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Direct Object Pronouns

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1 Direct Object Pronouns

2 Direct objects Answer the question…?

3 Who? What?

4 I bought the book. What did I buy? The book = direct object

5 We saw your friends. Who did we see? Friends = direct object

6 Pronoun A direct object pronoun shortens the direct object to avoid repition. The book – it Your friends - them

7 Direct object pronouns in Spanish
Lo – him/you (formal)/it Los – them/y’all (ustedes)/those things La – her/you (formal)/it Las – them/y’all (ustedes)/those things

8 Ejemplos Yo compré el libro.

9 El libro = direct object
What’s the pronoun for el libro?

10 El libro = lo Yo lo compré.

11 Vimos tus amigos

12 Who did we see? Tus amigos = direct object What’s the pronoun?

13 Tus amigos = los Los vimos.

14 Where do they go? Put the direct object pronoun directly before the conjugated verb: ¿Tu hablaste con la profesora? Sí, la hablé.

15 Or… Attached to an infinitive form (unconjugated) of the verb.
¿Vais a comprar el champú? No, no vamos a cómprarlo. OR No, no lo vamos a comprar.

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