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Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club

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1 Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club
Annual General Meeting October 29, 2013

2 Agenda 2013 Board Report Directors Reports Linda Blogg Award
2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws 2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws 2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws 2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws 2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws 2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws 2012 Board and Directors Report • Linda Blogg Award • Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws Agenda 2013 Board Report Directors Reports Linda Blogg Award Bylaw Amendments 2014 Elections

3 2013 TBLC Executive President John Steele
Vice President - All Star (Box) Marc Olimpo Vice President - Club (House Championship Day) League Sarah Laflamme Treasurer John Bordin Media and Promotion Director Cory Hunt Equipment Director Daryl Knox Director - Floor Time and Facilities Joanne Davidson Directors at Large Larry Ellerton, Darrin Van Slack, Darren Smith, Paul Swanson, Mikael Chullen, Brian Groves Past President Tom Middlebrook Vice President - Field Frank Ham Registrar Yvonne Harding Secretary Kelly Bonisteel Partnership and Sponsoring Director Becky Saini Director of Apparel Nancy Forsythe OLA / Jr. Representative Martin Tulett House League Minor Edna Chua House League Major Alice Abbott

4 Jammer Classic 2013 Held this year on Friday April 5 to
Sunday April 7, the tournament is dedicated to TBLC midget lacrosse player Jamieson Kuhlmann who lost his life in the sport he loved. His life has been an inspiration to lacrosse players all over the world.

5 Jammer Classic 2013 This tournament has grown every year and now is one of the premier field lacrosse tournaments in Ontario. It starts the spring field program and competition to get into the tournament is huge. The Children’s Wish Program benefits every year from this outstanding lacrosse community effort. Thanks once again to everyone who volunteers for this very important event.

6 Field Lacrosse Review-Boys
Achievements In Fall Field TBLC U-13 team won Gold in the A division and the U-16 team won Gold in the B division In 2013, field lacrosse continues to prosper and grow at Beaches Lacrosse. Beaches competes in every available age group in Ontario.

7 Boys Field Spring and Fall
Spring Field All Star Fall Field All Star Beaches had eight teams participate in the spring OMFLL season, including three bantam teams. We had only one team in the U9 (tyke division) but we look forward to two teams in that division as well. Several teams competed at the “A” level, including the flagship midget-1 team. Fall field continues to be a strong program at Beaches. The U13 team won gold in the A division while the U16 team won gold in the B division. The U19 team competed hard in the very strong A division.

8 Looking Ahead to 2014 The instructional fall house league program grew again this year with almost 100 players registering. It is time to re-evaluate the program with an eye to formalizing the structure. With this in mind, The Board is asking its membership to approve a new position- Director Fall Field House.

9 Kudos to our Team O Players
2013 was a successful year for several individual Beaches players as well with four being selected to Team Ontario. Congratulations to: Nick Ellerton Lantz Kilburn Brendan Mullen Adrian Torok-Orban

10 Box House League Review
Peanut Division 6 teams -108 players Tyke Division 6 teams players Novice Division 6 teams players Peewee Division 6 teams- 85 players Bantam/ Midget Division 8 teams players The 2013 season saw HL increase across all divisions except Peewee.

11 Volunteers Thank You to all our dedicated House League Volunteers
Peanut Convener ~ Edna Chua Coaches~ Patrice Pusey, John Lombardi, Petri Stepanoff, Tom Kehoe, Sonia Kehoe, Luke Earl, Melanie Chryssafis, Brad Pederson, Robert Gemus, Mark Vancea, Jordan Wilkinson, Amy Brozek, Zack Brozek, Jamie Boyden, Dennis Kehoe, Aaron Smith, Scott Driscoll, Paul Hillman, Shawn Riley, John Salter, Jason Locklin, Tyke Convener ~ Edna Chua Coaches ~Paul Hillman, Martin Poitras, Paul and Tomoko Barker, Carrie and Chris Broughton, Paget Catania, Greg Schell, Jordan Wilkinson, Zack and Amy Brozek, Brad Kidd, Peter McPherson, Corey Hogan, Foster McLean, Ron Watson, Matt Pagano, Dave Bullock, Tom Kehoe Thank You to all our dedicated House League Volunteers

12 Volunteers Thanks to all our dedicated House League Volunteers
Novice Convener - Edna Chua Coaches -Michelle Webber, Eric Davidson, Eric Jean-Baptiste, John Raney, Malcolm Concannon, Paul Chapman, Kelsey Moore, Jason Locklin, Tony and Sharon Gomes, Patric and Sarah Laflamme, Robert Tallis, Vince Meade, Scott Driscoll Peewee Convener Marianne Hunt Coaches- Gordon Chong, Richard Bartkowski, David Hutson, Jeff Genik, Mike Orlando. Greg Schell, Chris Thomson, Steve Zaraska, Jamie McCrieght Bantam/Midget Convener-Alice Abbott Coaches - Scott Lee, Sandra Leckie, Brad Oliver, D'Arcy Sheedy, Kevin Workentin, Ian McLean, Wes McComb Thanks to all our dedicated House League Volunteers

13 Our Sponsors Active Healing Centre Legend By the Lake
Beach Metro Community News Beach Jammers Beaches Pet Services Beach Swim School Bill Brown Renovations Bumblebee Soap Works Canadian Tire Chaput Royal Lepage Compass 360 Cycle Solutions Dr. K. Shields Green Basil First Trust Home Hardware Hooked Howards

14 Our Sponsors The Iceman Winners Markham Golf Dome Mastermind toys
Mathew Kellway Mayfair Clubs Menchies the Beach National Bank Financial Omega Health Play it Again Sports Portland Energy Centre Protect Alarms Sionna South East Toronto Health Centres Sweethome Properties Sylvan Your today Publications Vault solutions Weekend Trips The Works

15 Box All Star Recap The Rep program had 10 teams this year from Peanut to Intermediate. Of note there were two teams in Peanut, Novice and Bantam. Players noticeably improved on all teams as the season progressed. Samantha Kidd was selected to Team Ontario Girls Box that went on to win the National Championship. Sam was selected as the MVP in the final game. Jack Kelly was selected to the MidgetTeam Ontario which won the Gold at the National Championship. Our Sam Our Jack

16 Box Highlights for 2013 Intermediate Win Gold in A Provincials
Tyke Silvered at ‘B’ Provincials Bantam2 lost in OT Provincial Semi-Final Three ‘A’ teams at Novice, Midget & Intermediate

17 Looking Ahead for 2014 TBLC is submitting an application to host an Intermediate ‘Early Bird’ box tournament in the spring. TBLC would co-host the tournament with the Toronto Stars and games would be held at both Ted Reeve Arena and Scarborough Gardens. Zone 6 will be starting on line registration this year for box players both house and rep. Coaches, trainers and field players will still be doing it manually. Plans are underway to streamline Rep selection processes that will avoid conflicts with how House League balances teams within respective divisions. More consultation is required and TBLC is looking at holding Box Rep Selection sessions in January/February.

18 Box Team Staff ~ All Star Box
Peanut 1: Patrick Pusey, John Lombardi,Rob Gemus, Scott Driscoll, Edna Chua Peanut 2: Sean Riley, John Salter, Vihn Mac Tyke: Brian Groves, Dave Bullock, Peter McPherson Novice1: JP Copeland, Patric Laflamme, Peter McPherson, Sarah LaFlamme Novice 2: Scott Driscoll, Frank Hickey, Kelly Boyes, Sean Deuchars, Joe Commiso, Elizabeth MacGregor PeeWee: Mikael Chullen, Luke Coppinger, Nate Cole, Nancy Forsyth Bantam1: Roger McDonald, Jeff Easby, Chris Kidd, Adam Munro, Kevin Workentin Bantam 2: Richard Cook, Frank Hickey, Jeff Genik, Aiden Carr, Sean Matthews Midget: Joe McNeil, Justin Mayne, Marc Olimpo, Larry Ellerton, Jennifer Price, Cindy Ellerton Intermediate: Julian Kolb, Matt Tanner, Clare Donnely, Jackson Gair, Leslie Woo, Jennifer Price

19 Field Lacrosse ~ Girls Achievements 2013

20 Registration 83 Girls registered and participated in the Club Program In addition to this number, many girls attended skills development session in the Fall and Winter to “try it out”.

21 Skills Development Continued emphasis on building the foundation.
Instruction, correction, repetition of the fundamental skills. Developmentally based; age appropriate Technical coaches/leaders, Rep coaches; volunteers Thank you to Wayne Copeland who took a lead role Winter Session (indoor) Spring Session + The “Jammer” Club League Fall Session

22 CLUB NIGHT Initial year of a more formal “house league”
Thank you to VP Club (House) League - Sarah Laflamme Six teams, mixed ages; colorful shirts 9 week program + Championship Day Modified game - emphasizing fun, engagement in the play; skill utilization Skills & drills – in addition to game Big thank you to all sponsors and volunteers

23 REP PROGRAM Beaches establishing a very strong and competitive Rep Program Excellent coaches and committed player/parent groups 3 teams in 2013 – U11; U13 Gold and U13 Blue + U15 entry in 2014


25 U11 Another strong entry at the U11 level from the Beach.Great competitive season; lost a very close game in Gold Medal game against Oshawa at ProvincialsCoach Paul SwansonTrainers: Yvonne Harding; Heather Margach2014 Head Coach: Paul Swanson


27 U13 Gold Major accomplishment moving up through the rankings and finishing in the Top 8 in OntarioMany new girls joined a solid group of players and developed into a very competitive squadCoaches: Paul Howden; Jim Hughes; Andrew Arifuzzaman; Paul SwansonTrainers: Gillian Pagano; Andrea Hallett2014 Head Coach: Jim Hughes


29 U13 BLUE A strong mix of experienced 2001’s and 2002’s
An excellent season overall; huge game in Provincials against Orangeville to advance to Gold Medal Game vs Oshawa Coaches: Dave Copeland; Jeff Genik Trainers: Mary Ormsby; Martha Nicoloff 2014 Head Coach: Matthew Pagano

30 FALL GIRLS FIELD Sunday morning Skills and US Tournament play
High Voltage – Sep 29 in Rochester Goblin Games – Oct 26 in Ithaca Paul Swanson – huge efforts in organizing the Fall Program. Thanks Paul!

31 LOOKING FORWARD Establish “Junior” program (pre u11)
Add U15 Rep team; Head Coach: Dave Copeland Skills Development +++ Refine Club Night Facilities Build volunteer base Improve administration, communications Continue growth & development Promotional Video

Players & Parents Coaches & Volunteers Girls Field Committee TBLC Board

33 Registration Review 51 Field 106 Box Field - 228 24 Girls Box - 608
Players Registered in 2013 Volunteers 51 Field 106 Box 24 Girls Overall increase of almost 17 percent Field - 228 Box - 608 Girls – 83

34 Financial Review Date 31-Oct-12 31-Oct-11 $ Change % Change
31-Oct-11 $ Change % Change TD Canada Trust 50/50 Proceeds 12,219.76 100.00% TD Canada Trust Main Account 10,731.94 22,208.53 -11,476.59 -51.70% Total Chequing/Savings 22,951.70 743.17 3.40% Accounts Receivable 429.19 0.00% Total Accounts Receivable Other Current Assets Inventory Asset 25,977.54 17,084.79 8,892.75 52.10% Prepaid Field Charges 3,687.50 520 3,167.50 609.10% Prepaid Floor Time Bubble 1,204.12 -1,204.12 % Prepaid Other 771 3,182.27 -2,411.27 -75.80%

35 31-Oct-12 31-Oct-11 $ Change % Change Date 11,062.93 0.00% 41,498.97
31-Oct-11 $ Change % Change TD GIC 11,062.93 0.00% Total Other Current Assets 41,498.97 33,054.11 8,444.86 25.60% Total Current Assets 64,879.86 55,691.83 9,188.03 16.50% TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY Opening Bal Equity 43,182.77 Retained Earnings 12,509.06 7,980.47 4,528.59 56.80% Net Income 4,659.44 102.90% Total Equity TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY

36 Thank You to all our Refs
Thanks to all the refs who did such a marvelous job this year and especially John Dixon who coordinated them.

37 Beaches Coach of the Year JJulian K
Congratulations to Julian Kolb who lead the Intermediates to a Provincial A Gold Medal.

38 Beaches Lacrosse Outstanding Volunteer of the 2013 Season
Linda Blogg Award 38 Beaches Lacrosse Outstanding Volunteer of the 2013 Season

39 Bylaw Amendments Proposed Changes to TBLC Bylaws
Create VP of Box House only no longer major and minor house league positions. Championship day position filled by Director at Large. Quorum shall consist of at least 9 members on the Board of Directors, two of which must be VPs. Create a position of Director of Fall Field House to oversee the Fall field house division.

40 Elections Positions Up for Election Vice President of Box (Rep)
Vice President of Box (Rep) Vice President of Box (House) Media and Promotions Director Director of Fall Field House Secretary Directors At Large (DAL) (7) Roles HL Championship Day   Apparel DAL Girls Field DAL All Star DAL / Tournament Coordinator Funding Volunteer Coordinator   Two Directors At Large will be selected by the Board if needed

41 Toronto Beaches Lacrosse Club

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