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Introducing: The Team Students, Teachers, Mentors.

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1 Introducing: The Team Students, Teachers, Mentors

2 Principles of FIRST For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Gracious Professionalism Getting kids excited about science & technology

3 History of our Team

4 Aluminum Narwhals Motto… Pointing the way to robotics! Team Cheer… BLARG!!

5 How do Students Benefit? Real World Application Business Model, Engineering Environment Building Skills Software, Fabricating, Public Relations Colleges Love It! Resume, College Apps, Scholarships, Course Credit Its Fun and Its Family

6 Important Dates! January 9 th, Build Season Begins February 18 th, Chairmans Award deadline February 23 rd, Ship Date March 4-6, San Diego Regional Competition April 15-17, FIRST National Championship in Atlanta

7 Build Season January 9 th – February 23 rd Analyze the Game Prototype Design Model the Design Fabrication Assembly Testing PARENTS WE NEED YOU HERE!!! Food, Proctoring, Transportation

8 Expenses San Diego Regional fee$6,500 Robot Build Materials$7,000 Marketing$2,000 Teacher stipend$2,000 Championship fee$5,000 Shipping &Travel $15,000 Grand Total$37,500

9 Fundraising Budget Grants and Sponsors NASA$5,500 Dean Kamen$1,000 Qualcomm$5,000 Nordson/Asymtek$2,500 ViaSat*$5,000 Other corporate grants*?$7,000 CCA Foundation$5,000 Membership Dues$4,000 Individual Contributions$2,500 Grand Total$37,500

10 How can a Parent Help? Pay membership dues $100.00 Write a check to or Donate Online to the CCA Foundation Donation deadline January 9. Proctoring & Mentoring Meals during build season Corporate matching gifts Sign up for eScrip or donate an item to CCABay Donate Tools and materials

11 FIRST Chairmans Award Highest award in FIRST Rookie team winner qualifies for Championship Celebrates the rookie team exemplifying a young but strong partnership effort, as well as implementing the mission of FIRST to inspire students to learn more about science and technology Tells the story of our team Executive summary Essay 1500 words 3 minute video

12 How to Contact us! My email: Mr. Remington: Lead Mentor Joel Hartley: Business Mentor Shan McClure:

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