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2 Football Typical Slovak sport that has millions of fans is football. All the boys from the school play football and they take part in bunch of competitions with successful positions. There are also very favourite tournaments between the pupils and teachers in which they can measure the power struggle.

3 Girls football Not only the boys are the ones who love playing football. There are also some girls in the school who adore this joyful sport. Our girls belonged to the most successful playing teams in the county distinct. Within girls football one of the previous student represented our country in junior category.

4 Basketball One of the most popular gym sports is basketball. In case of bad weather or during the winter basketball is the most desired game.

5 Hockeyball Hockeyball differentiates from ice hockey in two things. The players do not play on the ice so they do not wear skates. This sport is not limited within the seasons because children are able to play it during the whole year. In our town there is a school hockey and hockeyball league.

6 Ice hockey As soon as the winter starts and the temperature comes under 0°C, we find our pupils on the ice. In our league we divide the teams into girls and boys. The most adorable sport together with hockeyball.

7 Voleyball The older pupils are taught to play volleyball were they develop their abilities to cooperate, team work, coordination of movements and team thinking.

8 Crafty The most common sport for girls is called crafty. It is very spread in Slovak schools as well as in extracurricular activities. The children start to play crafty at the very little age and they like it until they are very old.

9 Athletics The school also takes part in athletic competitions; very popular are running, long jump, shot put, litter cricket ball.

10 Gymnastics Some students are very talented in gymnastics. The common disciplines are usually gymnastic rings, climbing on a rope, jump over a goat.

11 Those who like logical thinking have an opportunity to attend chess tournament every year, which is divided into two categories – older and younger competitors. Some tournaments can last for hours. The smartest pupil wins and he plays with the headmaster of the school.

12 Swimming Pupils from 3rd, 4th, 6th year attend swimming course every year, where they either learn the very basic techniques or they practise what they learnt previous years. Those who already can swim, they play water games or they dive into water. By the end of the course all the children are able to swim.

13 Skiing Little children attend skiing course for five days in a smaller ski resort where they meet with ski equipment, they learn how to use the ski, how to control it. 7 th and 8 th year students undergo skiing course in a bigger ski resort with an accomodation for five days. They improve their skills and practise what they learnt. Every year, at the end of the course there is a ski competition between all the students and the fastest one wins a prize.

14 Table tennis Table tennis belongs to the most favourite sports among all the sports in the school. There are many children visiting table tennis and also many students playing it professionally.

15 Tennis According to childrens interest, there have been some other sports put in common. Tennis became very popular and favourite. Although, it has only startet to work recently, it is visited by children of all ages.

16 Shooting Boys and girls have opportunity to try some unusual sports, such as shooting. Boys are the experts in guns, they feel like soldiers. But there are also some girls who are attracted in such adventures. It has not been very spread so far, but it is getting more and more common and the children are getting better every year.

17 Tourism Slovakia is proud of its mountain range High Tatras, that is why a lot of trips are made to see many beautiful places, lakes, rocks, views. The trips are made not only in summer or spring, but in every season when the scenery is covered by snow and some of the waterfalls are frozen.

18 Fan Club Slovak nation is a sporting nation. Our children are the best fans. When there is a championship or any other important competition in football or ice hockey with Slovak representation, all the students and teachers come to school 2 hours before a match and they do paintings on their faces, make the flags and prepare a gym for the whole school to watch the match. The atmosphere is very noisy but gorgeous!

19 School of the Year Every year there is a county competition under the name The school of the year. Within the sports field, our school has won this title several times in the category up to 300 students. 1997/19983-rd place 1998/19992-nd place 1999/20003-rd place 2000/20012-nd place 2009/20101-st place 2010/20112-nd place 2011/20121-st place

20 SCHOOL SPORTS School St. John the Babtist Spišské Vlachy


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