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1 Introduction to Money Follows the Person in Massachusetts.

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1 1 Introduction to Money Follows the Person in Massachusetts

2 What is Money Follows the Person? Money Follows the Person is a 5 year demonstration grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded to the Massachusetts Office of Medicaid (MassHealth). Through the MFP Demonstration, Massachusetts will move service funding from facility based settings to home and community based settings. The Demonstration began in July 2011 and will run through 2016. 22

3 33 Money Follows the Person (MFP) Grant Goals: 1. Increase the use of home and community-based services (HCBS) and reduce the use of institutional services 2. Eliminate barriers to the use of Medicaid funds 3. Strengthen the ability of Medicaid programs to support people to transition from facilities and to provide HCBS 4. Ensure quality assurance and continuous quality improvement

4 Who qualifies to participate in Money Follows the Person?

5 Qualified Facilities 55 MFP participants must transfer into the community from a qualified facility. Nursing facility IMDs (excluding individuals age 21-64) Chronic or rehabilitation hospitals Public Health hospitals ICF/MR

6 Participant Qualification Criteria An individual must: Be residing in a qualified inpatient facility for 90 or more consecutive days (excluding rehab days) Be a resident of MA Be MassHealth-eligible and their last day must be a Medicaid-paid inpatient day Wish to participate in the program; sign a consent form Be transitioning to a qualified residence

7 Qualified Residence Qualified Individuals/ Institutions Qualified Residences 77 Nursing Facilities - Rehabilitation Hospitals - Intermediate Care Facilities DPH Hospitals - IMDs (age limits) Individuals/ Familys Home - Individuals Leased Apartment Community Residential Setting (Max 4 Individuals) Home/apartment owned or leased by person/family Community-based residential setting – no more than 4 individuals Assisted Living Facilities meeting the following specifications Must be a residence with living, sleeping, bathing and cooking areas Unit must have lockable access and egress Cannot require that services must be provided as a condition of tenancy Must not require notification of absences from the residence Aging in place must be a common practice of ALS Leases may not reserve the right to assign or change apartments

8 24 Hour Back-up All MFP participants must have a 24 hour back-up plan in place prior to the individual moving into the community This back-up plan is for staffing, DME, and other essential elements the person requires to live as independently as possible in the community The plan must be successfully tested and documented that it works as soon as the individual is ready to transition to the community

9 Serving MFP Participants 9 During Phase 1 MFP Participants are able to receive services from current waivers. ABI Waivers Frail Elder Waiver DDS Waivers Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in 2012. MFP participants will also be served through: 2 New 1915c Waivers State Plan Services including PACE & SCO Demonstration Services will be available to all participants Assistive Technology Case Management Mobility Training Transitional Assistance

10 New MFP Waivers 10 MFP Community Living Waiver For individuals who do not need 24 hour supports or supervision Allows for access to a variety of community-based waiver services that support the waiver participant to live safely in the community MFP Residential Supports Waiver For individuals who require supervision and staffing hours/day, 7 days/week and receive services in a provider-operated and staffed setting Residential supports include: residential habilitation in a group home serving no more than 4 individuals, assisted living services, and shared living.

11 More Information on MFP MFP Website: services/living-supports/community-first/money-follows-the- person-rebalancing-grant.html services/living-supports/community-first/money-follows-the- person-rebalancing-grant.html On the Massachusetts MFP website you will find: MFP Planning Grant documents MFP Project Summary and Operational Protocol Past MFP Presentations (PPT and RTF) Upcoming meeting announcements Please contact if you have further questions or would like to attend future MFP 11

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