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Tactical Missile Recycling at the ANMC

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1 Tactical Missile Recycling at the ANMC

2 Army Tactical Missile Systems
Class 1.1 Propellants Clean Burning/Detonable HELLFIRE TOW CHAPARRAL Class 1.3 Propellants Smoky/Nondetonable HAWK MLRS PATRIOT

3 Recycling is the Alternative to OB/OD

4 What is a Missile Recycling Capability?
• >98% of TOW missile components are recyclable - Missile Warheads Guidance & Control Packages - Rocket Motor Propellants Airframe Components - Rocket Motor Cases - Shipping Containers Warhead Explosive S&A System Actuator Gyro Batteries Electro Optics Launch Motor Igniter Flight Motor Electronics • Major MRC Modules - Missile Disassembly Energetics Processing - Rocket Motor Denozzling Slurry Explosive Manufacturing - Propellant Removal Hardware Decontamination - Warhead Explosive Removal Material Handling & Shredding Equipment - Energetics Size Reduction Environmental Compliance: “Recycling is the Future, and the Future is Now”

5 ANMC – MRC Module Locations
Building 381 Missile Disassembly Processes N EPM Site Ingredient Extraction & Recovery Building 65 Slurry Explosives Manufacturing

6 Existing vacant building accommodate MRC modules
ANMC – MRC Building 381 Existing vacant building has been upgraded to accommodate MRC modules Work cells for Missile Disassembly Propellant & Warhead Separations Hardware Recovery

7 ANMC - Building 381

8 MRC Disassembly Module
Disassembly of TOW Missile Major Hardware Components Disassembles missile into major subsystem components Segregates rocket motors, warheads, and inert hardware components for recycling operations

9 MRC Disassembly Module

10 MRC Disassembly Module
Air Frame Components from TOW Disassembly Electronic Units from TOW Disassembly Launch Tubes from TOW Disassembly > 98% of TOW Missile Components are Recovered for Recycling

11 MRC Denozzling Module Launch Motor Denozzling Flight Motor Denozzling
TOW Launch Motor TOW Flight Motor Launch Motor with Nozzle Removed Flight Motor with Nozzle Removed Removes aft closure (nozzle) from forward motor section Provides access to rocket motor propellants Damage free recovery of motor hardware

12 MRC Denozzling Module TOW Launch Motor Denozzling Machine
TOW Launch Motor Denozzling Bay TOW Launch Motor Denozzling Machine Launch Motor Components

13 TOW Flight Motor Denozzling Bay TOW Flight Motor Denozzling Machine
MRC Denozzling Module TOW Flight Motor Denozzling Bay TOW Flight Motor Denozzling Machine

14 MRC Propellant Removal Modules Squib & Retaining Nut Removal Machine
Vertical Milling Machine Provides low cost/high rate method for efficient propellant removal Recovers cartridge loaded and case bonded propellants for recycling

15 MRC Propellant Removal Module
TOW Squib & Retaining Nut Removal Machine TOW Squib & Retaining Nut Removal Machine TOW Double Base Cartridge-Loaded Grain

16 MRC Propellant Removal Module
TOW Igniter Assembly Removal Machine TOW Igniter Assembly Removal Machine Squib and Igniter Assembly Components

17 MRC Propellant Removal Modules
Motor Case Holding Fixture Cutting Head Typical Propellant Chips Vertical Milling Machine

18 MRC Propellant Removal Module

19 MRC Warhead Explosive Removal Module
Warhead Billet Splitting Machine Warhead Billet Removal Machine Removes entire explosive warhead billet from outer casing Separates warhead explosive from shaped charge liner

20 MRC Warhead Explosive Removal Module Warhead Billet Removal

21 MRC Warhead Explosive Removal Module
Warhead Billet Splitting Machine

22 MRC Warhead Explosive Removal Module
LX-14 Split from Cone Warhead Billet in Contact with Knives Aluminum Warhead Casing Recovered Shaped-Charge Copper Cone Recovered

23 MRC Energetics Size Reduction Module
Before Size Reduction Energetics Size Reduction After Size Reduction Reduces the size of recovered bulk energetic materials Provides granulated feedstock for energetic material recycling

24 MRC Energetics Size Reduction Module

25 Energetics Processing Module (EPM)
Redstone Pilot Plant Energetics Processing Module (EPM) EPM extracts, separates, and recovers propellant and warhead oxidizers Located at Redstone Arsenal Pilot plant provides technical basis for full-scale engineering development

26 Oxidizers Recovered from Propellants and Warheads
Recovered RDX Recovered HMX Recovered AP

27 MRC Energetics Processing Module On-going EPM Construction
Extraction Vessel On-going EPM Construction Vertical EPM Tower Recovers high value, energetic oxidizers (HMX, RDX, & AP) from propellant and warhead feedstocks Recovers and recycles liquid ammonia processing solvent within a closed-loop system

28 MRC Energetics Processing Module
Installation of the EPM Ammonia Charging Hopper

29 MRC Slurry Explosive Manufacturing Module Mining Explosive Product
Slurry Mixer Mining Explosive Product Incorporates ~20% of a low value energetic material into a commercial Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) mining explosive

30 MRC Slurry Explosive Manufacturing Module

31 Slurry Explosive Manufacturing
ANMC – Building 65 Slurry Explosive Manufacturing Planned MRC Slurry Explosive Manufacturing Site

32 MRC Hardware Decontamination Module
Flashing furnace decontaminates missile hardware components Decontaminates non-combustible metal to 5X cleanliness Limited to 5 pounds of net explosive weight (NEW)

33 MRC Material Handling and Shredding Equipment Module
Provides for material transport and shredding of inert missile components

34 MRC STATUS AT THE ANMC • Installation of the following modules at the ANMC was completed 30 September 02 - Missile Disassembly Workstations (QTY:3) Warhead Billet Splitting Machines (QTY: 4) - Launch Motor Denozzling Machines (QTY:4) Squib Removal Machines (QTY: 4) - Flight Motor Denozzling Machines (QTY:4) - Igniter Assembly Removal Machines (QTY: 4) - Warhead Billet Removal Machines (QTY: 4) • Installation of the remaining MRC modules will occur during FY 04-05 - Vertical Milling Machine (QTY: 2) - Hardware Decontamination Module (QTY:1) - Energetics Size Reduction Machines (QTY: 2) - Energetics Processing Module (QTY: 1) - Slurry Explosive Manufacturing (QTY: 1) During this current LRIP phase, 5,000 TOW missiles are scheduled to be processed by 30 SEP 03 THE FULLY INTEGRATED ANMC MRC WILL HAVE A CAPABILITY TO RECYCLE >15,000 TOW MISSILES PER YEAR

35 Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about our team capabilities
US Army Aviation and Missile Command Research, Development, and Engineering Center Redstone Arsenal POC: Dr. William Melvin Technical Program Manager for R3 Technologies Phone: DSN 500 Wynn Drive, Bldg 300, Suite 314 Huntsville, AL 35816 POC: Wesley Thompson Director of Engineering Services Phone

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