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Ariel Droyeski: Our distribution exceeds the 95% of the pan-regional development" 21/07/2011 FOX Sports Latin Americas South Area Afilliate Sales Director.

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3 Ariel Droyeski: Our distribution exceeds the 95% of the pan-regional development" 21/07/2011 FOX Sports Latin Americas South Area Afilliate Sales Director explained to TodotvNews the success of Cable TV in the area, highlighting the growth of industry in Colombia, an the new distribution routes. Just a month has passed since the release of Fox Sport +, and FOX Sports Latin America keeps enjoying of its success in the area. Fox Sports, the main channel of the company, is now available in 20 million homes in the region, strenghten itself as the signal that leads rating within the category of sports content on CATV. According to Ariel Droyeski, Latin Americas South Area Afilliate Sales Director, the distinction of the channel is in the strenght of the visual content in a pan-regional level. We have a very strong regional content, and thats what makes the signal so distiguished", told to TodotvNews. Our distribution exceeds the 95% of pan-regional development. There are just a few signals that can actually reach these numbers".

4 Growth markets. Of course, the growth of Cable TV has been very helpful in the whole continent, where the digitalization of contents has dramatically decreased the piracy and under-reporting levels. But Droyeski also remarks that the growth goes beyonds this, and emerged thanks to the prosperity in such markets as the colombian. Colombia is a country that made great strides in the market of Cable Tv in recent years, and also has been a strong growth in the number of suscribers. – he said.- Today, the industry is much more transparent, faster and dynamic. There are new players in this bussiness, and that is why Colombia is today one of the main countries in the regional Cable TV. Ariel Droyeski: Our distribution exceeds the 95% of the pan-regional development"

5 IPTV: A new distribution. One of the best examples to show this progress is the boom of IPTV, with Colombia leading it. This country stablished itself as one of the latin-american markets with more IPTV insertion, mainly offered by the UNE operator. IPTV is one more distribution channel found by cable operators to offer their services in the areas where CATV couldnt reach. - said Droyeski. - But in the end, its also a payed TV service. Today is IPTV, and tomorrow will be new technologies providing the same services. Font: %5FFOX%5FSports%5FLatam%5FAndina Ariel Droyeski: Our distribution exceeds the 95% of the pan-regional development"

6 BACKGROUND VHS Sports has the exclusivity in Argentina with Orad/AdVisions equipment, providing advertising solutions and added value to live transmitions. AdVision is cataloged as the most modern and complete equipment in the world, being used by the main TV networks, such as Televisa, O-Globo, TV5, etc. VHS Sports is nowadays Fox Sports Latin Americas exclusive provider in realtime 3D advertising services and merchandising. We have the equipment to perform insertions in advertising pieces and also to add value to the information given about the broadcasted event.

7 TV signals covering VHS Sports' Realtime 3D Advertising service. 1) Fox Sports Latin America In the continent 10.151.079 subscribed homes 2)Suscribed homes in Argentina: Fox Sports Latin America In Argentina 7.702.941 subscribed homes 3) Total: 17.854.020 * 2010 database.

8 CountryFox Sports Argentina7.702.941 Uruguay405.551 Paraguay224.723 Total8.333.214 FEED PAL CountryFox Sports Colombia3.634.143 Ecuador487.299 Venezuela2.136.828 Bolivia196.945 Chile1.972.364 Perú1.093.226 Total9.520.805 FEED NTSC FOX LATIN AMERICA CHANNELS Total Viewing Subscribers Report

9 About FOX SPORTS Fox Sports is the sports network with highest penetration in the Latin American market. Fox Sports not only leads the region, but it is also represents the best of sport in Latin America and the world. Its a brand that has evolved greatly in rating, quality and number of shows. With the world biggest distribution, FOX SPORTS was the first network in broadcasting in spanish to the whole Latin America 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Total of Latin American countries: 19 Two different signals: Southern Cone and Northern Cone Fox Sports is the sports network that broadcasts to the whole spanish-speaking Latin America 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



12 Libertadores Cup (Jan.– May, aprox.): Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. South American Cup(Aug.– Dec.): Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. South American Recopa(Aug.): Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. AFA Summer Tournament : Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. AFA Winter Tournament: Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. FIFA World Club Cup(Dec.): Realtime 3D, commercials. Sunday Classic (Southern Cone, except Argentina): Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. F0x Sports HD: Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. Live Specials from the main Ski centers (winter): Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. Dakar: Realtime 3D, lower third, commercials. F1: Realtime 3D, commercials. FOX LATIN AMERICA MAIN EVENTS

13 EQUIPMENT AD Vision AdVision is the equipment used for the insertion of advertising in realtime 3D and repetitions. It can be used both in an outdoor camera or in a central studio. No need of aditional equipment to install it. Realtime tracking management over the transmission.

14 DETAIL OF EVENTS Fox Sports Latin America

15 LIBERTADORES CUP Fox Sports presents SANTANDER LIBERTADORES CUP, an official event organized by the South American Soccer Confederation, which is recognized for its prestige and tradition as the most important soccer tournament in America, involving thirty eight teams from ten different countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Paraguay, Uruguay y Venezuela, broadcasting 138 live and exclusive games.

16 MEETING DISTRIBUTION January February Pre-Qualifying Phase 12 Matches February May First Phase96 Matches May June Knockouts16 Matches JuneQuarterfinals8 Matches JuneSemifinals4 Matches JulyFinals2 Matches

17 South American Cup Created in 2002, is the only International Cup disputed in South America during the second semester of the year. The CONMEBOL Calendar is divided as follows: 1st SEMESTER 2nd SEMESTER CHAMPION

18 INFORMATION CONMEBOL (South American Soccer Confederation) and CONCACAF (Central and North American Football Confederation) teams participate in the South American Cup. 34 clubs are involved in the competition, and after 66 games, the Champion of the South American Cup emerges. Involved Clubs Involved Clubs August 66 matches 19 weeks Games every week December

19 South American Recopa (August) The Recopa consists on 2 games facing the winner of the Libertadores Cup and the winner of the South American Cup. Each one of these games are played in the winners country.

20 SUMMER TOURNAMENT Once all the Argentinan Football tournaments have concluded, all the teams start a recess, in which all the preseasons are developed. In many cases, its also an oportunity to present the new players that will be part of the teams. The great fives of the argentinian soccer (River Plate, Boca Juniors, Independiente, Racing and San Lorenzo) dispute the Summer Tournament in their preseasons. This tournament is far from being just a preparation: All the games are played with great commitment, and just like in any other official match, all the teams want the victory, and have a great start of season.

21 WINTER TOURNAMENT In order to decide the what teams will participate in the Winter Tournament, a quadrangular is formed with two teams disputing the upgrade to first class, and 2 invited first class teams. The teams are changed every year. Broadcasted live and exclusively by Fox Sports.

22 WORLD CLUB CUP- HISTORY In 1999, FIFA concibes the World Club Cup in order to replace the Intercontinental Cup, also known since 1980 as Toyota Cup because of being sponsored by this brand. In 2000, the World Club Cup is organized by invited teams, and is played in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brasil. The winner was Corinthians. The tournament el 2000, se organiza la Copa Mundial de Clubes por medio de equipos invitados y se disputa en las ciudades de Río de Janeiro y São Paulo, Brasil1, resultando ganador Corinthians. The tournament surprised by the absence of European teams in the finals, and because of the violence in the final match, in which there were eight yellow cards. However, la FIFA couldnt make an agreement with Toyota to replace the Intercontinental Cup, and it kept disputing to 2004. A second edition was programmed to celebrate in Spain in 2001 with 12-16 teams. However, it was cancelled due to a number of factors, most importantly the collapse of ISL, the marketing partner of FIFA, which caused losses to it by $ 31 million. Then the event was rescheduled for 2003 but it was not done neither. FIFA finally agreed the terms of organization with Toyota to join both competitions and so relaunch the first installment of the two championships together in 2005. In 2005 is accomplished for the first time the competition with the champions of continental cup, crowned champion Sao Paulo from Brazil. In 2006, in December, between the 10th and the 17th, the event is disputed a second year in a row. The International of Porto Alegre (Brasil) became champion by defeating Barcelona of Spain in the final, 1-0. In this edition, FIFA distributed 15 million dollars in prizes for the teams.

23 INTERESTING FACTS It is considered the most extensive FIFA championship, for they have as many teams fighting the classification (some times, even 4 teams for each country, which could involve about 500 teams in the match). It is also considered as the most exclusive, because it is contesting the lower number of participants: 6 (from approx. 500 applicants), comparatively, the Confederations Cup brings together eight national teams (from approx. 180 applicants), and the World Cup brings together 32 national selections (from more than 180 applicants) It has found strong opposition from UEFA and the G-14, for it is considered as an unnecessary event that physically and mentally recharge the players. But the other continental federations agree with the event. Have been registered by FIFA official editions of the tournament in 1980, 1983 and 1987. Only for qualifying for the World Club Cup, the teams are assured a million dollars (the prize for the sixth and last place).

24 BACKGROUND The Club World Cup is the most important international soccer competition at the level of senior clubs in the world. It involves the champion clubs from all six confederations affiliated with FIFA. The tournament is organized every year and brings together the champion teams from continental competitions in the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA YOFC. the FIFA Club World Cup was made on eight occasions till 2011. The tournament has a strong dominance of European and South American confederation, whose teams have won the tournament in five and three times respectively. The teams disputing the tournament are the winners of the most important tournaments of each confederation (6), plus the champion of the host country, what makes a total of 7 teams. Representatives from South America and Europe directly advance to the semifinals of the tournament. In 2007 FIFA ruled that the Oceania champions should meet in advance with the host country champion, and the winner of that game would agree to the quarterfinals.

25 SUNDAY CLASSIC Fox Sports brings the First Division Superior League of Argentine Soccers Sunday Classic to the whole Southern Cone (Except Argentina) This allows the presence through lower thirds, realtime 3D ads, wipes or commercials with a regional range.

26 FOX SPORTS HD Fox Sports brings the best image and sound quality in the main HD sport events with a regional reach, allowing to advertise your brand with realtime 3D ads, lower thirds or commercials. These are the main events: American Libertadores Cup South American Cup English Soccer League NFL Formula 1

27 LIVE SPECIALS FROM THE MAIN SKI CENTERS In all the new seasons Fox Sports keeps bringing the audience what they want: An integral TV proposal with the snow world in its best expression with Soledad Ainesa.

28 DAKAR Dakars spirit is made by different passions. Not only is a marvelous event, out of the mechanical sports rules, but is also a unique human experience. Rallys history, the efforts of some and the problems of others, remind us that the Dakar is above all a matter of feelings and emotions. It is in this dimension that participants are strongly linked. This is what explains, for example, the survival of the notion of aid within the caravan. A world class sporting competition. An outstanding human experience. An international nomad test.

29 The adventure starts back in 1977. Thierry Sabine got lost with his motorcycle down in the Libia desert during the Abidjan-Niza rally. Saved in extremis from the sand, Sabine comes back to France, fascinated by the landscapes, and decides to share the discovery: He thinks of a route outside Europe, that would reach Alger, ending in Dakar: A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay. Thanks to a strong conviction and a little bit of crazyness, -like all the great ideas-, the project fastly takes. Paris-Dakar is a different competition, that surprises and seduces. In thirty years, many sporting and human stories had been written, and since 2009, for the first time, travelled to South America, giving one of the best shows ever. DAKAR - HISTORY

30 FORMULA 1 - HISTORY The FIA is the organization that rules the racing world, and also runs the most prestigious and important championship: The International Formula One. The F1 Championship was born in 1950, and is the oldest of the FIA Championships The first race was the Silverstones England Great Prize, in May 13th, 1950. Only 7 Great Prizes were disputed. This number was increased gradually, reaching 19 in 2005. At least eight races must be disputed to grant the pilots and constructors titles. More than 652 F1 races had been celebrated since 1950.



33 SPECIAL PROGRAMMING F1 SHOW Every Saturday at 21 oclock. All the fascinating Formula world told by the jounalists who know the subject more: Tano Fazzini, Fernando Tornello and Adrián Puente. You cant miss this show! Only in Fox Sports. GP 1 The F1 show with all the content people want to see. What do the pilots, where and what do they eat. What do they do at night, how do the boxes and the Motorhomes look like. All the glamour and VIP ambience, the fame, and the worlds most beautiful women. The local merchandising, the games, and more. All the color of the grid with the comments of the pilot, just as you could get in and see what they do, what do they say, etc. With the best images of Formula 1.


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