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INTELLIGENT GUN SAFETY. June 2009. SUMMERY. * Corporate Overview * The situation * The solution * The Products.

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2 SUMMERY. * Corporate Overview * The situation * The solution * The Products

3 PRESENTATION | June 2009 3 CORPORATE OVERVIEW. BACKGROUND. SimonsVoss Technologies AG the European market and technology leader for digital locking- and access control systems had the technical know how and the technologies for developing high secure systems. 2004 Armatix GmbH was founded as a independent company.

4 PRESENTATION | June 2009 4 CORPORATE OVERVIEW. BACKGROUND. MunichHeadquarter, R&D, Sales PetersbergProduction and Logistics Employees 28 Patents 17 Calibers 36 PTB-certified Munich: Headquarter, R&D, Sales Petersberg: Production, Logistics

5 PRESENTATION | June 2009 5 2009 Product launch and start of serial production 2009 Certification of 36 calibers as of may 2009 2008 Law for mandatory securitization of inherited guns in Germany 2007 Development of Smart Gun 2006 Set up of production facility in Petersberg/ Thuringia 2004 First patents obtained, currently 7 patents obtained and additional 9 patents filed 2004 Spin off as independent company: Armatix GmbH 2002 Launch of research and development of arm locks within SimonsVoss AG CORPORATE OVERVIEW. HISTORY.

6 SUMMERY. * Corporate Overview * The situation * The solution * The Products

7 PRESENTATION | June 2009 7 THE SITUATION. UP TO NOW. Recurring incidents of rampages require reaction by legislative Thousands of casualties each year due to unsecured guns Current gun control measures insufficient Politicians world wide scramble to tighten gun control Armatix is the only supplier that meets all legal requirements for a safe gun lock

8 PRESENTATION | June 2009 8 THE SITUATION. CHANGES IN LEGISLATION ARE URGENT – WORLDWIDE. Pressure is mounting for all governments worldwide Influence of arms lobby viewed as more and more critical Tightening of gun control imminent 1996 Dunblane: 16 first graders killed 2002 Paris: Gunman kills 8 people 2008Finnland: 11 casualties at rampage in school 1999 Littleton: 2 students kill 15 and inquire 24 students 2005 Milwaukee: Rampage at church – 8 victims 2005 Minnesota: Rampage leaves 10 dead 1999 Reichenhall: student kills 4 people 2002 Erfurt: alumnus kills 17 people 2009 Winnenden: student shoots 16 co-students OTHER COUNTRIES GERMANY USA

9 PRESENTATION | June 2009 9 THE SITUATION. THE WORLD IS FULL OF GUNS. 640,000,000 fire arms world wide 9,000,000 new guns sold each year Germany: approximately 10 million registered guns and 20 Mio. illegal guns and 3 million inherited weapons Sleeping Armies: large stocks of guns in private house holds (Switzerland, Denmark, Norway,..) USA: about 13,000 People die each year due to accidents weapons involved

10 SUMMERY. * Corporate Overview * The situation * The solution * The Products

11 PRESENTATION | June 2009 11 THE SOLUTION. THE PERFECT ANSWER. The only reliable option for preventing misuse: Securing the weapon itself.

12 PRESENTATION | June 2009 12 THE SOLUTION. SAVE IN 3 SECONDS TIME. 1.Attach locking element to control unit 2.Insert locking element into muzzle or cartridge chamber 3.Gun secured! 1. 2.3.

13 PRESENTATION | June 2009 13 1.Attach control unit 2.Enter PIN or use biometric fingerprint identification 3.Retrieve locking element THE SOLUTION. UNLOCKED IN 5 SECONDS. 1. 2.3.

14 SUMMERY. * Corporate Overview * The situation * The solution * The Products * Quicklock * Trustlock * Baselock * SmartGun

15 PRESENTATION | June 2009 15 PRODUCTS. PRODUCT GROUPS. Gun of the future Secure storage for large armories for police or military purposes Required lock for all existing and inherited weapons Stationary locking device Several weapons can be locked simultaneously Removals will be logged and can be triggered remotely Mechatronic weapon lock Blocks muzzle or cartridge chamber For all current hand gun or long gun types Smart Gun Quick Lock Trust Lock Base Lock Gun with integrated user identification Biometric lock of hand gun Definition of user groups possible


17 PRESENTATION | June 2009 17 LOCKING ELEMENTS. THE PERFECT SAFETY APPLICATION. Our locking elements are inserted into the barrel of a weapon and locked to prevent Misuse. There is a wide range of calibers to suit both hand guns and long guns. 48 calibers already available – more to come.

18 PRESENTATION | June 2009 18 LOCKING ELEMENTS. HANDGUN CALIBERS..38 spec./.357 Mag. 9 mm Para.40 S&W.44 Mag..45 ACP

19 PRESENTATION | June 2009 19 LOCKING ELEMENTS. LONG GUN CALIBERS..223 Rem. 5,6 x 50 Magnum 5,6 x 50 R Magnum 5,6 x 52 R 5,6 x 57.243 Win. 6,5 x 54 Mannl.Sch. 6,5 x 55 SE 6,5 x 57 (R) 6,5 x 65 (R) RWS 6,5 x 68.270 Win..270 WSM 7 x 57 (R) 7 mm Rem.Mag..280 Rem. 7 x 64 7 x 65 R 7,5 x 55 Suisse.308 Win..30-06 Spring..30 R Blaser.300 WSM.300 Win. Mag. 8 x 57 IR ( IS, IRS ) 8 x 60 S 8 x 64 (S) 8 x 68 S 9,3 x 62 9,3 x 64 Brenneke 9,3 x 72 R 9,3 x 74 R.375 H&H Magnum.404 Rimless Gauge: Caliber 12 Caliber 16 Caliber 20

20 PRESENTATION | June 2009 20 QUICKLOCK. SAFE AND EASY TO USE. Simply insert a locking element in the muzzle on a handgun or the cartridge chamber on a long gun and lock it. The weapon is now secured against misuse. The locking element is available in a wide range of calibers.


22 PRESENTATION | June 2009 22 QUICKLOCK. CONTROL UNIT. The control unit is the electronic key to the locking element. Authentication is via PIN code or biometric fingerprint technology. A control unit can be used to lock a large number of locking elements and weapons as required.

23 PRESENTATION | June 2009 23 QUICKLOCK. HANDGUNS. For handguns, you push the control unit and the locking element together and insert the locking element into the barrel, giving it a quick push to lock it.

24 PRESENTATION | June 2009 24 QUICKLOCK. BREAK DOWN GUNS. Long guns are locked by inserting the locking element into the cartridge chamber as you would a cartridge.

25 PRESENTATION | June 2009 25 QUICKLOCK. REPEATER AND AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. There are also different long gun control units with a curved adaptor for repeater and semi- automatic weapons.

26 PRESENTATION | June 2009 26 TRUSTLOCK. INHERITED GUN LOCKING SYSTEM. DEALER carries out locking and unlocking procedures TRUSTLOCK CENTER TC logs the locking and unlocking pro- cedures and manages the passwords and lists of authorized users AGENCY monitors the locking of weapons and manages the procedures

27 PRESENTATION | June 2009 27 TRUSTLOCK. INHERITED GUN LOCKING SYSTEM. Inherited guns can be locked permanently Removal of lock only by authorized sites No visual modification of guns or exhibits

28 PRESENTATION | June 2009 28 TRUSTLOCK. INHERITED GUN LOCKING SYSTEM. TRUSTLOCK CENTER TC Serial number Serial number Serial number Serial number Password (SSP) Password (SSP) Password (SSP) Password (SSP) Serial number of the locking element is transferred online to Trustlock Center Password (SSP) is transferred by the TC over PC to the control unit Locking Element can be removes/installed securely


30 PRESENTATION | June 2009 30 BASELOCK. STATIC WEAPON SAFETY AT ALL TIMES. Stationary lock for several weapons or single location Log file for usage time of weapons Different calibers can be stored at the same base unit Several users could have access to the same weapons Centralized locking and unlocking procedure possible


32 PRESENTATION | June 2009 32 BASELOCK. SEPARTE LOCATION. Whether in the domestic or public sphere, at the shooting range or in the gun room – we have a tailored solution for you. Each Baselock and Baselock Station can be linked up to a central location. This makes options like the removal and return of individual weapons, user definitions and access to alarm devices available.

33 PRESENTATION | June 2009 33 BASELOCK. MULTIUSER LOCATION. The individual modules could be set in a row, but each weapon is locked individually, and can only be removed using the PIN code. There is also the option of removal via fingerprint or transponder technology.

34 PRESENTATION | June 2009 34 BASELOCK. TABLE LOCATION. With Armatix Baselock, not only is the weapon protected against unauthorized removal, but the magazine, as well.

35 PRESENTATION | June 2009 35 BASELOCK. WALL LOCATION. The perfect solution for the display of weapons in the trade floor, at a trade stand or in a museum. And for mobile applications, Baselock can also be fitted into vehicles.


37 PRESENTATION | June 2009 37 SMART GUN. ARMATIX INSIDE – THE GUN OF THE FUTURE. Integrated security feature Biometric user identification Individual assignment of weapon and user Armatix delivers technology – gun manufacturer produces complete weapon Radio attached to wrist activates or locks gun within a split second

38 PRESENTATION | June 2009 38 SMART GUN. RADIO WRIST WATCH. To activate the wrist watch, the authorized person's fingerprint must first be read by the wrist watch.

39 PRESENTATION | June 2009 39 SMART GUN. AUTHENTICATION. An internal database compares the current fingerprint against stored prints and responds accordingly wrist watch.

40 PRESENTATION | June 2009 40 With the Armatix SmartGun concept, access to and use of a gun is only possible for the person duly authorized. This new concept revolutionizes the field of guns handling safety in a incredible way. Should a weapon be snatched, stolen or lost while in use, it is automatically deactivated and rendered unusable. The Armatix SmartGun concept consists of a weapon that requires locking, a biometric radio wrist watch and a system programming device. Each authorized person wears a radio wrist watch giving them access to the programmed weapon. To activate the wrist watch, the autho- rized person's fingerprint must first be read by the wrist watch. An internal database com- pares the current fingerprint against stored prints and responds accordingly. The wrist watch is then activated for a definable period – e.g. an officer's work shift or until manually deactivated. SMART GUN. HIGH TECH EQUIPMENT ON YOUR WRIST – A PERFECT CONCEPT.

41 PRESENTATION | June 2009 41 PRODUCTS. UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY. Fair cost performance ratio Fulfils all legal requirements UNIQE TECHNOLOGY Quick locking- and unlocking procedure Lock for all existing weapons Biometric and/or PIN- identification No modification of weapon required Lock device is protected by the gun itself

42 PRESENTATION | June 2009 42 Armatix GmbH Feringastrasse 4 85774 Unterfoehring Germany Tel. +49-89-4272979-0 Fax +49-89-4272979-79 SAFETY IS THE TOP PRIORITY WHEN USING GUNS!

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