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A Teenage Guide to Bangor

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1 A Teenage Guide to Bangor

2 Our School Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College.
Around 50 years ago our school used to be a hospital In 1996? It was amalgamated with Gransha boys high school and Bangor Girls high. There are still two campuses but in April this year we are moving to our amazing new school.

3 Including media education
General learning areas within these we develop Thinking skills Personal capabilities Communication Use of mathematics ICT English Including media education Environment and Society. Geography History Politics Religious Education Health and social care Modern language study French Physical Education Business studies The Sciences Psychology Biology The Arts: Drama Art and Design Technology Available Subjects

4 A History Of Bangor Bangor has a population of around 60,000 people.
Bangor Abbey was founded by St. Comgall. IN the 8th and 9th century the Vikings raided Bangor. In 1620 King James the 1st granted Bangor the title of a Port. In 1865 the railway was built and this made links between Bangor and Belfast that was cheap. Since the Victorian era Bangor has become a fashionable resort for holiday makers. About 20 years ago the Marina was built with money from the European Union.

5 Day Life All teenagers in Bangor complain that there is nothing to do during the day in Bangor but its not really true. During the summer there's Ballyholme beach which is great for getting a sun tan or going for a swim. If you don’t fancy going to the beach there's always many other things to do in winter or summer. The local cinema has recently been renovated to an Omniplex, it has giant red leather arm chairs that you can lie right back on, it is pretty good. There is Eddie Irvine's where you can go paint-balling, go-carting either adult of child level) and there is many football pitches inside it. If you would rather go shopping there is many places to go and shop there is Bloomfield's and tempest which are great.

6 Night Life Jenny Watts This is a very popular bar. The downstairs is traditional and very cosy with open fires. It has traditional Irish bands that play here. Upstairs is more for a younger crowd. It includes good grub, including seafood and local faves and evening menu. Wolseys This is Bangor's drinking legend. It is traditional and modern with sofas perched along a raised area. There’s a restaurant during the day and entertainment every night. Café Ceol Used to be called The Boom Boom Room. Is now called Café Ceol. It has 3 main parts to it, downstairs is Café, and upstairs is Mint and The Sumo Lounge. The smoking area is called the Tank and is upstairs out the back. There are many theme nights.

7 Hope you enjoyed our power point. Keep in touch! European Studies 2008

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