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Important information for captains. Team captains are responsible for obtaining and understanding all intramural information, passing it on to team members,

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1 Important information for captains

2 Team captains are responsible for obtaining and understanding all intramural information, passing it on to team members, and regularly checking for changes in schedules and information. Specific duties include: A.Pre-Season Duties : 1.Select team name, division, day, and time the team wants to play (always have alternate choices). 2. Pay the entry fee at the Wade King Student Recreation Center. 3. Read and comprehend the Intramural Sports Handbook and activity rules and regulations, and ensure that all team members understand and abide by them, especially player conduct and eligibility. B. In Season Duties : 1. Inform team members of league and playoff game schedules to ensure enough team members are present at each game to avoid a forfeit. 2.Contact Campus Recreation Services for rain-out information, cancellations, and rescheduled events. C. General Duties : 1. Control team behavior and accept the responsibility for the conduct of all team members and spectators. 2. Maintain a cooperative attitude with all intramural officials and supervisors; serve as an example of good sportsmanship for others to follow. 3. Be familiar with the rules and officiating techniques of all sports you are playing. 4.Accommodate players without teams by inviting "Free Agents" to play on your team.

3 Please follow these steps to create an imleagues account: 1. Go to (A link is provided on the intramural website,) 2. Click on the Create Account link. 3. Enter your information, and use your school email address (, and submit. 4. You will be sent a confirmation email. Log in to by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. 5. The Western Washington University school link should pop up. Click Join School. Western Washington University uses IM leagues to manage the registration and day to day management of our intramural league programming. Registration is conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis and each participant must sign up online to be eligible to create a team or be on an active roster. After you set up your account you can sign-up your team and/or search for teammates. Please note that this year the sign-up fee per team is $60. This fee must be paid in full at the Student Recreation Center front desk and we no longer issue a forfeit fee refund.

4 1. Scroll down the page to see the current sports and click on the sport you wish to join. 2. Choose the league and division you wish to play in and click Create Team in the right hand corner. 3. You will be prompted to enter your W number, a team name and your contact information. 4. Once you click submit you can invite members to your team in two ways: -If the student has already registered on imleagues: click the invite members link on the team page, search for their name, and invite them -If student has not yet registered on imleagues: Click the invite members link on the team page, then click the Cant find someone? Click here to invite by email address, and input the students email address. 5. Players may be added to your roster through the last week of the regular season each player must play in one regular season game in order to be eligible for playoffs. 6. A player may compete on as many teams as desired (i.e. mens/womens and co-rec) throughout the regular season.

5 Eligibility Requirements state that all students, graduate or undergraduate, currently enrolled at Western are eligible for play as are students currently enrolled at Whatcom. All currently employed WWU facility and staff members may participate. Sport Club Members : No more than one (1) member or former member of a WWU sport club may participate on the same team in their sport or related intramural activity. The intramural team the sport club team member participates on must play in a competitive league. If more than (1) sport club team member of the same sport competes in an intramural contest and is found out, that team will forfeit every game that more than (1) sport club member played in. Sport Club members may participate in unrelated intramural sports without restriction. Varsity Athletes: Individuals who are participating in any collegiate varsity level sport are ineligible for intramural competition in their sport for one full year following the last time they played or were listed on the teams roster. Varsity athletes that are not practicing or in their season can participate in intramural competition as long as it is not the sport they compete in as an intercollegiate athlete for Western Washington University. All team members must have proper student identification prior to each game. WWU students, faculty and staff must have a current Western ID card.

6 Teams are strongly encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early at the scheduled game site to check-in and prepare for the game. If one team is ready at game time and the other is not: The team ready to play can choose to win the game by forfeit or the team can choose to grant their opponents a 10-minute grace period. -If the required minimum number of players arrives within the 10-minutes, the game will be played and recorded as an official game..

7 One of the objectives of intramural sports programming is to promote social interaction and fellowship within the campus community. Although everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their ability and to make every effort to win the game, the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship is paramount. In order to encourage proper conduct and to maintain control during the game, intramural officials and supervisors shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, or eject players of teams. Any ejection from an intramural contest will result in a mandatory 1 game suspension for that player in that specific sport. UPON BEING EJECTED FROM ANY GAME OR CONTEST, THE INDIVIDUAL(S) INVOLVED ARE AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FROM FURTHER INTRAMURAL COMPETITION AND MUST ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE INTRAMURAL COORDINATOR TO PETITION FOR PROBATIONARY STATUS. **This includes playing in a different intramural sport, until they have met with the Intramural Coordinator. Individual(s) penalized or ejected while on probation are subject to permanent expulsion from the program.

8 TEAM RATINGSINDIVIDUAL RATINGS There are five different team ratings: 1. Unacceptable 2. Poor 3. Average 4. Good/Acceptable 5. Outstanding Yellow card infractions include, but are not limited to: Verbal and non-verbal dissent towards officials, taunting opponents or staff, actions detrimental to the spirit of the game, unnecessary contact with opponent. Red card infractions include, but are not limited to: Excessive verbal and non-verbal dissent towards officials, threats towards staff or opponents, fighting and second yellow offense on same player **A yellow card is not required before a red card is displayed; and a red card is not required for a suspension to occur.

9 The possession and/or use of alcohol and/or drugs at an intramural activity are strictly prohibited and in violation of WWU conduct regulations for facility use. Teams found with alcohol and/or drugs or intoxicated will be removed for the remainder of the intramural season. Physical fighting is not tolerated in intramural competition. Players who use aggressive physical violence in any intramural game will be removed from the team roster for the rest of the intramural season. The players team will be placed on probation. A second violation by any member on the probationary team automatically disqualifies the team from intramural league competition for the duration of the season. **If you are attacked, DO NOT FIGHT BACK. Any player involved in physical violence will be removed from their team.

10 All teams that have not received two unsportsmanlike conduct ratings, and who have not forfeited two or more games will advance to the play- offs. Teams advancing to play-off competition will be scheduled to play based on the availability of times, fields/courts, and number of qualifying teams. All playoff teams must be prepared to play at any scheduled time and place during the playoff tournament. Teams generally must play two, three, or four times a week. Specific day and time requests cannot always be granted. **Playoff brackets will be available on our website ( following the end of the regular season. The SHIRT – Champion shirts will be awarded to each participant of a winning team that played in a championship game. Participants MUST be present at the championship game in order to receive a shirt

11 Team captains are required to contact Campus Recreation Services for rain out information, cancellations, and rescheduled events. Information concerning canceled games due to inclement weather or field conditions may be obtained by calling 650-3766 no more than TWO HOURS PRIOR or checking online at prior to the start of the scheduled - Text message sign up will be available at the beginning of each season online and you can receive information via text message regarding cancellations or changes as a courtesy. -Our facebook page will also have up to date information and can be found at Western Washington University Intramural Program. **Games postponed due to inclement weather or field conditions will be rescheduled for the next available intramural playing day.


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