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Carleen MacKay, Mature Workforce Learning Series 2010 Whats So Different Between Coaching The Mature Workforce.

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1 Carleen MacKay, Mature Workforce Learning Series 2010 Whats So Different Between Coaching The Mature Workforce

2 Shift Happens Change is structural not cyclical Whats So Different ? Embrace truth - Then, Now & Tomorrow Impact Scenarios See the threats & opportunities The Guiding Light Strategy NOT tactics achieve best outcomes Lessons Learned Do you hear what we hear? Do you know where to get help? Agenda

3 Global workplace established Shifting power between nations Aging developed nations Invention NOT a birthright Certain careers/jobs gone forever Careers changed by technology bear limited resemblance to former careers

4 Private & Public Sectors Job Growth – Job Erosion Changing Skill/Educational Requirements Demographic Shifts – Population & Workforce Group Discussion

5 Over the past 10 years, the private sector has generated roughly 1.1 million additional jobs. The public sector created about 2.4 million jobs.


7 Gray = Skilled Red = UnskilledGray = SkilledBlack = Executive

8 55-64 year olds expanded by 52% 45-54 year olds expanded by 21% 35-44 year olds declined by 10% As Skill Demands Changed, The Workforce Continued to Grow Older 2000 -2010 Fast Forward to 2016

9 By 2016, it is estimated by the BLS that between 75% - 80% of U.S. jobs will require specific skills or education Workforce & population continues aging Global competition and technology continue expanding New Careers emerge– others disappear Situation worsens for unprepared Gen Y accelerates entry into workforce (is this all good news?)

10 Think about the 10 years private/public sector changes… How might these changes affect careers/work/jobs of your clients? How might these changes affect you? Have you noticed the changing skills requirements? Which changes (new skills) have you (or your team) observed? How are these changes affecting your clients opportunities? Were you aware of demographic implications relative to influx of new clients or, did you think that the recession was the principle cause of additional client demands? Lets Turn to How, When & Where Matures are most likely to work now and in the very near future…

11 What is so Different about the Mature Workers themselves? When and How will they work? Where are most of the jobs and opportunities? What do organizational structures (increasingly)look like?

12 At the top of their game later in life than expected! Changing values & needs Lifes meaning, Legacy, Financial independence Remaining relevant Unrequited dreams; unfulfilled promises Reality check – Many will outlive their money Are they the new pioneers who will set the stage to the future for America?

13 THEN Brawn dominated On Job Training Longevity-driven pay Full-time work 1-3 jobs per working lifetime Pensions and 401ks Industry driven knowledge Resume centric Many younger workers, best educated Foreign students stayed in U.S. Middle-class dominated Limited global impact Tactical approach to job hunting NOW & TOMORROW Brain dominates Lifetime Learning Market-driven and skills-driven pay Project, free-agency, temping Multiple work (vs. job) opportunities Pension less, fewer savings/investments Market & skills driven knowledge Virtual (& other) tools Fewer younger workers, oh…oh Foreign students taking careers home Increasing erosion of middle-class Widespread global impact Strategic approach to longer work lives

14 Fastest Emerging Opportunities Technology Bio-Tech, Geo-Tech, etc. Tourism Hospitality - limited Healthcare RNs, LVNs, Therapists, Home Health Care Aides Animal Care Pet Sitting, Veterinarians Education Teaching/Tutoring Matures Products & Services for Aging Nation Security Protective Services Entrepreneurs Largest growth – 50+ Disappearing Opportunities Public (State) & Private Sector Jobs (California #1 & #3 among states) Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Mortgage, Discretionary Items

15 Core JIT Qualified Retirees Matures Job Banks Off- shored Outsourced Experienced Consultants Organizations do more with less & must do it better, faster and cheaper! Is the public sector also beginning to look like this?

16 Demographics Predict Destiny What happens if we dont prepare now What happens if we do prepare now?


18 Not enough people to do needed work Next generation not educated for new careers Gaps between haves/have not's widen Global talent is stronger & better prepared than our own Matures do not continue to upgrade knowledge/skills 75-80% of new careers demand different skills/competencies Boomers cant earn enough, save enough or spend Consumerism tanks Entitlement challenges not faced and resolved Lifelong learning is not embedded

19 How will you continue the discussion to ensure that we dont drop the ball. How can we overcome status quo? What will you do to fight for the future? Talent alone won't make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: Are your ready? Johnny Carson 15 Minute Break When we return- STRATEGY

20 Working later in life may be a race between what people learn and do now… and… outliving their money, life purpose or simply the joy of living longer.

21 Strategy NOT Tactics Your Guiding Light And Learning In This Order

22 #1 Learn the art of change Know where you stand! Assess your interests, life situation, values, financial health and inherent gifts Online assessments Feedback Partner discussion #2 Begin to study the future RSS Feeds & Blogs Google & Wikis Surveys, Research Books & more Heading off to the future without a plan is like a man walking a tightrope with only one end of the tightrope secured… to the mountain he is leaving.

23 Marketplace Trends for over 50! Brain not brawn drives best opportunities Employers expect updated skills Employers increasingly value mature cohort group traits Overall Hot Opportunities for over 50! Specific in each target market Specialization Flexible work arrangements New careers Phased retirement Best employers for mature workers

24 Flexibility is the name of the mature workers game! Full-time, projects, part-time, telecommuting or just-in-time & temping Portfolio – Balanced Investment Same Career – Different LOB Current Employer - Retiree Job Banks Back to School and Re-Direction (Interning) Social or Civic, Non-Profits (Stipend possibilities) Start or Buy a Business Most people spend so much time looking at the door that is closing that they fail to see the door that is opening!

25 Challenges F-E-A-R & ignorance cause resistance to change, erode self- confidence Preparation – 8 steps – in order recommended Persistence – Giving up too soon Practice - All really good plays start off-Broadway Barriers Mythperception - Big Os – overqualified, overage, overpaid… Ignorance – theirs, yours and ours Fill in learning gaps Networking, interviewing, selling & negotiating, skills, tools


27 Step 6 Leveraging Maturitys Advantages TRADITIONALISTSBOOMERS Dedication to a cause Hard work and sacrifice Respect for authority Duty before pleasure Obey the rules When the going gets tough, the tough get going Legacy - a better society/economy Analog/linear The Specialists – Project workers Optimism Teamwork Personal gratification Time on their side – longer lives Personal growth Live up to expectations Idealism – vision/mission Heads down hard work Educated, experienced and skilled Candidates for phased retirement Retiree job banks

28 Goal is reached when the plan to reach the goal is… S pecific M easurable A ctionable R ealistic T ime-Framed

29 Brand You Resume & Biography Social Networks & Blogs Email, Text Messages Portfolio, Website, Business Cards

30 Acknowledge that the 21 st Century is as unlike the 20 th as the modern jet is to the horse and buggy! Expect more change. Instill in others the fact that learning is lifelong and that now, more than ever, working later in life favors the prepared mind.

31 10 Lessons for Staff 1.First….Seek to understand and, then, embrace the reality of change 2.Unlearn the past (Remember the definition of insanity!) 3.Stay ahead of global and local shifts 4.Stay abreast of technology advances 5.Master the 8 strategic planning steps 6.Always coach strategy not tactics 7.Help everyone but focus energy on those who actively help themselves 8.Beat the drum of change to everyone you touch in the community 9.Invest in (your) lifelong learning 10.Give your children wings but teach them to fly for they are entering a world where nothing is as it was nor will it ever be again. Shift, after all, is happening!

32 The shape of the America that is yet to become is our charge; no threats or weakness shall turn us from our task. We give our children our pledge that for the rest of our lives, however long or short, we will work to ensure their future. …from Return of the Boomers and with heartfelt acknowledgment to the Jedi who, before us, returned to save the galaxy! Carleen MacKay Thank you!

33 Learning Labs for Coaches & Individuals Leveraging maturitys advantages and overcoming challenges, barriers, myths and misperceptions associated with maturity. Developing a specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time- framed strategic plan. Learning Labs for Employers Can America compete? The business case for engaging, developing and retaining the mature workforce Carleen MacKay

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