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IIIIII JSC INTER RAO UES. 2 Content Company Profile I Activities Geography II Development Prospects III.

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2 2 Content Company Profile I Activities Geography II Development Prospects III

3 I II III Company Profile

4 IIIIII 4 JSC INTER RAO UES Is a Transnational Energy Holding Company Affiliates more than 20 companies in 14 countries of Europe and Asia Controls a number of generating and distributing energy assets in Russia and abroad Total personnel capacity 17,000 people Head-quarters Moscow, Russian Federation Dynamic investment activities Leading positions in the sphere of electric energy export/import in Russia

5 IIIIII Positioning of JSC INTER RAO UES as a transnational Russian energy Corporation with ramous business in the sphere of investment and energy-generating activities, trading operations on the electric energy market 1.Strong positions on the electric power markets of Europe and Asia 2.Positive dynamics of the operations volumes 3.Constant diversification of business 4.Highly professional and competent management 5 Objective and Principles Objective Principles

6 IIIIII 6 Share Capital Structure 40% 60%

7 IIIIII Energy Generation and Distribution 4 Asset Management 3 Investment Activities 1 Export-Import 2 7 We Single Out 4 Core Areas of Business 2 43

8 IIIIII 8 1. Companys Targets Steady business value increase Stable and active presence on the target markets Diversification of business Result: Reorganization of the Company from the trading into a vertically-integrated holding with a wide scope of functions in the sphere of the electric-power supply industry

9 IIIIII Energy Generation and Distribution 4 Asset Management 3 Investment Activities 1 Export-Import 2 9 2 43 Investment Activities 1

10 IIIIII 2. Electric Energy Export Structure in 2006 10 Китай Mongolia Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Georgia Moldova Norway Finland Belarus Latvia Lithuania 54% 11% 9% 26% 7%7% 5% 4%4% 3% 2%2% 1% China

11 IIIIII 11 2. Electric Energy Import Structure in 2006 Mongolia Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Belarus Latvia Lithuania 72% 10% Ukraine 9.8% 8.2% 6.3% 1% 0.8% 0.1%

12 IIIIII 12 2. Export and Import Turnover in 2004-2006, bln kWh China Azerbaijan Georgia Moldova Norway Finland Belarus Latvia Lithuania Ukraine 10 200420052006 Export Import Kazakhstan Mongolia 10.0 10.5 20.9 10.1 20.5 5.15.1

13 IIIIII Energy Generation and Distribution 4 Asset Management 3 Investment Activities 1 Export-Import 2 13 Export-Import 2 4 Asset Management 3 Investment Activities 1

14 IIIIII 14 3. Asset Management JSC INTER RAO UES Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC JSC Severo- Zapadnaya TETs JSC Inter RAO UES Balkans JSC Stantsia Ekibastuzskaya GRES-2 LLP INTER RAO Tsentralnaya Asia JSC INTER RAO UES Ukraine JSC Armianskaya Atomnaya Electrostantsia TGR Enerji INTER- ENERGO B.V. Techno- electrica S.R.L. Mtkvari Energy L.L.C. JSC Moldavskaya GRES Gardabani Holdings B.V. Silk Road Holdings B.V. ES Georgia Holdings B.V. Saint Guidon Invest N.V. International Power Corporation CJSC JSC Telasi JSC Khramhesi I JSC Khramhesi II JSLLC Energospetservis- obsluzhivanie RAO NORDIC OY

15 IIIIII Energy Generation and Distribution 4 Asset Management 3 Investment Activities 1 Export-Import 2 15 Export-Import 2 Energy Generation and Distribution 4 Asset Management 3 Investment Activities 1

16 IIIIII 16 4. JSC INTER RAO EUS Facilities Productive Energy Supply in 2006 2004 0 Bln kWh 20052006 1 2 3 Iriklinskaya GRES Kaliningradskaya TETs-2

17 IIIIII 17 4. Electric Energy Generation by the Holding Enterprises 2004 0 20052006 4 8 12 Bln kWh

18 IIIIII 18 Today INTER RAO UES Is a Successfully Developing Company The latest methods of corporate management and state- of-the-art technologies in the sphere of electric energy Direct and indirect facilitation of the generating capacity build-up and the RF network infrastructure development Participates in the investment projects implementation Vital contribution to the international economic activity of Russia

19 I II III Activities Geography

20 IIIIII 20 The Groups Assets are Located in a Number of Countries of the World Severo-Zapadnaya TETs Kaliningradskaya TETs-2 Ivanovskiye PGU Orel Region Branch Finland Moldova Armenia Georgia Ukraine Tadjikistan Kazakhstan Sochinskaya TES

21 IIIIII 21 Russia: JSC Severo-Zapadnaya TETs North-West region is the second in Russia in terms of power consumption rate of growth In terms of technological development the station is the most advanced in Russia Installed capacity: 900 MW Equity interest: 25% + 1 share

22 IIIIII 22 Russia: JSC Kaliningradskaya TETs-2 Strategic objective: no-break electric energy supply of the region and stability guarantee Prospect entrance to the market of Poland Installed capacity: 450 MW Planned capacity: 900 MW

23 IIIIII 23 Russia: Ivanovskiye PGU PGUs* objectives: New effective technologies development Creation of spare capacity in the region Energy and power shortage coverage in the region Installed capacity: 354,1 MW

24 IIIIII 24 Equipped with the gas-steam power-generating units PGU-39: the best technical-and-economic and ecological indicators in Russia Own system of technologic process management Installed capacity: 78 MW Annual output: 565 mln kWh Russia: JSC Sochinskaya TES

25 IIIIII 25 Russia: Orel Region Branch Was established in July, 2005 Serves an end of the Groups business diversification In 2006 was granted the status of the last resort provider Generate 25% of the electric energy consumed in the region Supply: 3,700 corporations 197,000 individuals

26 IIIIII 26 CIS: Kazakhstan Stantsia Ekibastuzkaya GRES-2 Installed capacity: 1,000 MW (2 units, 500 MW each) Equity interest: 50% GRES interest amounts to 10-12% of the overall e/e capacity generated in the republic Prospect increase in supplies to Russia, e/e generation build-up, consolidation on the local market

27 IIIIII 27 CIS: Tadzhikistan JSC Sangtudinskaya GES-1 Planned capacity: 670 MW Commercial operation the year of 2009 Is being built on the Vakhsh River 200km away from Dushanbe: the end of the 80s – the beginning of the 90s the beginning of construction and its suspension since 2005 massive project financing (after negotiations between Russia and Tadzhikistan)

28 IIIIII Number of consumers: about 950,000 Among the largest enterprises of Armenia 28 Capacity: 815 MW Trust management for 5 years The major consumer is the energy market of Armenia Capacity: 560 MW Equity interest: 100% The cascade consists of 7 HPPs on the Razdan River Sevano-Razdanskiy Cascade of HPPs Armenian nuclear power plant The Company owns: 8,111 transforming substations 24,300 km of overhead transmission lines 5,300 km of cable transmission lines CIS: Armenia Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC

29 IIIIII 29 Installed capacity: 2,520 MW Unique station operating on three types of fuel Important strategic location in the region Prospect supplies of electric energy to the countries of the Southern Europe CIS: Moldova Moldavskaya GRES

30 IIIIII 5,658km total length of power transmission lines Supplies electric energy to more than 410,000 consumers: 95% population 3.7% commercial sector Capacity: 600 MW The company owns the 9 th and the 10 th units of Tbilisskaya GRES 30 CIS: Georgia Capacity: 110 MW Generated electric energy goes to JSC Telasi for realization Khramhesi I and Khramhesi IIMtkvari Energy JSC Telasi

31 IIIIII 31 CIS: Ukraine Active on the Ukrainian market since September, 2000 Equity interest: 90% Investment projects support implementation: In the course of new energy complexes construction In the course of the existing objects re-equipment and reconstruction

32 IIIIII 32 Finland: RAO Nordic OY Trading operations on the Scandinavian electric energy market since 2003 Equity interest: 100% Among the largest enterprises of Finland

33 IIIIII 33 Toward 2007, Activities Geography Has Embraced More Than 20 Countries of Europe and Asia and Is Steadily Expanding

34 IIIIII Since 2004 the Installed Capacity of the INTER RAO UES Groups Power Plants Has Increased Almost 3 Times 34 2004 2005 2006 2,495 MW 6,915 MW 7,365 MW

35 IIIIII And the Length of the Power Transmission Lines Has Increased More than 10 Times 35 2004 2005 2006 3,100km 32,700km

36 IIIIII 36 1 ROS Return on Sales Attained Its Maximum for 3 Years 200420052006 2 10.3% 1212 22 29 Return on sales, RUB bln Revenue, RUB bln ROS 9.2% 9.7% 3

37 IIIIII 37 ROE Growing Steadily During the Last 3 Years, and Reaching the Level of 48.8% in 2006 200420052006 48.8% 45.3% 37.8% Net profit, RUB bln Equity capital, RUB bln ROE 0.60.6 1.01.0 1.71.7 1.51.5 2.22.2 3.63.6

38 I II III Development Prospects

39 IIIIII 39 Development of new assets Further penetration into target markets Key Objectives of JSC INTER RAO UES Are

40 IIIIII 40 In Our Further Development We Are Guided to 5 Priority Oriented Regions Baltic states Scandinavia Central and Eastern Europe The Black Sea region Central Asia and the Far East

41 IIIIII 14 41 2007 USD bln. 2015 1.25 20072015 11.2 times Toward 2015 the Companys Business Value Is Planned to Be Increased up to USD 14 bln

42 IIIIII Core Lines of Development Strategy 42 1.Occupy dominant position on the target energy markets 2.Consolidate company at the expense of the generating assets 3.Acquire and construct new objects of energy infrastructure 4.Attract foreign partners with the view to participate in investment projects

43 As a Result Toward 2015 INTER RAO UES Is to Become: 43 Mainly state vertically-integrated energy conglomerate: With firm business standing Actively and steadily represented on the target markets Generating assets installed capacity will amount to ~ 30,000 MW The value of the Company will comprise ~ USD 14,000,000,000

44 44 Contact Information 7 Entrance, 12 Krasnopresnenskaya Nab., Moscow, 123610 Telephone: +7 (495) 967-05-27 Fax: +7 (495) 967-05-26

45 IIIIII Groups Milestones: 1997 2004 1997 2000 2001 2002 2003 2003- 2005 2004 established as 100% subsidiary of RAO UES of Russia beginning of operational activities launch of projects on trading of non-Russian electric energy on foreign markets and on creation of subsidiary trading companies abroad independent electric energy export from Russia, launch of independent electric energy generation a bidder buying the above-plan energy on the Federal Wholesale Electric Power Market capital stock restructuring: 40% of shares are sold to Rosenergoatom Сoncern large-scale investment program implementation mainly in the countries of Transcaucasia RAO NORDIC OY, a subsidiary of INTER RAO UES among the largest companies of Finland

46 IIIIII owns 50% of shares of JSC EKIBASTUZSKAYA GRES-2 one of shareholders of JSC SANGTUDINSKAYA GES-1 JSC MOLDAVSKAYA GRES joins the Group blocking shareholding of JSC SEVERO-ZAPADNAYA TETs acquisition of 70% of shares of the Turkish company TGR ENERGI government of Armenia permitted the sale of 100% stake of Electric Networks of Armenia CJSC to the Groups subsidiary INTERENERGO B.V. extraordinary general shareholders meeting approves of the company authorized capital increase preparing of General guidelines of the strategy of JSC INTER RAO UES determining the Companys activities program for the midter 2005 2006 Groups Milestones: 2005 2006

47 IIIIII Partners

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