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Celebrating TEN YEARS of Community Service

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1 Celebrating TEN YEARS of Community Service
AlShifa Clinic Celebrating TEN YEARS of Community Service

2 History 1995 Summer – Core Group of individuals from community meet to discuss idea of FREE COMMUNITY CLINIC. Researched models, visited local clinics and developed proposal and model. 1996 January – Started Phase 1 with monthly screenings and seminars. 1996 Summer – Site remodel, Equipment procured, Volunteers recruited and Advertisement. 1996 September – Launched AlShifa Clinic with HC Commissioner Peter McClaughlin as keynote speaker.

3 Contributions ICM – provided Space and Remodeling.
Donations – Private from community members; Equipment and $$. Research and Planning – Community Physicians, Health Care Administrators and Youth. Volunteers – Physicians, Office Administration, Health Care Professionals.

4 Collaborations Hennepin County Medical Center – Medicine Clinic
Hennepin Care North North Memorial Hospital LabCorp Laboratory Services Radiology Services

5 Initial Services Planned
Routine Physicals Prenatal Care Mental Health School Annual Physical Examinations Health Education

6 Administration Office Administration Outreach Scheduling
Inventory Maintenance Documentation

7 Seminars Diabetes during Ramadan Immunizations for Travelers
Alternative Medicine Medical Ethics and End of Life Issues Stress Management Dental Hygiene Contributions of African Americans in Medicine Breast Cancer; Prostate Cancer Preventive Health Care Heart Disease

8 Screenings Hypertension Diabetes Cholesterol Mental Health

9 Partnerships Masjids – Noor, Rahman, others Somali Community
Powderhorn Community Center

10 Community Served OPEN TO ALL ICM Visitors – Members and Non-members
Neighbors AlAmal School – Teachers, Administrators, others Support AlAmal School Nurse needs (eg. Eye examinations)

11 Equipment Examination Table Weighing Scale
Blood Pressure Monitor and Stethescope Ophthalmoscope and Autoscope Blood Sugar Monitor Slide Projector, Computer and Monitor Compact Refrigerator Medications

12 Awards and Recognition
Hennepin County Community Service Award – 2000 Letter of Recognition from Senator Paul Wellstone – May 2001 Council of Asian Pacific Minnesotans Leadership Award – May 2001 Recognized in 107th US Congressional Record by Senator Mark Dayton - May 2001

13 Present Operation Hours OPEN – Sundays 11 AM to 2PM
Volunteers – Appointments and Schedule Health Care Providers (US Licensed). FREE Consultation and Prescription Services. Nominal Fee for Labs and XRays. Elective Consultations Only CLINIC IS NOT EQUIPPED FOR URGENT CARE OR EMERGENCIES

14 Future Goals Expand space to accommodate at least 5 examination rooms.
Designated Waiting Area for patients/families. Computer & Internet – Patient Records Information Add Equipment. Designated Clinic Director and Scheduler to manage inventory, triage phone calls, patient appointments and physician scheduling.

15 Future Goals Advertisement and PR.
Increase Volunteer Health Care Providers. Increase Clinic Hours – 7 Days. Expand Services – Preventive Health Services, Consultations, Remote Triage and Transportation Services, Workshops, Training.

16 Volunteers Zarina Baber – Clinic Director
Asma Khatoon – Research and Planning Rabiah Hussain – Clinic Coordinator Halima Mohammed – Clinic Coordinator Tina Bakri – Clinic Coordinator

17 Volunteers Arif Altaf – HCMC Clinic Administrator
Fawzi Awad – Social Services Judy Awad – Social Services Zaheer Baber – ex-President of ICM Nazneen Khatoon – Home Health Care

18 Volunteer Health Care Providers
Dr. Hyder M. Khan - Pediatrics Dr. Mehmood Khan – Endocrinology Dr. Mohammad Yassin - Allergy & Immunology Dr. Irfan Altafullah - Neurology Dr. Rabia Khan - Family Practice Dr. Fathi Kamsheh – Obstetrics & Gynecology Dr. Farha Khan - Endocrinology

19 Volunteer Health Care Providers
Dr. Bangean Abdullah – Family Practice Dr. Mohammad Eldeeb – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Dr. Irfan Khan Sandozi - Gastroenterology Dr. Afshan Anjum – Psychiatry (Child & Adolescent) Dr. Onaiza Ansar – Psychiatry (Geriatrics)

20 Volunteer Health Care Providers
Dr. Sabri Sen - Urology Dr. Bilal Murad - Cardiology Dr. Nadeem Iqbal - Neurology Dr. Samira Zoberi – Family Practice Dr. Bushra Dar -  Family Practice Dr. Imtiyaz Hussein – Emergency/Family Med Dr. Moeen Masood- Neurology

21 Volunteer Health Care Providers
Dr. Mesqath Uddin – Internal Medicine Dr. Ibrahim Mujir – Family Practice Dr. Amin Rahmatullah – Cardiology Dr. Sajad Mir – Cardiology Dr. Salman Waheeduddin – Internal Medicine Dr. Jaffar Hassan – Ophthalmology Mrs. Afira Hassan – Optometry Mr. Tamim Saidi -Pharmacy

22 Volunteer Health Care Providers
Mrs. Zehra Ansari - Psychology Ms. Laila Gulzar - Nursing Mr. Saleh Fattah - Pharmacy

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