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Traction electrical equipment

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1 Traction electrical equipment
for 100% low floor tramcar 1

2 History of tramcar traction equipment in SKODA
Count Valdštejn founds the engineering plant Emil Škoda becomes the owner setting up of a new electrical engineering plan in Pilsen launching the manufacture of tram motors manufacture of the first AC traction drive first tramcar with asynchronous traction motor and IGBT converter foundation of ŠKODA ELECTRIC s.r.o first tramcar with synchronous traction motor with permanent magnets 2

3 Traction Equipment Basic features
State of the art components Modular design 100% low floor design Fully swiveling bogies Individual drive of every single vehicle wheel Permanent magnet synchronous motor High torque of the motor – direct drive (no need of the gearbox) Significantly reduced noise Independent electric brake 3

4 15T - ForCity 250 tramcars for Prague – Czech Republic
3 section vehicle 100% adhesion 15TR - ForCity 20 tramcars for Riga – Latvia 3 section vehicle 75% adhesion (one non-driven bogie) Fully air-conditioned passenger area 4

5 15T - ForCity Components by Skoda Electric
16x Synchronous traction motor with permanent magnets 4x Traction unit for traction motor supply 1x Static converter for auxiliary drives and battery charger 1x 24 volt battery 5

6 Traction unit TJ1.1 6

7 Traction unit Basic features
Inverters for an independent supply of four traction motors (one bogie) Input circuits for regenerative and resistive braking Contactors between inverters and traction motors Microprocessor control units Heat exchanger and cooling pump for traction motor cooling integrated in the traction unit Forced air cooled brake resistor integrated in the traction unit 7

8 Traction unit 3D model Dimensions: 1500x1500x498mm Weight: 481kg 8

9 Block diagram 9

10 Traction unit Basic parameters
Technical data of one inverter (4 inverters in the unit) Maximum power in drive mode kVA Nominal input voltage or 750V Output voltage 3AC V Output frequency – 280 Hz Switching frequency 4kHz 10

11 Characteristic of the drive
Torque of one traction motor Power of one traction motor Brake 11

12 Traction motor 12

13 Traction motor Basic features
Permanent magnet synchronous motor High torque – 2270Nm Water cooling Integrated position sensor for propulsion control and speed sensor for brake system 13

14 Traction motor 3D model 14

15 Traction motor Basic parameters
Maximum power (drive mode) 46.6kW Voltage x 392 V Maximum current A Nominal current A Nominal speed RPM Maximum speed RPM Class of insulation H Protection class IP54 15


17 Features and Parameters
Static converter Features and Parameters Provides supply of tram auxiliary drives and for battery charging Converters are equipped with output sinus filter IGBT technology Output three-phase AC voltage rating 3 AC 400 V ± 4% Rated power of each section kVA Number of sections 2 Output one-phase AC voltage rating 2 AC 230 V Range of output DC voltage V – 30 V Maximum output DC current A 17

18 Static converter 3D model
Dimensions: 1450x1520x482mm Weight: 386kg 18


20 Battery enclosure Features and parameters
24V battery Maintenance free design Temperature sensor on the battery for a temperature charge compensation Mechanically operated battery disconnect switch Circuit breaker for an external charger Capacity of accumulator battery Ah DC voltage rating V DC + 25 %, -30% 20

21 Battery enclosure 3D model
Dimensions: 1450x470x504mm Weight: 282kg 21

22 Possible modifications of the equipment according to customer individual requirements
Various number of driven bogies Each traction unit corresponds with one driven bogie Reversed polarity of the trolley Change of electrical connection without changes of mechanical design Emergency drive of the traction inverter from the LV battery Installation of additional circuits without significant changes of mechanical desig Fully air-conditioned passenger area Static converter with increased output power 22

23 Advantages compared to conventional solution
Traction Equipment Advantages compared to conventional solution Equipment designed for 100% low floor vehicle with fully swiveling bogies Compact design of permanent magnet synchronous motor High torque of the motor – direct drive (no need of the gearbox) Significantly reduced noise 23

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