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History of Furniture Style

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1 History of Furniture Style

2 Types of Furniture There are many different types of furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds, etc. Within each type, there are many styles. As an Interior Designer you must be familiar with the types and styles of furniture available to your clients. What is the oldest piece of furniture in your home? What are it’s special features? Does the furniture evoke certain feelings?

3 Types of Furniture

4 Types of Furniture

5 Types of Furniture

6 Types of Furniture

7 Types of Furniture

8 Types of Furniture

9 Changing Styles Chairs, tables, beds, and other basic pieces have remained for centuries, but their styles have changed significantly over time. Why? At first people were concerned about function. Over time they became concerned about the way furniture looked and importance. The houses of nobility were centers of style that were looked upon and envied by the general public. As education and communication improved the gap between royalty and the common people narrowed. Furniture, clothing, hair styles, etc.. Are admired and therefore copied!

10 Think about In general, are people today taller than people who lived years ago? Would this affect the height of a chair, table, bed, etc… Availability of materials (synthetic materials vs. wood) Methods of Manufacturing (hand carving vs. machines) Changes in lifestyles and tastes.

11 Furniture Styles Today we are learning about the different styles over time. Go to: Become the class expert on a different style.

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