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MAXXI II. Project Overview & Purpose The MAXXI II has been developed to support Nilfisk ALTOs desire to become a leading supplier of Wet & Dry vacuum.

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2 Project Overview & Purpose The MAXXI II has been developed to support Nilfisk ALTOs desire to become a leading supplier of Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners on a global scale The MAXXI II has evolved through close communication and input from not only internal members of the organisation but using the clear direction provided by our customers and end users The key objective of the project was to make a wet & dry machine that performs well, has excellent reliability and is easy for anybody to use

3 Product Specifications & Key Features

4 MAXXI II 35 WDA single motor 35ltr machine fitted with an individual wet filter and a separate dry cartridge filter. MAXXI II 55-1 WDA single motor 55ltr machine fitted with an individual wet filter and a separate dry cartridge filter. MAXXI II 55-2 WDA dual motor 55ltr machine fitted with an individual wet filter and a separate dry cartridge filter. MAXXI II 75-1 WDA single motor 75ltr machine fitted with an individual wet filter and a separate dry cartridge filter. MAXXI II 75-2 WDA dual motor 75ltr machine fitted with an individual wet filter and a separate dry cartridge filter. 75ltr55ltr35ltr

5 Product Specifications & Key Features Variants MaterialMaterial Description 107405199MAXXI II 35WD 100V/50-60 JP 107405194MAXXI II 35WD 120V/60 US 107405186MAXXI II 35WD 220-240V/50 AU/NZ 107405175MAXXI II 35WD 220-240V/50 UK 107405165MAXXI II 35WD 220-240V/50-60 EU 107405200MAXXI II 55-1WD 100V/50-60 JP 107405195MAXXI II 55-1WD 120V/60 US 107405187MAXXI II 55-1WD 220-240V/50 AU/NZ 107405176MAXXI II 55-1WD 220-240V/50 UK 107405166MAXXI II 55-1WD 220-240V/50-60 EU 107405177MAXXI II 55-2WD 220-240V/50 UK 107405167MAXXI II 55-2WD 220-240V/50-60 EU 107405196MAXXI II 7 5-1WD 120V/60 US 107405168MAXXI II 75-1WD 220-240V/50-60 EU 107405188MAXXI II 75-2WD 220-240V/50 AU/NZ 107405178MAXXI II 75-2WD 220-240V/50 UK 107405169MAXXI II 5-2WD 220-240V/50-60 EU

6 Product Specifications & Key Features 35ltr, 55ltr & 75ltr containers 32mm (35ltr) & 40mm (55ltr & 75ltr) accessories Hose connection is the carried over Multi Fit from the ATTIX range Wet mesh sack filter Dry cartridge filter Stainless steel tubes 10m power cord – plugs according to country variants (15m on JP and US) Fixed steel push handle Standard tipping mechanism on 55ltr & 75ltr models Transparent drain hose on 55ltr & 75ltr models (For indication of water level in the container) No tipping mechanism or drain hose on 35ltr variants 55ltr & 75ltr machines have the same motor heads & trolleys in single or dual motor configurations 35ltr does not have a stand-alone trolley but wheels fixed to the container Key difference between the 55ltr & 75ltr variants is the height of the container

7 Product Specifications & Key Features Motor Head Note: The pivoting motor head is a unique selling point (USP) not offered by competitors The motor head can be either totally removed or lifted into the upright position to minimise the lifting and handling, normally required to change filters The motor head is locked with a single-handed locking mechanism intuitively positioned at the front Sales Tip: Leaving the motor head in the open position is a great way to allow the container to dry overnight without creating moisture and hygiene problems

8 Product Specifications & Key Features Filtration System To ensure maximum performance when dealing with different substances, the MAXXI II is equipped with two independent filters – one for wet use and one for dry use This set up means that the end user does not have to be concerned if the correct filter is in the machine as both filters can stay in the machine at all times, whatever substance is being vacuumed The rationale for the dual filter system is to also provide a double filtration level when vacuuming foamy substances where the original MAXXI had some difficulties coping in the past. The dual filter will help secure the desired quality and reliability levels as it offers greater protection to the motors We also offer as an accessory a cloth wet & dry filter sack, which would be more suitable for use in dryer applications for filtering smaller dust particles, than the mesh wet filter would Mesh Wet Filter Cloth Wet & Dry Filter (Accessory Only) Dry Cartridge Filter Water Proof & Washable (HEPA H13 filter available as an accessory) Intermediate Plate Holding Floater Standard Filter Set-up Sales Tip: The flexibility of the filtration system allows the MAXXI II to be set up for many different types of applications

9 Product Specifications & Key Features Filtration System X Due to the colour coding of the wet filter and intermediate plate, it is easy to notice if they are not fitted in the machine The loud sound of air being sucked between the motor head and container will also be heard if these two items are not in place Both the Blue wet filter and the Red intermediate plate are correctly in position and the machine is ready for use Sales Tip: A false airway has been included in the design to ensure sufficient suction is lost if the filter and intermediate plate are not fitted, to ensure no debris or fluid is vacuumed through the hose, causing potential damage to the motors. This increases reliability and lifetime of the machine

10 Product Specifications & Key Features Trolley & Emptying The 55ltr & 75ltr machines are mounted on a trolley and both sizes use the same trolley The containers can be easily lifted off the trolley for cleaning or maintenance A single handed latch and the bottom and front of the container needs to be pulled to release the container for removal or pouring When tipping, the container pivots on the steel push handle Additionally the container can be emptied by using a flood pump Note: When the machines are delivered, the push handles are mounted back to the front of the trolley to minimise the packaging

11 Product Specifications & Key Features Trolley & Emptying Excluding the flood pump, there are two standard ways to empty the MAXXI II Tip & Pour Drain Hose The drain hose is positioned at the rear of the 55ltr & 75ltr versions only It is transparent and works as a level indicator to show how full the container is To empty using the drain hose, pull the upper part away from the top of the container, place the plug over the end on the hose, lower the hose into the guide track of the trolley to keep it stable and then remove the plug once you are above the drainage area To Tip and pour, remove the plug at the rear and top of the container, make sure the plug retaining wire is not wrapped around the handle but hangs freely, pull the release catch at the bottom front of the container, lift the container and pour. It is advised to lift the container with one hand and hold the machine firmly with the other hand on the steel push handle If the container is too heavy, you should drain some fluid out through the drain hose first Sales Tip: The machine can be emptied with the motor head still in place and this should be clearly presented as a unique selling point. The weight of the motor assists the lift, acting as a counter balance

12 Product Specifications & Key Features Accessory Storage The MAXXI II offers a number of different options to store accessories, wand, hose and power cord Accessory Storage Space at Rear of Trolley

13 Product Specifications & Key Features Accessories Squeegee Kit 55ltr & 75ltr Machines Only 32mm Accessory Kit 40mm Accessory Kit HEPA H13 Dry Cartridge Filter Flood Pump 55 & 75ltr Machines Only Cloth Dust Bag Wet & Dry Cloth Filter

14 Product Specifications & Key Features Accessories – Flood Pump The flood pump is an ideal solution for moving large volumes of liquid Whether your clearing a flooded work area or emptying tanks or containers, this accessory quickly and efficiently removes large quantities of fluid in a single continuous process Easily mounted onto the frame of the Basic or Ergo trolley, the flood pump needs only be situated when used and can be stored safely when not in use

15 Product Specifications & Key Features Applications & General Use - Automotive Whether it be cleaning up leaks, restoring comfort & pride…..…. For whatever application the MAXXI II is used

16 Product Specifications & Key Features Applications & General Use – Building & Construction Preparing for the next job………………….. Keep the workplace clean & safe…………………..

17 Product Specifications & Key Features Applications & General Use – Production & Agriculture Or keeping production flowing………………….. MAXXI II is the ultimate choice!!

18 Technical Specifications European Variants

19 Technical Specifications UK Variants

20 Technical Specifications USA Variants

21 Technical Specifications Australia & New Zealand Variants

22 Technical Specifications Japan Variants

23 Product Summary MAXXI II – 35ltr Stainless Steel Tubes Multi-fit Hose Connector Hinged Motor Head Accessory Storage35ltr containerDual Filter System Dry Filter Float Wet Filter Lifting Handle

24 Product Summary MAXXI II – 55 & 75ltr Stainless Steel Tubes Multi-fit Hose Connector Hinged Motor Head Accessory Storage 55/75ltr container Dual Filter System Dry Filter Float Wet Filter Steel Push Handle Drain Hose Emptying SpoutCord Storage

25 Product Summary MAXXI II – Key Differentiators & Selling Features FeatureBenefit Dual Filtration SystemEase of use: The user does not need to worry about what type of filters should be used with any particular application Reliability: Will be increased as the potential for incorrect use of filters is greatly minimised, as the handling of filters by the user is reduced considerably Hinged Motor HeadEase of use: The changing of filters is now much faster and easier as the motor head does not need to be lifted away from the machine Reliability: Less likelihood of damaging critical components as they no longer need to be lifted and placed on the floor e.g. motor head & floater Improved Safety: The user has less potential for injury as they no longer need to lift heavy components Stainless Steel TubesStrength, Quality & Durability: Longer lasting and offering greater strength than the steel or plastic tubes generally supplied with wet & dry vacs Fixed Motor Head EmptyingCleaning Efficiency: Allows faster emptying of the container and the motor head also acts as a counter balance to the weight of the fluid Single Handed Locking MechanismsEase of Use: Simple and intuitive without having to stretch and reach around a machine

26 Competitors The global wet & dry market is extremely fragmented with many different suppliers Key competitors of MAXXI II are the likes of Soteco, Ghibli, Karcher, Numatic, Pullman, Tennant, Taski and even lower cost machines such as Chao Bao out of China Most competitors are aggressively priced and we need to ensure our pricing is competitive, if we are to grow our market share to the desired level On the following pages, we have carried out some benchmarking analysis to help provide you with a picture of what else is on offer in your market place The machines were selected according to the information provided by the sales companies but the market is very dynamic and some of the information may already be out of date. You should ensure you check out your local competitors before providing the information to your sales teams

27 Competitors WETROK SOTECO NUMATIC GHIBLI Twinvac 25 EU 202 E-XPEU 515/37 E-XPEU 429 M E-XP WV 470-2WVD 1800 PH-2 AS 27P AS 590 P MPA Power consumption (W)1270 105014002560 11202230 11802290 Max underpressure (mbar)235 221173185 231225 205201 Max flow (l/sec)31,7 3239,359,3 33,359,4 41,762,1 Suction power (W)240,03 224,7225,4358,4 260,96432,62 252,52405,33 Eta (%)18,9 21,416,114 23,319,4 21,417,7 Performance TestReport Container capacity (l)25 173762 2770 2758 Container net filling (l)24 -24,935,2 2471,5 20,137,4 Net filling % of "model name"96,00% N/A67,30%56,77% 88,89%102,14% 74,44%64,48% No. Of turbines (pcs)1 112 12 12 Trolley (y/n)n nny ny ny Tilt function (y/n)n nnn nn ny Drainhose (Y/N)n nnn ny nn Drainpump (Y/N)n nnn ny nn Ext. Power outlet (y/n)n nnn nn nn Design focus (l/m/h)m mmm lm hh Material quality (l/m/h)m mmm lm mm Mechanical stability (l/m/h)m mmm mh hh Accessories: Accesories Hose (length m X Ø mm)3 X 40 2 X 402½ X 50 2½ X 402½ X 46 2½ X 48 Universal Nozzle xxx x xx Nozzle f. wet suctionx xx xx xx Small Nozzle xxx Round Nozzle with brushes xxx xx Crevice Nozzle xxx xx Pipes (number X length x Ø mm)1X1200X32 2X500X362X500X38 2X425X322X445X38 2X650X38 Insert f. wet suctionx xx Cartrige filter

28 Competitors KÄRCHER VIPER NILFISK TASKI NT 27/1 MENT 48/1NT 65/2 ME GV 35GV 702 GWD 320CGWD 335GWD 350 GWD 375- 2 22T44T Power consumption (W)126013002450 10502030 1310137013602500 2170 Max underpressure (mbar)176187200 222214 239217199211 188 Max flow (l/sec)36,438,655,2 32,948,1 39,136,745,455,1 37,1 Suction power (W)225,54250,9392 231330,89 334,05276,74312,8452,5 229,7 Eta (%)17,919,316 2216,3 25,520,22318,1 11,3 Performance TestReport Container capacity (l)274865 3570 20355075 2244 Container net filling (l)14,135,154,1 26,540,2 11,724,93143,6 1935 Net filling % of "model name"52,22%73,13%83,23% 75,71%57,43% 58,50%71,14%62,00%58,13% 86,36%79,55% No. Of turbines (pcs)112 12 1112 12 Trolley (y/n)nny ny nnyy yy Tilt function (y/n)nny ny nnyy yy Drainhose (Y/N)nyy ny nnny ny Drainpump (Y/N)nnn nn nnnn nn Ext. Power outlet (y/n)nnn nn ynnn nn Design focus (l/m/h)hhh mm hhhh mm Material quality (l/m/h)mmh mm mmmm hh Mechanical stability (l/m/h)hhh mm mmmm hh Accessories: Accesories Hose (length m X Ø mm)3 X 39 4 X 46 2 X 382½ X 48 2 X 40 3 X 46 2½ X 40 Universal Nozzlexxx xx xxxx Nozzle f. wet suctionxxx xx xxxx xx Small Nozzle xx xx Round Nozzle with brushes xx xx Crevice Nozzlexxx xx xxxx Pipes (number X length x Ø mm)2X500X36 2X550X40 2X 450 X 38 2X500X32 2X550X40 ?? Insert f. wet suctionxx x xx Cartridge filter x

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