community, identified in hypertension screenings. The physicians and medical providers at our adult clinics provide primary and preventative care serving as a medical home for our patients until they are placed elsewhere. The Herndon Free Clinic is the only free clinic in Fairfax County.

3 Our Mission To provide quality health care services to low income uninsured residents in Centreville, Reston, Chantilly, and Herndon.

4 Accomplishments Last year we were able to serve 355 children for medical evaluations and 39 adult patients for 257 visits. A total of 149 volunteers gave 1,358 hours of their time to the Herndon Free clinic.

5 Comprehensive Health Services Children who attend the clinic receive screenings consistent with Virginia State School Admission Requirements in addition to vision and dental screenings. If needed, patients are referred for dental and vision problems and provided glasses and/or dental care as needed through clinic partnerships. Adults receive full primary care services from health screenings to medications. As needed, patients are referred to specialists who donate their time for our patients to address conditions not handled at the clinic.

6 Success Stories John, a patient at our clinic, was self-employed and earning a strong income until a health crisis sent him to a hospital. With no-insurance his medical bills emptied his savings. Now as a patient at the clinic, John is receiving care for hypertension and other health issues to insure that he does return to the hospital for the another life-threatening crisis, with out you all I would have no where to go. Rasheed brought his daughter to our childrens clinic for a physical for entrance into public school for the first time. He was nervous and shaken as he had been told his daughter might be anemic and was unsure what this meant. Our volunteer pediatricians completed the exam and blood test and provided education about anemia. He left the clinic happily with his family knowing how to care for his daughter. Juan was participating in a Herndon Free Clinic Blood Pressure screening when he learned for the first time that he had high blood pressure. He was scheduled for the following clinic where he was identified as having a life threatening condition and brought to a doctor for a full assessment. Our physicians were able to provide him medication and treatment for a condition that changed the course his life was taking. **All names have been changed to protect the privacy of our patients.

7 Eligibility – Who We Serve Patients earning 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Income guidelines. Patients demonstrating lack of insurance Patients not currently being served by a county clinic. Children 4 and up for the purposes of completing school, sports and head start eligibility forms. Adults who have hypertension or a diagnosis of diabetes between the ages of 19 and 64.

8 Community Partners Reston Hospital- Laboratory Services Faith Based and other Community Organizations Fairfax Family Practice Dr. Finley Eyecare Reston Dental Arts Center INOVA Hospital Reston Rotary Club Fairfax County Health Dept. West End Foundation Medical Society of Virginia NOVA Rx Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute Fairfax County –CCFP Post Foundation Floris United Methodist Church Herndon United Methodist Church Trinity Presbyterian Church

9 How do we support our services? The greatest source of support we receive is volunteer time donated to serve our patients. Over $120,000 worth of time was donated by volunteers, community and medical professionals to serve our patients. Over $86,000 worth of services are donated by Reston Hospital and referring physicians to provide services to our patients. Sources of Monetary Support Based on 2006-2007 Budget Individual Donations- 15% Community Gifts – 27% Corporate Gifts – 5% Golf Tournament – 5% Foundation Support – 15% Fairfax County Grant- 23% Health and Human Services- 10% Total Budgeted Operating Expenses, $127,732

10 The Need is Great Over 82,000 uninsured individuals live in Fairfax County, many earning incomes at or below the federal poverty level. County health facilities are unable to support these individuals resulting in reliance on emergency rooms as a primary source of care. An estimated 46,000 individuals live under the poverty level in Fairfax County. Because of the high demand for services, our adult clinic is restricted to individuals in this population with hypertension or diabetes.

11 Our Future Building on the support of our volunteers and community partners to increase services to those in need. Moving to a dedicated facility in Feb/March. Addition of clinic evenings and daytime hours starting in March 2007. Increase number of patient visits by 50% each year for the next two years.

12 How You Can Help Volunteer- the clinic needs medical and non- medical volunteers. Whether you have two evenings a year, or want to help once a week, we could use your help. Donate- Your donations make a difference to those who count on our services. Provide a meal for our volunteers. Love to cook, heres your chance. Learn more-

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