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7th Grade Bellringer Week #2

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1 7th Grade Bellringer Week #2

2 1. Classify the following sentence: Begin the experiment by measuring
the saline solution. a. declarative b. Interrogative c. imperative d. exclamatory Week #2 Monday 2. Write this sentence correctly. did them watch a exciting game on Saturday 3. The laptop belongs to my family. It is _____. my b. ours c. us d. our

3 Tuesday 4. Write this sentence correctly.
please give me them papers liz said 5. What is the direct object in this sentence? My dad hit the garage with the car. a. dad b. hit c. garage d. car 6. What is the base word of the word, RELATIONSHIP? a. relate b. relation c. ship d. none of the above

4 Wednesday 7. Write this sentence correctly.
maria and paul has a big birthday selebrashun every june 8. The word shouldn’t is a __ for these two words—should & not. a. Conjunction b. Contraction c. Contradiction d. All of the above 9. Identify the coordinating conjunction in this sentence. The starling and the house finch were introduced to the United States in the 1800s a. the b. and c. were d. in

5 Thursday 10. Write this sentence correctly.
The club didnt meet because Katie was sick I has to babysit jack hurt his ankle 11. What is the simple predicate in this sentence? The hockey players and their coach were photographed for the newspaper.   a. players, coach b. were photographed c. The hockey players d. photographed for the newspaper 12. What is the tense of this sentence? She hadn’t noticed the package on the front steps. a. past b. present c. future

6 Friday Combine the following sentences to make one sentence.
13. Federal elections are held in November. State elections can be held in other months. 14. The girls’ basketball team won the state championship last year. It was the third time. 15. Cats do not see color as well as humans do. Cats see better in the dark than humans. Friday

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