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1 Hands Off My $$! Preventing & Reporting Financial Abuse Presented by Office of Clients Rights Advocacy.

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1 1 Hands Off My $$! Preventing & Reporting Financial Abuse Presented by Office of Clients Rights Advocacy

2 2 Introductions Please go around and introduce yourself My name is… My favorite thing to spend $$ on is… OCRA Dollars You will get OCRA Dollars for participating in this presentation. Whoever has the most will win a prize!

3 3 Who wants to take your $$? You owe $$ to… Your landlord For Your bills For your clothes Who else could you owe $$ to??

4 4 WHO ELSE DO YOU NOT OWE $$ TO? A telephone salesperson Anyone like an ILS worker or care provider Your friends or relatives

5 5 Why is it your money? Where do you get your $$ from? Jobs SSI SSA Loans (Banks) Advances on Credit Cards Where else?

6 6 The Personal Loan – Dont Do It! The following is a role-playing skit. We need someone to play the: Customer ILS worker Counter Person Youre at Burger King to eat, and your ILS worker asks you for some $$ to pay for his dinner. Do you have a choice to loan the $$ or not?

7 7 The Personal Loan (continued) How did the skit work? What did the customer say? What would you do differently? Get into groups of 3. Decide who is who. Now you act it out – you have 10 minutes.

8 8 Loan Agreement You almost never loan money to anyone. But if you do, use this handout and fill in all the blanks. Terms to know: Lender: the person who gives the money. Borrower: the person who gets the money.

9 9 LOAN Date: _________________________________________ I am loaning ___________________________________________ (Name of Borrower) $____________________________ (Amount of Money Loaned) ________________________________________________________ (Name of Lender) Always make a copy and keep for your record.

10 10 LOAN REPAYMENT – Borrower agrees to pay me back:__________________________________________ Example: On June 5, 2005 $5.00 every time he receives his check When he gets back from visiting his family Borrowers Name:_______________________________ Borrowers Address:_____________________________

11 11 Record of Payments Received DATE AMOUNT RECEIVED $______ _______________ $______

12 12 What if someone does not want to pay you back? Call your Service Coordinator or OCRA. They will help you or tell you how to collect the $$.


14 14 HOW CAN PEOPLE STEAL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION? Your information can be stolen by: They can stand behind you in the ATM line and watch you type your personal PIN #.

15 15 Someone can steal your personal passport, credit card, or drivers license.

16 16 Your checks can be stolen if you dont have a safe mailbox.

17 17 If you buy something on the Internet, your credit card information will be displayed.

18 18 They can try and sell you something over the phone and then steal your credit card number.

19 19 They can keep a carbon copy of your credit card information when you buy something.

20 20 Identity Theft – Beware! The following is a role-playing skit. We need someone to play the following parts: Consumer Identity Thief Youre at the ATM machine when someone approaches you and tries to get your code. What do you do?

21 21 Identity Theft What worked well in the skit? What else could the consumer have said? What would you do differently?

22 22 Your Credit Record is Important! Always keep a copy of the front and back of your credit card, in a safe place. You can get a copy of your credit report. It is free every 6 months!

23 23 WHAT IF SOMEONE STEALS MY PERSONAL INFORMATION? If someone steals your ATM, credit card or check: Tell someone you trust. Call the number on the back of the credit card and on the front of your checks and report the theft to the police.

24 24 How to Stop Someone from Using your Credit Card if it is Stolen! If someone steals your checks, ATM or credit card: Tell someone you trust and, Call the credit bureaus: Equifax 1-800-685-1111 Experian 1-888-397-3742 TransUnion 1-800-888-4213

25 25 WHAT ARE CREDIT BUREAUS? The 3 major credit bureaus keep track of everyones credit in the United States. (and elsewhere)

26 26 What are Telemarketers? – Dont buy it! The following is a role-playing skit. We need someone to play the following parts: Customer Telemarketer (Someone who sells something over the telephone) Youre at home when a telemarketer calls trying to sell you the newspaper and you dont want the newspaper. What do you say?

27 27 Telemarketers (continued) What worked well? What else could the customer have said? What would you do differently? Find your partner again. You know the routine...

28 28 IF YOU DONT WANT TO BUY SOMETHING, DONT! These are some ways that people get trapped into buying something when they really dont want it: Mail Order Catalogs in the mail Internet pop-ups that want to sell you something. Store Catalogs

29 29 Do Not Call Lists Never provide personal information to anyone over the phone! Get on the National Do Not Call list by calling: 1-888-382-1222 or 1-866-290-4236 If you keep getting calls after 3 months, file a complaint (Same numbers as above)

30 30 Debt Collection Sometimes we spend more $$ than we should And cannot pay our debts. Here are your rights: If you owe $$, you cannot go to jail for a debt. If you receive SSI, it cannot be collected to pay off a debt However, non-payment will affect your credit record. You may not be able to borrow more $$ for years.

31 31 If you get SSI Call your Service Coordinator or your CRA to find out what you can do if you cannot pay your bill.

32 32 Important Points Remember… Dont loan your money Be careful with personal information Report fraud Dont buy things over the phone Dont spend more than you have Know your rights

33 33 WHO CAN YOU CONTACT FOR HELP? Your service coordinator Your support person Give other examples… And of course… You can always contact your Office of Clients Rights Advocacy (OCRA) OCRA Los Angeles Office Toll Free 1-866-833-6712 Sacramento Office Toll Free 1-800-390-7032

34 34 NOW COUNT YOUR FAKE MONEY ! Whoever has the most fake money, wins the grand prize! Good luck everyone!

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