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Power Point by John Izzarelli Author of the Book Greg Roza.

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1 Power Point by John Izzarelli Author of the Book Greg Roza

2 Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr was born on October 10, 1974 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Dales parents were dale Earnhardt and Brenda they were divorced in 1978. In 1982 When dale was eight he went to live with his father and his step mother Theresa Dale grew up in a racing family his grandfather Ralph Earnhardt was a racing legion.

3 Dales interest in racing was fueled by spending time in his fathers work shop. Dale spent his time working in his fathers garage sweeping and cleaning up his fathers horse stables. The one thing he remembers is him sitting on the grass at charlotte watching his father race. Dale began racing professionally in 1991 when he was just 17 his first race was at concord motor sports park in Concord, North Carolina. Gary hargett a professional race car driver saw Earnhardt race and he admired the young racers style.

4 Dale jr. had a difficult time at first. The racers at myrtle beach were all determined to make it to division one, and the competition was fierce. Despite the constant abuse, he received from the other competitors at myrtle beach, Earnhardt refused to give up. While at the Daytona 300, during a pit stop he made an error that caused the driveshaft to break. Later in that race dale crashed his car and finished in 37 th

5 In 1996 when he was just 22, Earnhardt competed in his first Nascar Busch race at myrtle beach. During the 1997 season, Earnhardt qualified in eight Busch series races, he wanted to be ready for his first full year in that series. On April 4 th 1998, Earnhardt got his first win at Texas motor speedway. Earnhardt had a busy and exciting year in 1998 he was only 24 years old and he has already won the Busch series championship. At the end of the 1999 season he had claimed another Busch series championship.

6 In the 2001 racing season proved to be one of the most remarkable and tragic moments of the young racers careers. Tragically on February 18,2001, dale Earnhardt died in a car crash in the final lap of the Daytona 500. Dale was so upset that he couldnt race for a whole week. After his fathers death he went back to Daytona and raced.

7 In 2002 Earnhardt decided to once again follow in his fathers foot steps and move to team ownership. He joined his step mother Theresa as a co owner of chance two motor sports.

8 1998/1999 Busch series champion. 2000, NASCAR all star challenge, first rookie to ever win. 2003,National motorsports press association most popular driver award. 2004/2005, NMPA most popular driver award Daytona 500.

9 Gerald Ford was the president at the time when Dale was born.

10 Bibliography Roza, G. (2007). Behind the wheel Dale Earnhardt Jr NASCAR Driver. New York, NEWYORK: Rosen publishing group.

11 The most interesting story to me is when Earnhardt started racing he had a hard time because the other drivers made it hard for him to make it to series one division. They were racing at Myrtle beach to move to division one.

12 How long did it take you to win the Busch series races? How did you feel when your dad died? Can I have your autograph?

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