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2013-2014 Minnesota FTC Kickoff Announcements Scott McDowell Volunteer Head Official for FTC 1.

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1 2013-2014 Minnesota FTC Kickoff Announcements Scott McDowell Volunteer Head Official for FTC 1

2 New FTC Affiliate Partner for MN, (July 2013) – Thanks to: Joe Passofaro & FRC 2169 – KING TeC FLL Affiliate Partner for MN since 1998 pilot year – Expect close to 600 FLL teams in MN this year – 19 Tournaments planned – Keep up to date by signing up for their FTC newsletter! MN Renewable Energy Challenge Cheryl Moeller is the Executive Director Vicki Coaty is the Programs Manager Bethany Juhnke is the new Program Assistant Evan Hoel is a FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA assigned to MN 2

3 HTK Mission Statement High Tech Kids delivers fun, hands-on science, engineering and technology programs and events that inspire Minnesota kids in their formative years. We inspire kids to BUILD confidence, CREATE opportunities and THRIVE in the 21st century. 3

4 Minnesota FTC Sponsors 4

5 Minnesota FTC Teams 36 Teams last year – 18 Rookies & 18 Veterans – 18 Middle School & 18 High School 40 Teams, so far this year – 25 Rookies & 15 Veterans – 25 Middle School & 15 High School – Approx. 18 More Veteran teams yet to register – New unregistered teams still forming in schools 5

6 FTC Grants FTC Rookie Team Grants – $500 for Rookie FTC teams – 1000 grants on a first come first served basis – 1500 teams registered, 780 veterans National Instruments FIRST Robotics Grant – Up to $1,500 for FTC teams – November 1, 2013 deadline – Must use LabVIEW for Mindstorms 6

7 Qualifying Tournaments Tournament Dates (tentative) – November 16 th – Eagan – December 7 th – Lakeville – December 14 th – ** – January 5 th – Elk River – January 11 th – ** – January 25 th – ** **Tentative - Keep an eye on HTK Tournament Page Registration will open in October – $100 to $150 Registration Fee per tournament Up to 24 teams per Qualifier – 6 to 8 teams will advance to MN FTC Championship 7

8 Advancement Criteria 1.Qualifier Host Team 2.Inspire Award Winner 3.Winning Alliance Captain 4.Inspire Award 2nd place 5.Winning Alliance, 1st team selected 6.Inspire Award 3rd place 7.Winning Alliance, 2nd team selected 8.Think Award Winner 9.Finalist Alliance Captain 10.Connect Award Winner 11.Finalist Alliance, 1st team selected 12.Rockwell Collins Innovate Award Winner 13.Finalist Alliance, 2nd team selected 14.PTC Design Award Winner 15.Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced 16.Motivate Award Winner 17.Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced 8

9 Stratasys Minnesota FTC Championship Tournament Prior Lake High School Saturday, February 22, 2013 30 - 36 teams $275 Registration Fee 4 - 6 teams will advance to the North Super- Regional 9

10 North Super-Regional Carver Hawkeye Arena Iowa City, IA April 3-5, 2014 72 teams 2 Divisions 20-25 will advance to the FTC World Championships in St. Louis, MO on April 23- 26, 2014 10

11 200 Volunteers Needed! 20 Trained and Certified Key Volunteers – 4 Judge Advisor (Head Judge) – 4 Head Referee – 4 Field Technical Advisor (FTA) – 4 Head Scorekeeper – 4 Head Hardware and Software Inspectors 100 Trained Volunteers – 35 Judges, 25 Referees, 10 Scorekeepers, 10 Inspectors, – 10 Field Control Operators, 10 FTA Assistants 80 Volunteers – 20 Judge Assistants, 20 Field Reset, 20 Team Queuing, – 20 Pit Administration 11

12 Volunteer Training 2 Hours after work or evening Dates – Nov 7 th 6:30-9:00pm in Bloomington – Nov 18 th (Tentative) at PTC in Blain – Nov 20 th 6:30-9:00pm at GoFIRST @ UofM 12

13 MN FTC Showcase Teams Florida & New Jersey Outreach Events Volunteering Showcase Blue Ribbon for your pit Recognized on High Tech Kids Web page Showcase Icon for your website and promotional materials 13

14 Leonardos Basement Leonardo's Basement has been a long time partner of High Tech Kids We are asking FTC coaches and mentors to help us identify your fabrication, 3D printing and workshop needs Depending on the interest of coaches and mentors we will be offering time at their facility and/or training classes designed specifically for FTC teams We are encouraging all teams to fill out the survey and chat with Steve Jevning or Cheryl Moeller while you are here today 14

15 Stratasys 3D Printing In addition to Stratasys providing financial support for Minnesota FTC, we are also piloting a BETA program with Minnesota FTC teams and 3D printing If your team does not have access to a 3D printer, FTC teams will have access to the soon to be Stratasys 3D printer at Leonardo's basement More information will be on the High Tech Kids website as details are still being finalized 15

16 Stratasys Award Best use of 3D printed part at the Minnesota State Championship More information will be on the High Tech Kids website as details are still being finalized 16

17 Control Award The Control Award celebrates a team that uses sensors and software to enhance the robots functionality on the field. This award is given to the team that demonstrates innovative thinking in the control system to solve game challenges such as autonomous operation, enhancing mechanical systems with intelligent control, or using sensors to achieve better results on the field. The control component should work consistently on the field. The teams Engineering Notebook should contain details about the implementation of the software, sensors, and mechanical control. Guidelines for the Control Award: Control Components must enhance the functionality of the robot on the field Control Components must work reliably Teams are encouraged to demonstrate control components to the Judges Advanced software techniques and algorithms are encouraged Prototyped sensors and custom hardware are encouraged 17

18 Evan Hochstein MN FIRST Senior Mentor 18

19 Colton Mehlhoff Keynote Speaker 19

20 2013-2014 FTC Game Reveal 20

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