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2 2/18 THE MINDA GROUP Set up in 1958 as an Ammeter manufacturing small scale unit Leading supplier of automotive components to almost all OE manufacturers in India today – 2/3/4 Wheelers, Commercial and Off-Road Vehicles OE suppliers to key global customers 26 manufacturing locations in India 2 Green Field Units in Indonesia, Vietnam. Another unit being explored Targeted T/O : Rs. 2000 crores ($ 400 M) in 2011-12 The concept of Rs.10,000 crores in next 5years

3 3/18 ENTRY INTO NON AUTOMOTIVE BUSINESS - THE RATIONALE De-risking strategy Diversification – integral part of the growth plans of the group to touch 10k Leveraging the existing core strengths of the Group: Manufacturing, Quality, Customer Orientation, Product development, Project Management & Execution, Distribution and after sales service Increasing the attractiveness of the Group to a Financial Investor/Public at large

4 4/18 MINDA NexGenTech Limited Incorporated on April 13, 2011 Minda Industries Ltd. has a 26% stake Remaining stake held by Minda Investor Companies Intended to bring in Financial Involvement of employees as well, and of PE/VC investors moving forward Sunrise industry : Hence objectives will be Top-Line, Bottom-Line as well as Enterprise Value Enhancement


6 6/18 OUR VISION Minda NexGenTech, an integrated, end-to-end Power Solution Renewable Energy Company Bringing light, energy to the lesser privileged, in India as well as globally In a win-win, financially viable, self sustaining Business Model Supported by ongoing Investments and Innovations in Technology, Research and Development

7 7/18 OUR DREAM To create a viable Business model with strong social commitment and built in CSR component. To establish New Paradigms for integration of Renewable Energy with Sustainable Rural Development. To develop capability where by every single day of the year, there is some village somewhere in the country being electrified by the Minda Group - Touching Lives.

8 8/18 Village Electrification through Solar Micro Grid Power plant Village Nagla Dhuli, District Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India CASE STUDY 8

9 9/18 VILLAGE OVERVIEW – NAGLA DHULI 200 Households Un-electrified Village, 60 kms from Firozabad Kerosene lamps are the only mode for lighting during night hours. Kerosene is procured @ Rs 14.60/- per litre from PDS, & Rs 28/- to Rs 30/- from open market. Wood is the only energy source used for cooking. Approximately, 5 kgs used by each household on a daily basis

10 10/18 OBJECTIVE To test technical, commercial viability for using a Solar Power Plant for Energy Access Establish a community based model of Operation & Revenue Collection To encourage villagers to use smokeless Stoves/Chula's To develop a Model to be replicated/scaled up in other villages Base revenue collection as part of Revenue Generation/ Entrepreneurship model or a social development model

11 11/18 Form a village committee (VC) comprising 3-4 members in consultation with Nodal agencies, Block Development Officer (BDO) and Gram Pradhan The committee can help in setting up the plant by getting involved with civil works related to solar structure and pole mounting. Train the local villagers to handle issues related to the Micro Grid Power Plant – routine maintenance, trouble shooting, etc.. Also, matters related to Village Development. OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AT THE VILLAGE

12 12/18 OPERATIONAL MODEL Supply Power to the entire village using a 1.5km grid line to lighten 2 LED lamps of 1.5 watt each for 6 hours with an additional facility for mobile charging Dual Timer to avoid human intervention Provision to expand the system on demand Battery Autonomy for 1.5 days (10 hours)

13 13/18 Revenue Generation/Entrepreneurship Model : Revenue collection used for Maintenance & Upkeep of Power Plant EMIs for loans taken ROI for investment made by a local entrepreneur Overall Project Payback < 36mths and Minda is open for part investment with the Entrepreneurs/Equity Investors Social Development Model : Revenue collection used for Village Development Facilitating employment generation/income enhancement Overall, Energy Access to lead to/facilitate Education- Providing greater benefits to children Employment- Manual Grinder for grinding of Dal and Spices,Bangle manufacturing for women folk, Making of Paper Bags, Stitching activities Womens Empowerment- Formation of SHG Sustainable, all round Rural Development WORKING MODEL


15 15/18 AC Power pilferage - A common concern faced in the villages for which special fuses were installed at junction boxes fixed to the poles Ownership Issue – The model being community based results in lack of ownership from the villagers in terms of maintenance of the plant OBSERVATIONS/LEARNINGS

16 16/18 Ten villages identified for installing DC based power plants Shift from AC based Solar Plants to DC power plants Pre-paid Cards to be used to avoid defaults Biomass Plant- 32kw in progress in Araria district Bihar Diversification from one state to pan India operations Roll out of Service Centers Association/Tie-up with NGOs Plan to electrify 1800 villages in next 5years ROAD AHEAD

17 17/18 Minda Provides End to End Solution Provides Energy efficient Solutions Manufacturers LED Lights, Home Lighting Solutions, Solar Lantern, and Street Lights

18 18/18 Corporate Office Address Minda NexGenTech Ltd 37-A,Rajasthan Udyog Nagar New Delhi-110033 Website: For further details email: 18

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